Match Your US Elite Status To Air Canada Aeroplan

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Update: If you matched Southwest Companion Pass by 9/29 you will get 75K, but for matches as of 9/30 you will only get 50K.

Here is the chart for matches as of 9/30:

Match Your Elite Status To Air Canada Aeroplan

US residents can match their elite status to Air Canada Aeroplan. You can match from American, Delta, Alaska, JetBlue, Southwest, or Hawaiian to Aeroplan as follows:


Unfortunately you can’t match from Star Alliance member United to fellow alliance member Air Canada.

This offer can end at any time.

Status will last through 12/31/21. If you take a round-trip flight on Air Canada by 1/15/22 then your status will be extended through 12/31/22.

You can view benefits of each status level here.

Aeroplan 50K and up get Star Alliance Gold status. That allows access to United Clubs on domestic itineraries, something that United doesn’t offer to their own elite members.

Interestingly, Southwest Companion Pass will match to Aeroplan 75K, despite that status being attainable via opening and spending on credit cards!

If you match status to Air Canada, you won’t be able to do so again for 2 years.

I have United Global Services status currently, but that isn’t matchable to Air Canada. I also have American Executive Platinum status, but that only matches to Aeroplan 75K, which largely duplicates my United status benefits as I also have United lifetime club membership. Aeroplan Super Elite looks awesome with benefits like 50% off business class awards, but that’s only available for matching from American Concierge Key and Delta 360. As I have no plans to fly Air Canada by 1/15/22, I think I’ll hold off on this offer for now.

Will you take advantage of this offer?

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Dan can you recommend some good points Canadian credit cards to open ?


Will that work with the hyatt- AA status challenge ?


how likely is there that there will be another status match opportunity like this (especially for the southwest companion pass) in the near future (less than 2 years)?


Will I still be able to match my Delta elite status with a different star alliance member after matching it to Aeroplan?

Ed Travel

If I become a 75k Aeroplan and I fly with United and put my Aeroplan number. Can I get access to the lounge and get the free luggage allowance?

Ten bucks a week

Can the round trip be a code share or only on their metal?


Successfully matched companion pass achieved though credit card promotion from earlier this year to 75k elite. Thanks dan!


Worked easily with my AA lifetime Plat card


Southwest Companion Pass matched to Air Canada 50K rather than 75K as indicated in the chart above.


If flying on United, are Star Alliance gold benefits same as United gold status (other than the extra award space availability), regarding extra luggage, and chosing extra legroom seats?


Any idea if this status counts as being ‘gifted’, where if you sign up for the new chase card, you can drop 50k this month and level up to the next tier?