Free USAirways Silver Preferred Elite Status For 90 Days!


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Sign up by 08/31, the status will last 90 days.  It will take about a day for the status to take effect after registering for the offer.

Silver Preferred gets you and your companion space available upgrades, free choice seats, 500 mile minimum earning per segment, 2 free checked bags, 25% bonus miles, free standby, priority check-in/security/boarding lines, and Star Alliance Silver status with reciprocal benefits and waived baggage fees on other Star Alliance carriers.


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is this one of those “once per lifetime” things?


No. That’s only when they match your status from another airline.


Is there any way that this could be used for another airline to match this level? i.e. Get Elal to match the Silver level (even after the 90 days are up)


can i get into any lounges with this?


Any match sucsess with this


Shkoyach! Signed-up, hope this works…


I signed up for this for my wife and I. Got Silver Preffered status within a week. Then I requested a status match to United, which was granted to Premier Status. That gets me free checked bags and EconomyPlus seating (5 extra inches and rows in front of the plane) for my trip to Maui this Sunday!
Thanks Dan!


Thanks, Dan!!!

@ Mordy – how do I request a status match with United? Do I contact US Air or United about it? I am traveling in mid-september with united and would love to utilize the privileges 🙂

Thanks in advance!!


My husband and I are flying in Nov. We signed up and rec’d the usairways silver preferred status. I called united reservations … gave them our flight confirmation …. gave them our usairways silver preferred number… they added it to our reservation. They told me we would be allowed 2 bags each, not weighing over 50 lbs, but they would not honor the complimentary upgrade to first class, if available.


@Tammy,Michael, Mordy and Shmuli T: You folks really are clueless about elite status and airline alliances.

Innocence is bliss!


I don’t know what y’all are talking about. It’s not free! I just called US Airways to see if they would be willing to match my preferred status on American Airlines and they said no, but they would allow me to “buy up” to silver preferred status for $219 (based on the 17,333 miles and 7 segments I already have. For cash out of my pocket, it’s not worth it to me. DFW to PHX is a competitive route for AA and US Airways, and US Airways is missing the boat for not giving me an incentive to use them as frequently as AA.


@Tom: Do you know how to read?

Stop calling USairways! Instead, click on the link that Dan has provided for your complimentary 90 day silver status.

P.S It really is (that good) free.

(I love that marketing line 🙂 )


I just signed up for the USAir Dividend Miles account and then tried to upgrade uusing this promo, but the web form rejects the account number as invalid (despite being logged into the site at the time).

Any ideas? Can you call & reference this promo to get the upgrade?


My wife and I are about to fly on United. Does anyone know how this upgrade from US Air would apply on the partner airline? I had called United about honoring the status and the agent was not helpful.