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Everyone and their mother seemed to want to know more about status matching in the free BMI Silver Elite Status post. By matching airline elite status you can get free bags on every major US airline!  Don’t have BMI status yet?  Grab it before it’s too late!

Generally speaking, you can only get a status match once in a lifetime. To get a status match just tell the airline that you are considering switching your business to them. Give them your elite mileage number from another airline and your non-elite mileage number with them. Send a printout of your status or statement online and a scan of your elite membership card if you have one. (It can take a month or so before you will get your BMI Silver card) And be sure to give a contact home address, email address, and phone number as well.

The status matching process can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month.

Airlines will usually status match you to an equivalent level, so bottom-tier status on BMI should only earn you bottom tier status on another airline.  Unless you get lucky like this DansDeals Forum member did!

Airlines will only match airlines and hotels will only match hotels.

Warning: If you status-match before July your matched status may only last through 02/29/12. If you status-match in July or later your matched status should be good through 02/28/13!
That’s the general rule at least, the exact cutoff date is usually sometime in June. Of course any program can stop status matching at any time, so you do run the risk of getting nothing if you want.

Airlines generally won’t match the status of other airlines within the same alliance.

There are 3 major airline alliances. You’ve got status with Star Alliance, now you can get status with the rest.

Delta: A member of the Skyteam Alliance.  They will match your elite status from just about any airline in the world. BMI Silver should get you Delta Silver, although a DansDeals Forum members reported that he faxed Delta a request to match his status on BMI and they gave him Delta Gold status after sending in his BMI Silver information. Delta generally matches bottom-tier status to Silver, and mid-tier or top-tier status to Gold. They also match some top-tier status, like from Continental or United, to Delta Platinum.
Either way you’ll get at least 2 free 70 pound bags, bonus miles, and free first class upgrades.
To get a match you need to fax proof of your competing elite status to 404-773-1945.

AA: American is a member of the OneWorld alliance and has just started offering status matches. American may only be matching US-based program so to match from BMI you would have to first match to Delta and then match to AA. They will match bottom-tier status to Gold, and mid-tier or top-tier status to Platinum. Executive Platinum can only be attained by completing a flying challenge for which you need to call 800-882-8880 to enroll.
With any status you’ll be getting 2 free 50 pound bags, bonus miles, free exit-row seating, waived award expedite fees, and waived standby fees.
To get a match you need to fax proof of your competing elite status to 817-963-7882.

Alaska: They will match bottom-tier status to MVP, and mid-tier or top-tier status to MVP Gold.
You’ll not only get free bags on Alaska but you’ll get free bags on Delta as well!
To get a match you need to fax proof of your competing elite status to 206-433-3477.

Continental/United: Continental, a Star-Alliance carrier, used to match status but as of mid-January stopped matching status as they continue their merger process with United (although they will match your status on United). Instead they now offer a challenge that will give you matched status for just 90 days and requires you to fly a certain amount of flight to retain that status. Continental will do this for Silver, Gold, or Platinum challenges and United will do it for 2P, 1P, and 1K challenges. Silver and 2P, the bottom-tier levels earn Star Alliance Silver. 1P, 1K, Gold, and Platinum all earn Star Alliance Gold.
Email onepass@coair.com or premiermatch@united.com for a Challenge.

BMI: A member of the Star Alliance.  BMI will even match to Gold, so if you hold mid or top tier status on another airline alliance try matching to BMI Gold to get all of the amazing benefits of Star Alliance Gold like free worldwide lounge access and 3 free bags of 70 pounds each!
Email proof of competing elite status to diamond.club@flybmi.com
Starwood: Starwood will match Hyatt Dimaond, Hilton Diamond, Marriott Platinum, and Shangri-La Elite to Platinum.
Free suite upgrades and wi-fi await.
Email proof of competing elite status to platinum.liaison@starwoodhotels.com

Hyatt: Hyatt will offer a Diamond challenge if you have Hilton Gold, Hilton Diamond, Marriott Gold, Marriott Platinum,
Starwood Platinum, or Priority Club Platinum.
You will get Diamond membership for 60 days. If you stay in a Hyatt for 12 nights in 60 days you maintain Diamond through 02/28/13 and will earn 1,000 bonus points on your first six nights within 60 days.
Hyatt Diamond is ‘da bomb. They have catered lavish kosher breakfasts with kosher wine or champagne for free for me along with confirmed suite upgrades and free wifi.
Fax proof of competing elite status to: 402-593-9449

Best Western: Best Western will match most programs up to top-tier status.
Email proof of competing elite status to Statusmatch@bestwestern.com

Priority Club: Priority Club will match most programs up to Platinum
Just call them to request a match at 800-621-0555
Have you done status matching before?  I have top-tier Continental Platinum this year from a status match and I have Starwood Platinum from matching my Hyatt Diamond status as well!  Post a comment to share your experience with status matching!

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Great info.anything on us air?


They don’t generally match.


thanx dan, this answers alot of our questions!


Thanks so much Dan! Just two quick questions:

1) Will Priority Club match Accord Club Platinum or Best Western Diamond Elite?

2) I just got the Hyatt Card and would love to get a room upgrade on my Park Hyatt Paris reservation in Jan 2011. By virtue of the card I have HH Platinum, but would need a Diamond status to upgrade. I have Marriott Gold via the Air China offer (but it will expire in 3 months). What do you propose I can do to ensure that I have HH Diamond status till Jan 2011 as I status match now the Diamond challenge will expire before my hotel stay.


Hey Dan – Do you have the email addresses for status matching with Delta, AA and Alaska? Emailing would be more convenient than having to fax all these supporting documents!


1. Probably. None of those statuses are worth all that much though.
2. Match and make 12 stays during their Q2 promotion for points…

Delta and Alaska don’t have one.
AA does have one, but you’ll have to set up the match by calling them with the number in the post, giving the agent your email address, and then the agent will email you details about the program to which you can respond with the required documentation to that email.


Does anyone match Fairmont Plat? 🙂


Dan,you the best


Dan,if you r Delta silver member can you get free first class upgrade? domestic? international flight? Thank you!


Wow dan, thank you so much, very informative!


will fairmont match marriot platinum


What info do I need to fax in? Just a print out from BMI?



Just a little note that thanks to you I received Gold status on Continental (Did it in July 2010) through your link in April that gave us a direct Gold on Virgin Atlantic. Continental gave me the Gold status until Jan 2012.
Also, the Virgin Atlantic account is expiring in April 2013.
I just hope that I will remain a Gold status until 2013 as well.
Dan, Do you think United will give me another Status Match from Virgin Atlantic after the Continental one will expire? or because it will pull through the merge, United will consider it already matched with their program?




If i generally fly Air Canada is there a reason for me to Status match to Delta and then to Air Canada or is BMI’s Status (since its Star Alliance) sufficient?


I wonder if Four Seasons can match my lifetime Fairmont Platinum status? 🙂 🙂


is copy of the BMI card enough? I want to match it to AA & Delta….




How exactly do I match Delta?

Do I just fax my information to them, or do I need to call them first?



Not as far as I know.

Yes for domestic flights.

You can try that. If that doesn’t work you may need to wait until you get your card.

United only does challenges, so it will just be for 90 days.

Air Canada doesn’t match.

No clue.

If you needed to call first I would have written that you needed to call them first. 🙂



Ha, yes I guess you would have. Thanks.


How long does status matching generally take to process? i.e. if i fax in proof today when can i expect to see my account upgraded?


It can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month.


I have lifetime gold status by aa. Can I get lifetime status by anyone else? Should I status match now, or rather wait till I’ll be a lifetime platinum. Or can I do it now and later?


do you get life time with 1,000,000 mile with aa
and what can you get with spg gold ?


I’m trying to send a fax to the Delta # listed in the post, it’s not going through, does anyone know of another #?


The number is correct as listed.
Don’t forget to add a 1 beforehand!


1 (404) 715-9220


If I am not a current delta member and I want to sign up and have them match my status should I sign up first and then call them or call them initially and tell them I want to create an account with them matching my star alliance silver status? Or does it not make any difference


I saw the post about BMI matching airline elite status on March 13th. My daughter and I completed the forms and submitted them, then 30 minutes later resumitted them. Neither of us have received a reply. Is this a widespread problem or should I apply again?


Do you also get the elite benefits if your traveling on an award ticket (booked using points and/or miles) or do you have to be traveling on a PAID ticket to get the benefits such as free luggage, upgrades etc…?
Anyone have any experience with this?


Its a widespread problem, and they know about it, so just wait a few weeks-a month until they figure it out.
I know it seems like awhile, but the tech support (outsourced) isn’t the greatest over there.



I an trying to get a hold on Delta and they don’t have a number to speak to someone about it.

Do you have a number to get a hold of them.



Does the BMI matching program allow you to be on a standby upgrade from economy to business class on continental? And if yes, do I book the flight on the one pass program or BMI program?
I am a presidential plus card holder so the free bags are not as important as I already have free bags.





no upgrade. Sorry


Hey i don’t travel that much, but my uncle does. Can i sign up for him? and then tell him it’s his birthday gift? or is that tacky?
Please answer asap because his bday is tomorrow.. thank you
(also please include if it’s legal to do that or not…)


Hi Dan,

I will be sending my information to delta for status matching. Will they accept the screen shot from my BMI account status page? Or I need to wait for my membership card.

Following is the response from delta to my email:
“…. Please submit a legible photocopy of your Elite card showing the current
status held in the airline program you use most frequently to one of the
addresses below, or by fax to: 404-773-1945. Please note that current
Delta SkyMiles Medallion members are not eligible to participate……”

canada eh

If i am a aeroplan (air canada) prestige member will continental and delta match?


Hey dan, thanks for the great deal. Quick Question, for lufthansa, can i match this silver status? Or is this number good for lufthansa since its part of the star alliance? Thanks


anyone know if qantas matches?


If I have a Amex platun card will that give me plat status by all airlines for upgrade purposes???
Tnx loads for ur help.


He/You wont get the card by tomorrow.
I don’t see why it should be illegal or wrong

@canada eh:
As Dan wrote:
“Airlines generally won’t match the status of other airlines within the same alliance.”
Continental is *A as is Air Canada.
To quote Dan again “Airlines generally won’t match the status of other airlines within the same alliance.

There are 3 major airline alliances. You’ve got status with Star Alliance, now you can get status with the REST.”

No, but you can status match it to the Citi AA credit card platinum level (NOT AA Platinum)


Dan, If i match from bmi ti aa silver to aa equiv. can i then match from aa to bmi for gold?


Silver+Silver doesn’t equal gold, just ask any local precious metal dealer


Chaikel,what do you mean? “but you can status match it to the Citi AA credit card platinum level (NOT AA Platinum)”


what is Citi AA credit card platinum level


Thanks dan.just got my email from aa confirming I am now gold! That was fast! Just in time for our aa/ba flights to hawaii/ caribean


Dan, I just posted in the forum before finding this post.

Can you please address either here or in the forum (or in both places) how to extend, via status matches, elite status as long as possible given BMI/SA silver status set to expire in May?


Good Shabbos and happy Purim.


@ariel:, @MILES:
It was an inside joke


If i have VIP status with starwood who do you suggest that i try to get a status match with. who will give me the free upgrade to a suite?


@ CR
How do you get vip starwood, I heard its by invitation only, what are the qualifications?


Just got an email from BMI saying they will not honor the status as it was intended as an exclusive link. For now, it still says ‘silver.’


I just got this msg from Bmi:We’re pleased to see that you recently joined our Diamond Club frequent flyer programme. However, I’m writing to you because unfortunately the link you used to join was an exclusive by invitation only offer and as noted in our terms and conditions was non transferable.

Regrettably, we will not be honouring the Silver status, and over the next few days your account will be downgraded to Blue status. Our decision is final, and we won’t be entering into any further correspondence on this. On a positive note though, our frequent flyer programme is one of the most generous programmes around, and you only need to earn 16,000 membership status miles to earn a Silver membership. When you fly with us, or any of the Star Alliance airlines, you’ll reach Silver status in no time at all. You’ll also have access to all our offers and promotions, as well as being the first to hear about our great sale fares. We hope you’ll still enjoy the benefits of your Diamond Club membership.


Keeley Downing
Diamond Club Manage


Just got an email from BMI saying they will not honor the status as it was intended as an exclusive link.


Just got an email….just got an email….just got an email….i wanna post tooooooooo!


its by invite only. you can call starwoods and they might tell you. but officialy the highest level is plat. vip is not a published level.


what do I need to fax alaska air? Screen shot of bmi? Or scan of card is good enough?


I have platinum 2 million miler status on AA what airlines will match that status if i want to start using another airline ?


i have spg vip status and status matched to best western and priorty club


Hi Dan, thanks for providing very valuable info. I called AA on 800-882-8880 but the Cust Rep mentioned that there is no Elite status matching. I’ve an elite status with Delta and would like to get one on AA. Has anyone been able to get Elite status match done with AA?.


I am a million miler on Continental, so on January 1st I will be a lifetime premier gold. Delta however, I only have 27,000 miles, of which only 5,500 are MQM. Do you think they would still match my gold and who do I call? Ps. my entire family of 4 are continental million milers. Would Delta match all of us?