Have Hyatt Platinum Status? Get Trial Diamond Status And 4 Confirmed Suite Upgrades!

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First off, a little background information on the Hyatt program:

Hyatt has 2 elite levels, Platinum and Diamond.

Platinum status normally requires 5 stays in a year. It is also given out for free (but only once in a lifetime) as a status match to anyone with elite status at another hotel chain or to Continental Presidential Plus Mastercard holders.

Platinum status gets you free internet access, the best room within your reserved category, and bonus points at Hyatt hotels.

Diamond status normally requires 25 stays in a year. It is also given out for free (but only once in a lifetime) as a status match to anyone with at least 10 stays at another hotel chain.

Diamond status gets you upgraded to Regency or Grand club rooms based on availability at check-in. As a diamond member you also get 4 confirmed upgrades to a suite per year.

If you already have Platinum status you can login to your Hyatt account, use the contact Hyatt Gold Passport form and ask “to be enrolled in the 2DTRIAL2 promotion for the upgrade to Diamond membership”.

You must send an email requesting Diamond status by 08/30. You will be given Diamond status through 12/31/09 as well as 4 electronic suite upgrade certificates. In order to maintain the Diamond status through 02/11 you will have to have 15 stays by 12/31/09.

If you already have Diamond status you can also ask to be enrolled in the 2DTRIAL2 promotion and you’ll be able to requalify with only 15 stays instead of 25.

Last year Hyatt’s incredible faster free nights promotion ran from 09/01-12/31, all indications are that they will probably aim for a similar timeframe this year, so it shouldn’t be too hard to hit 15 stays…

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Are you able to use the upgrades or be upgraded at checkout if you booked through Priceline?


yep. it worked for me. I booked a 69 dollar a night thru ‘name your own price’ on priceline and then used my hyatt card to get the STATE SUITE. it was gorgusssssssss & huge.


Can I do a status match from SPG Gold earned by spending on the SPG AMex (I have not paid for a night in any Starwood hotels)to get Hyatt Platinum and then use this trial offer to get Hyatt Diamond?
If so, do you know how long will the whole process take?


How can I get platinum status, so that I can enroll in the diamond status ?


on a side note, when my freind stays in a hyatt can i add his reservation onto my passport account?


I just got a reply e-mail from them saying that Platinum members need to call 800-228-3360 to get upgraded to the Diamond trial.


If at first you dont succeed…


If I got the free trial you posted a while back for platinum can I now get free diamond on top of that trial?


I was on the platinum trial and I figured why not give it a shot. I emailed them about the diamond promotion and they emailed back

Dear Mr. ___:

Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport customer assistance. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Per your request, I have made the appropriate 2DTRIAL2 updates to your Gold Passport account.

Does that mean I am now diamond and will get the suite coupons?


Wait a day, login to your account, and let us know if you were upgraded to diamond!


still platinum.

Those that got it, how long did it take to show up?


a day or 2.


If the double-stay promo kicks in, this will be even better.


It worked!

Now a diamond memeber on top of my platinum trial!

What a Jewish move
Thanks Dan


I got this reply dear Mr. xxxxx: Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Unfortunately, I am unable to add the Diamond Trial promotional offer via e-mail. For assistance with this matter, please call 800/228-3360. Please let me know if I may assist you further. Thank you for your continued support of the Hyatt Gold Passport program. Sincerely, Lesa Hyatt Gold Passport Representative


i signed up or the platinum trial and called up to get the diamond upgrade they told me its all ok and they will upgrade me but when i loged on to the account i was demoted to gold any advice?


@Dov, the same thing happened to me. I called back and gave the code in and signed out and signed back in and it was Diamond….


Signed up a while ago to the “Free Trial Period Of Platinum Elite Status” and just applied for the upgrade to Diamond.

They replied saying, “Per your request, I have made the appropriate 2DTRIAL2 offer update to your Gold Passport account.”

But in the same email in the terms & conditions it says, “To receive Diamond Trial membership for 120 days, guest must submit a copy of a current competitive statement comparable to Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond status with stay activity to Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service via email address GPCS@hyatt.com by August 30, 2009.”???

When I log in to the Hyatt site it tells me I’m Diamond and i see the 4 upgrades!

I have 0 stays and a Diamond membership!!!


where do you see the 4 upgrades in your account?

Do these upgrades have to be used by you? When do they expire?


@moishe: I see them in “My Promotional Awards” & they expire February 28, 2010.


Any succes matching over to SPG?


I called up the customer service number and asked for a trial Diamond status, from my current Gold status. I mentioned that I had seen thw two offers (trial of Platinum and Diamond) and he asked for the code. I gave it to him and an hour later was upgraded to Diamond with the 4 suite upgrades! Give them a call!

BTW: I called the number to make the suite reservations and asked if you can use the upgrade on a Priceline reservation. I was told not. X said he did it. Anyone else have experience and if so, which hotel and how did you request the upgrade?


Is it 15 stays/nites? From what I was told its “nights.”


As always thanks dan for your hard work… I found a Hyatt in CT for 89$ a night.. I can’t be sure if its worth it at the moment…

I should also add starting October 1st, your stays at the Hyatt are doubled…

I have a little problem though, they said they wont upgrade me to Diamond unless I show a competitors statement of equal status. PLEASE HELP


I got hyatt diamond for the whole year just for a marriott platinum challenge I would say the best bet is to do that and enroll might save you time and hassle with this screwed up promo.