Free Air Berlin Silver/OneWorld Ruby Status, Plus Match To Star Alliance Silver Status


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Free Air Berlin Silver/OneWorld Ruby Status

Enroll via the link above (Use Chrome Translate) and you’ll get 4 months of free Air Berlin Silver/OneWorld Ruby Status.

Allow a few days for your status to be upgraded.

American gives a free checked bag and priority checkin and standby for OneWorld Ruby elites. Just enter your Air Berlin mileage number when flying American for those benefits (and change your number to American at the gate to accumulate AAdvantage miles if you’re on a paid ticket).

You should also be able to match your Air Berlin status to 4 months of Turkish Elite/Star Alliance Silver status. If you fly on Turkish during those 4 months your status will be extended for 1-2 years. You can apply for the match by contacting them via this form and click on new feedback>Miles & Smiles>Request>Membership Processing and send proof of your elite status.

Star Alliance Silver status only gets you priority waitlisting and standby on all Star Alliance carriers, including United. That especially helps when your flight is cancelled and you’re trying to get accommodated on another flight.

Some airlines also give a free checked by to Star Alliance Silver elites. For example Air Canada gives a free checked bag though United does not.

You’ll also be able to use priority checkin, security, and boarding lines with some airlines.

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Anyone have theirs show up? Mine shows classic… I am assuming it takes a few days at least?


May be a dump question, but how to use silver status with United etc? How the silver status is getting mapped with United membership number?


Give it a few days.

You can give United the Turkish mileage number and you would get those benefits, though Silver benefits are paltry on United.

Deal guy

Is there a way to do this in English?

It’s all in German the link.


@Deal guy:
As the post says, use Chrome Translate.


You get priority boarding when u book as via vs miles


possibly silly question.. I have flights already booked on AA – when I go to edit passenger information, it won’t let me edit the box that contains my AAdvantage number – any thoughts?


Bottom left box on first page. Change language box in top right corner on second page.


Cal AA.


I applied 8 hours ago and have still not received a confirmation email. I logged in on their website and clicked for the email to be resent and I have still not received it. Has this been happening to others?


Anyone actually receive a confirmation email after signing up? About how long did that take?


If i booked a ticket for American Airlines for pesach do I get the free luggage with it per passenger?

Dan R

Signed up for me and four family members yesterday. Received confirmation emails instantly asking me to confirm email addresses, but we all still have classic as of now. On another site there was talk that your email had to match your email address on the German networking site Xing, so I signed up for that was well (their site is in English).


It went into my spam folder


On an air berlin flight to israel would i get 2 checked bags with silver status?


How long do you think this promotion will run? I have flights booked on turkish in 4 months and 2 weeks….any chance it will be around for 2 more weeks?


In order to enjoy the Turkish Elite/Star Alliance Silver status, Do I have to fly Turkish only or can I fly any other Star Alliance airline and to use my Miles&smiles membership number?


Actually, American does NOT give a checked bag for Ruby. You need Sapphire.


Check SPAM?

The AB promo is slated to end 11/30, but you can match that to Turkish at any time.



1st checked bag is complimentary for:
oneworld® Ruby


Would this work if I have a regular Miles&More status? Any chance to transfer the status from Turkish to Lufthansa?


Now that I signed up how do I do the match to united?
I would have to update my mileage plus account?


How do I transfer the status/bonus miles to one world or star alliance?


Would attaching the topbonus # to an AA reservation at all inhibit my ability to use PreCheck for the flight?


Once turkish accepts the status, how would I show Air Canada at the airport that I am silver star alliance? is there a card I will recieve?


Anyone’s status been changed yet on the AirBerlin website? Mine still says “classic”..


Hi dan
if i have gold with aa is this anything batter?


You don’t match to United. You give them your mileage number from a partner airline.

It will be in the system as Silver.

“Allow a few days for your status to be upgraded.”



aware of that, was just wondering if it had been long enough for anyone to confirm that their’s had changed already


any chance of lounge access?

Sam Oster

what about economy plus seating with United within the 24 hours ?

c sch

does this help at all for ba flights?

Still waiting for upgrade

I applied for status upgrade on 11.19 and still show classic, no upgrade. Anyone get the upgrade?


Ditto…. Still shows classic


Ditto, this doesn’t work……I created account on 11/20 and just logged in today, 11/27, and it still shows Classic


@Dan: What is a “few days?” It’s been 7 days for me so far and still Classic.


Are you able to match the Elite Status to my United frequent flyer number?


@Dan – any update? Anyone get this to work? It seems XINg membership is also required and that hasnt helped yet….i fly next week on Turkish and later in the month on Air berlin – can anyone suggest a way to get this sorted? I already emailed their customer service and will see if that helps…


How long does it take to get a confirmation email? I requested a new one and still nothing. @Dan, did you get this to work?

Still Classic

Its been 10 days and still shows as “Classic”. Anyone have luck in getting the upgraded status?

@Dan any updates would be appreciated as I would like to book seats on AB now with reduced cost with AB status. Thanks.

updates on why still classic

been waiting over a week still says classic. has anyone had their status changed yet or know why this aint working.

Any info much appreciated.


Still showing Classic for me, a week after signing up.

moshe k

i signed up on the 21st and i also still have classic showing


I signed up when this promotion was posted and its still showing me as classic. How much longer will it take?


I signed up on Nov 20, just got the confirmation email today. The account says classic, any chance I will actually be upgraded to Ruby?


Still on Classic, anyone have success obtaining Ruby status?

avraham s

still on classic 2 weeks later, anyone get silver yet? anyone try calling them?

anyone can chase this

Still nothing. Any info on why would be great. Thanks

Ed Travel

I got mine, is top bonus. Beware is an email in German so use to interpret it…


@Ed Travel: You got your silver status?

Sam Collins

I emailed AirBerlin asking why I had not received the status change. They now claim you had to use a corporate email address to qualify for the offer. Does anyone have a screen shot of the offer ? I don’t recall a corporate email address being required.


@Sam Collins: guess thats that then….


tried to log in to check if status match finally happened and got this upon going to the site:

Adjustments of the topbonus website for the U.S. market

Thank you for visiting the topbonus website. Due to major adjustments, the topbonus website is currently inaccessible from the United States.

For the following services, please visit

Log in to your topbonus account
Check your topbonus account balance
Book an award flight
Make reservations
For any other inquiries, please call airberlin Service Center 917 26 13 165 (local rate).
Thank you for your understanding.

Your topbonus Team


I just checked using a vpn so it looked like I logged in from Germany, still only classic. And I signed up on November 22. Dan, any idea what happened?


Dan – I have a flight on Air Berlin booked using BA Avios for Succot to Israel. I see today they declared bankruptcy but that Lufthansa might buy them. Any inside info and what do I do to ensure my flight is honored come October 1st?