HURRY! Free Virgin Atlantic Top-Tier Gold Elite Status!


Update: DEAD!

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Signup Linky

Gold Elite Benefits Linky

I just signed up and logged into my new account at and it already shows me as a top-tier Gold Elite member!

HT: Efrayim K, via Gary

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Worked! Now if they had that for Virgin America it would be awesome!!


this is crazy!!! thanks!!!


this is much more beneficial than the BMI silver

.)As a Gold member, whichever class you fly in you’ll automatically receive priority airport standby, priority boarding, plus priority baggage loading, and an additional 20kg baggage allowance. Gold members travelling on Singapore Airlines in either Business or Economy can also use Singapore Airlines’ Business Class check in counters, and relax in either their Premier Lounge or Business Class area of the SilverKris Lounges around the world.*

.)You also have individual access to Virgin Atlantic’s Revivals lounge when flying into London Heathrow on a ‘VS’ prefix ticket. It’s the best way to get refreshed after a long haul flight before exploring the city. *I think that VS prefix tickets are all code-share Virgin flight so if you book a virgin flight thru continental lets say on a stopover to Israel this can be useful


wat are the benefits


thank you very much is awesome gold with virgin and Silver with BMI without flying


mine just says i am a gold member. is that correct?

quick Q? dan

i sighned up and did it but it dosent say if its gold or not jts says flying club in the backround and my name and flying number is small how do i know tht i rrealy got gold status…?
thnx dan


does it still work if i am already a flying club member?

Glatt Ala Carte



Read the link in the post.

@quick Q? dan:

Read the instructions in the post.

No. You can try to make a new account.


Are there any benefits that can be used when flying other airlines in the US?

reuven hunt

thanx a lot


do we get the loung if we flying with an other airline?


Just got it also. Are they part of Star Alliance?


i just did it…and it gave me only “red” status.


im already a silver member. can i transfer miles from there to the new gold??

quick Q? dan

hey so it dint tell me right away wht it was so i went to the account online once i was sighned up….and it showed me my status ***GOOLLDD** haha thnx dan


can you status match?


I only got a red membership


@Dan/Ctownbochur: there is a small link in red right under the name input for existing Flying Club members did it and it worked – thanks!


i tried it but im still a silver member with the silver member number (starts 00806 and not 00901)


worked for me also…. thanks


I too only got red membership and I used the LINK you posted.


I also only got red.

Did i do something wrong?


I got gold, then did it for my girlfriend and she got red! Is there a way to fix that?! 🙁


i also only got red membership why???


This is now dead


i just did it and got red why??


Too slow!!! It’s Over!!!


@alan: #

Too late!!! It’s over!!!


can’t believe I got one and JUSSSSSTTTTT missed the second by minutes. Oh well. Do you know if they’ll let someone else in the singapore business lounge WITH me if we’re flying on the same itinerary?


so i clicked on sign up for flying club, but it doesnt confirm that im a gold member. just confirms im a member.
did i do something wrong dan?

eli k.



only got red


does continental status match?


@ari: One of your benifits is that you could nominate someone to get Silver status.

“Spread the love: You’re entitled to a supplementary Silver membership for someone aged 18 or over sharing your home address. They’ll enjoy all of the benefits of Flying Club Silver while you will be able to spend miles from their account and reach rewards more quickly. ”




Can someone help me, on why i am only red and not gold? I don’t see much instructions. Is there anything to do more than click on the sign up link and fill in the info?


Just signed up myself (14:08 EST on 2/9/10), and got RED as well… 🙁

marco polo marco polo

dead deal

red faced

i got red too i guess its over


damn, i missed it. but who cares, how often do we all fly virgin atlantic?


FYI – If you sign up for yourself and your spouse using the same home address and telephone number, Virgin Atlantic’s system sees you both as the same person and will not allow the 2nd person to sign up. I spoke to VA’s customer service rep who instructed me to use another address and phone number for my husband and it worked fine.


anyone figure out how to status match this baby elsewhere?


Dead as a doorknob, tried twice


Ok, Listen up guys & Gals,
Call the Gold 800 number and ask that it should be upgraded to Gold. They will look into this and see that it was linked thru FOCUS GROUP INSTANT GOLD link and a supervisor should upgrade to gold.
Thanks DAN!


Does this still work?


Whats the @DanFan2:
Whats the gold 800 number?


I think this deal has sent the Virgin Atlantic site into a melt-down!


it didnt work for me. anyone got any idea how to do it?


WOW!! I finaly get thru and Got RED!!! YES!! Just as i was hoping for. Why do I try this stuff?? Not quite sure.


Doesn’t work. I tried for an hour to get on their website via the link, but it was down. Finally called in, but no go on the gold. Just now I tried again via the link and successfully signed up, logged in, and I’m only at red.


Maybe that’s why you should read the comments and updates on the top of the post. They’re not there for my health ‘ya know.


This is fake!


Sometimes I wonder why I bother 🙁


Seems 1-800-898-7577


thanks alot dan. I got in. can you use virgin atlantic gold to get status matched with any other good airlines?


@dan/ctownbochur: just ignore the upnocious people.


Dan, I hope you mean why you bother approving ignorant posts. So many of us appreciate your site and are very grateful you do bother posting these great deals!! Thank you.


Has anyone called the 800 number with any success? I chose to send an email instead. I will update if I hear back from them.


Just got Red only……anyone try calling the 800# and get upgraded?


The link still works. You sure its dead?


Thanks for your work dan. I got gold status and I was wondering how I can get my card even before I fly like that I can get the benefits on the first time I fly with them thanks again


thanx Dan it worked for me. i happened to check your site soon after you posted it.

loyal reader

I called the 800 number and the reps didnt know what I was talking about!

loyal reader

ps..the rep said the only way to get free gold status is with the centurion card. she said I was just calling the call center and she knew nothing.

miles chazzer

Who needs this virgin anyways.


Any way to get the card like with BMI? Tx Dan


Any status matches?


i got RED what to do to upgrade to gold?


why red and not gold



I called the number and they asked what company I work for. do you know what company this is for?


I just recieved an email from virgin atlantic saying the following: anybody else get something like this?

Thank you for your email and apologies for the delayed response.

I’m sorry to say that the online source of the instant Gold promotion was invalid and not authorised by Virgin Atlantic. Upon being made aware of the presence of this promotion online, our marketing team deactivated the instant Gold enrolment process.

This does mean that a tier status upgrade from Red to Gold will not be offered. I know that this is not the answer you wanted to hear but we feel it is only fair to offer Gold status to our most loyal members.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Flying Club and the activity required to move up a tier, please visit our website on the link below,


Just received this email:

You recently applied for Instant Flying Club Gold membership through an unofficial online channel. As a result, you were not made aware of the terms and conditions or criteria to qualify for the offer.

We are pleased to say that, if you meet the qualification criteria, we’ll be happy to honour your Instant Gold membership. If not, don’t worry, your membership will simply revert to its original status. Or, if you are new to Flying Club, you will become a Red member.

If you weren’t already aware, Flying Club is Virgin Atlantic’s seriously rewarding loyalty programme. And whether you’re a Red, Silver or Gold member, you’ll earn Flying Club miles every time you fly with us*, or use our network of airline, hotel and car rental partners. You can even earn miles when you shop online with wide variety of high street retailers.

You can spend your miles on Virgin Atlantic reward flights, cabin upgrades and more. From a day of rally driving to a trip into space with Virgin Galactic, the choice is yours. And it doesn’t take long to reach the rewards you want either, you can take advantage of great value Miles Plus Money fares from just 2,000 miles, and you can always Buy Miles to top up your balance at anytime.

So welcome to Flying Club, regardless of how you got here, it’s great to have you onboard!

The Flying Club team

The link to terms and conditions leads to the following information:

“Qualified Customers” are defined as UK residents aged 12 years of age or over who are new to Flying Club and hold existing ‘elite’ status membership of another airline’s frequent flyer programme. “Elite” status is defined as the airlines’ top tier/level within its programme.

Qualified Customers should be booked onto, and have flown in, a Virgin Atlantic Upper Class flight in J, D or R booking classes (“Qualifying Flight”) between 1 March and 31 May 2010 (inclusive).

Qualified Customers who are eligible for this incentive will receive complimentary Flying Club Gold Membership and 5,000 Flying Club miles. 2,500 bonus miles will be awarded to the traveller after their first outbound sector and if the traveller is making a return journey an additional 2,500 bonus miles will be awarded on the inbound sector.

Qualifying Flights are those flights ticketed on a Virgin Atlantic flight or with a Virgin Atlantic flight prefix (‘VS’) on the Virgin Atlantic codeshare arrangement with Continental Airlines Inc; or Singapore Airlines.

Flights with a Continental flight prefix (‘CO’) but operated on the services of a Virgin Atlantic flight are not Qualifying Flights.

All Flying Club enrolments and bookings will be validated by the Airline. Invalid enrolments will be disqualified. Virgin Atlantic reserves the right to remove Gold membership without notice on invalid enrolments. Virgin Atlantic’s decision shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

Bookings made must be in accordance with Virgin Atlantic’s fare conditions and all travel will be subject to the Airline’s Conditions of Contract and Conditions of Carriage.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Dunno,who else is watching this post, as it is a few weeks since its original posting, but I just matched my Virgin Atlantic for a Continental Gold..

So Yoepieeee!!!!