American Throws In The Towel, Will Make It Much Easier To Renew Elite Status!

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Elite loyalty programs have had a tough conundrum this year. There are many elite business travelers who have not flown for their company since before the pandemic.

Last year the decision to extend elite status expiring in January 2021 to January 2022 was an easy one. Most people weren’t flying last year anyway and airlines extended status early in the year.

This year has been much trickier. On the one hand, airlines don’t want to give everyone a free pass, as that would discourage people from trying to renew their elite status. On the other hand, airlines don’t want to turn loyal business passengers into free agents when they are not flying for work.

Airlines could also just wait until the end of the year to announce an elite extension, but they risk angering their most loyal passengers who flew with them to extend their status, only to be told it wasn’t needed.

Airlines have tried to thread that needle by doling out elite qualifying miles and dollars and making status easier to renew, but the question has always been, will that be enough?

Clearly, American thinks that it will not. Despite rolling out a plethora of promotions just a few weeks ago to make it even easier to requalify for status, they are back again with generous new offers.

  • You can retain the status you had on 1/1/21 through 1/31/23 if you do just one of the following:
    • Spend $15,000 on an American credit card between July 15 – November 15, 2021.
    • Earn at least $2,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) on eligible airline tickets on American or elite qualifying partner airlines flown between September 1 – December 31, 2021.

There is a caveat, that if you use one of these 2 easy methods to requalify for Executive Platinum or Platinum Pro status you will not be eligible for 2022 elite choice rewards, unless of course you also meet the 2021 elite qualification requirements for Executive Platinum or Platinum Pro.

I got American Executive Platinum status in 2019 thanks to being a Hyatt Globalist and it’s been extended ever since. Now I’ll be able to extend it to 1/31/23 by spending $15,000 on my American card!

Even if you have nothing to spend that on, you can pay your federal taxes for a 1.96% fee. If you overpay your taxes you can request a refund or apply it to your next year’s taxes. The cost to pay $14,712 in federal taxes is 1.96% or $288, which would bring your spending to $15,000. That’s not a bad price at all for 15,000 AA miles and an extension of your elite status!

Better yet, open an American credit card and earn a sweet signup bonus as well:

I won’t earn more systemwide upgrades if I requalify via spending, but my current systemwide upgrades were extended through 6/30/22.

Will you take advantage of the latest short cut to elite status? Will Delta or United be forced to mAAtch AA?

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My status had already expired by then….o I’m not sure what status I’d be extending. (Yes I got the email).


How much of a problem is overpaying the IRS?


I don’t know from experience, but I can’t imagine that they’d be too upset over an interest-free loan.


They do pay interest


Only starting from April 15 2022.
Loan is free until then


This is just strange, as it actually makes me want to cancel my existing AA reservations that come before Sept 1, and move them to someone else…as they don’t really count towards extending my status for 2022…I don’t know what they were thinking by requiring spend to start 9/1 instead of 7/1 or even just today.


I’m finding almost zero domestic sAAver awards between NYC and the west for the rest of the summer. Are they the new pesos?


This summer is crazy. No saver on any airlines
Revenue is a fortune too


True. My hundreds of thousands of miles are totally useless. What a joke. Please tell me again why I worked on earning all these miles please??!


You should get hybrid miles.


Indeed I have those too. However they have the same value with Pay Yourself Back or whatever its called, as redeeming for flights. So no need to wait for flights. And no point in converting to miles even there’s no availability. So back to square one. All the points are useless for this summer.

Only possible points that may have a use is Southwest.


I assume the $15k cc spend won’t work to extend those of us taking advantage of the Platinum promotion?

Steve snell

I would like to know this as well


Actually you get miles on the fee as well. But deliberately overpaying is unethical. I could have done that when Amex had the 3 for all and got 4 points for each dollar charged and then convert them to cash using schwab. I would make 3.1% on every dollar paid. I easily could have overpaid a ton and cleared 3.1% but I didn’t because it’s probably fraud.


Why is it unethical? Who is getting hurt?

Ten Bucks a Week

One can dream that Globalists will get Exec Platinum this year.


Of course overpaying the IRS isn’t fraud. Most people do it every year via paycheck deductions. They do not lose anything as you pay the processing fee.


How soon after paying taxes can you request a refund if it’s over the amount you needed to pay?


Around a year. It will count for tax year 2021, so you’ll get it back after you file your taxes in 2022.

oh baby!!

any idea what can I do about booking infants on Priceline?
(in general not related to this post specific)