[Update: Ban Lifted And Now Open For NY Enrollment!] DHS Suspends Global Entry And Other Trusted Traveler Programs For New York Residents!

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Update, 7/26: New York residents can now renew and enroll in Global Entry!

Update, 7/23: The Department of Homeland Security announced that thanks to modifications to the NY law, it will lift its ban that previously restricted NY residents from applying for Global Entry!

Note that while the ban has been lifted, it’s not yet live for NY applications. I’ll update this post when it’s live.


Originally posted on 2/5:

Fox News is reporting that Department of Homeland Security is closing the Global Entry program and other Trusted Traveler Programs in New York in response to NYC declaring itself a sanctuary city with their “Green Light Law” and awarding driver’s licences without verifying immigration status.

As a result, New York State residents will no longer eligible to enroll or re-enroll in select TTPs — including Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, and FAST. However current enrollees can continue to use those services until expiration.

It appears that NY residents can still enroll in Pre-Check.

NY residents can also use the Mobile Passport app as an alternative to Global Entry.

NY residents, will you try you get a driver’s license from another state to get Global Entry?

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I have an appointment next week!

I was already conditionally approved. Does that mean I can’t get it now!???


Same here I was approved didn’t make an appointment yet


Appointment or not, conditionally approved applicants doing the interview today are rejected and refunded if they are a NYS resident.


me too. I have been calling and no one is answering anything


The office I called told me that they haven’t received guidance on conditional approvals yet


That’s because DHS is sloppy. But word has gone out that they are to reject those who come in for interviews as NYS residents and to inform them that they will be refunded the fee.

DHS is still working on refusing to accept applications from NYS residents but they are working on blocking NYS applicants that way too.


You will be denied and refunded. That’s the standard today at least for NYS residents who went in for EOA.


WTF!!! I was born here and just applied and paid for it but didn’t get an interview. Does this mean i have no shot of getting it? And am out of $100?


WTF–World Trade Federation?


That’s adorable, metziaman.


I also just had my interview and was approved, its upsetting, but the feds are 100% right with doing this!

Ed A

Trump payback to New York for not supporting him. Using the federal govt to punish NYC. Illegal. Remember Bridgegate?


I have an appointment in March for global entry. What’s gunna happen?

someone who knows

BTW you don’t need to wait until march, you can check their website everyday to see if some dates open up, usually they do.

Learner burner 613

another reason to move to Cleveland…


…said noone ever! except Clevelanders. 😛


What’s if I have an appointment by global entry will it get cancelled?


I guess another reason to move to Cleveland.


Is it safe to assume that by the time I renew again in 4 years this will be settled??


It is not safe to bet the USA will even exist as we know it in 4 years.

I Love Trump

I’m no fan of this enactment, but the dhs has somewhat of a point (it should exclude those with real ID’s).

George Clooney

It’s a good point. Punish New York State because you don’t approve of what the mayor of New York City has done. That does fit the typical kindergarten logic we have come to expect from this administration…


And why renewals?


I don’t understand how this makes any sense.
Doesn’t Global Entry include a background check?
How would an illegal alien pass that?


It 100% does. I’m sure this is more of a condemnation of the DHS’ ability to perform accurate background checks on non-citizens than a purely political move to get back at NY for anything in particular. 😉


It’s nothing to do with green ID, it has to do with another law that was passed together, that state will stop sharing any NY State ID information to Federal government


Read the fox article. DHS relies on the State’s to check citizenship at the DMV (that’s why they ask your driver’s license info on TTS). NY passed a law refusing to share DMV info with the feds. Blame NY!

New Yorker

Not true. You have to have a passport for Global Entry – which is proof of citizenship. And you don’t need to be a citizen of the US to be eligible for global entry – citizens of at least 10 other countries are also eligible. And a drivers’ license is not even required for Global entry, just a passport and a second photo id. This is purely political.

Drumpf Sux

Not true. You pass a background check to determine risk. Those deemed low risk are accepted. Drivers License records are an important part of the check for US citizens.


Expecting correct information from Fox Spews is hopeless. The stated excuse is that the NYS driver’s license can’t be trusted anymore. But the FACT is, as stated by other posters, you have to appear personally to be approved. This is simply an act by a petty, vicious sociopath intended to punish New York.


I just applied last week for my whole Fam… too bad


Lakewood nj residents are effected ?


Is Lakewood NJ in ny?


Lakewood is right near Los Angeles and Chicago


Yep! I live in Lakewood, CA


Yup, one of the five boroughs, alongside BP, Williamsburg Monsey and Flatbush.


Yes. The DHS announced that the state of New York and the city of Lakewood NJ are no longer allowed to get global entry.

I Love Trump



Haha! Priceless


It looks like NY really don’t care about legal citizens, I will just move stop voting for Democrats

Andrew Rosen

You’re an idiot


I agree, I was a idiot for always voting Democrat.


I agree





~king lake~

Yeah it looks like NY cares more about illegals then there own residents
This is the face of the “DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS”


I bet you immigrants know the difference between “there” and “their.” I know MY immigrant grand parents did.


It makes sense to me. Don’t mess with Trump.


Do you want Bridgegate? Because this is how you get Bridgegate.


What does that mean for enrollments already made but pending approval?

Eli W.

NYS or NYC? – it’s NYC that’s declared itself a “sanctuary city”, and it issues local ID that is not federally recognized. Drivers licenses are issued by NYS though, not NYC.


nys offers drivers license to illegal immigrants…

I Love Trump

Exactly, licenses don’t vary between counties or cities in nys

Global entry

Luckily I made it for the entire family for free, my wife was the last one to get approved, her appointment was last week and I are received the card in the mail!


Same here! Just had appointments for the remainder of my kids last week and already have their cards b”h! So for now we’re all good to go. I hope by the time we need renewal this will have been resolved.


We (I) live in A Crazy Place


Stupid liberals

George Clooney

Stupid conservatives


Did you even consider why DHS did this???




If I have a house in Florida can I get a Florida id and apply


One of the eligibility requirements for receiving a new ID card states the resident must not have an out-of-state license or an identification card issued by another state. If they do, residents must cancel their previous ID cards before seeking out new ID cards in Florida


Nj passed a similar law a few weeks ago – now illegal aliens can get a nj drivers license. Is it going to be next?
As much as I agree that the law is stupid and they should not get state ids, this is just petty retribution and will make people dislike Trump. Not a good election move.

Polar bear

I have a feeling not that many people care about global entry


It has to do with NYS not sharing the information (access) on the database


The feds are still getting information from NYS via NLETS. Look it up. 😉


Can I get a Florida id ,I have a house there


One of the eligibility requirements for receiving a new ID card states the resident must not have an out-of-state license or an identification card issued by another state. If they do, residents must cancel their previous ID cards before seeking out new ID cards in Florida


If mine will be up for renewal in July, does it make sense to enroll in TSA precheck separately at this time (for the risk of that program being suspended too for NY’ers?


What is the mobile passport app?

I Love Trump

Wait whole I google that’s for you


Check on the forum.


I am a NY state resident and already have Global Entry can I still use it until it expires?

I Love Trump



Was just able to submit a new application for global entry for my kids


Sure, but approval isn’t likely at this point.


Of course Dan, it’s a long shot but one worth taking. For now it’s only being reported in the media. There’s been no official language on their website in respect to this new rule and the portal was probably never designed to support the exclusion of a specific state. I do remember the conditional approval to take a couple of days but that was when global entry was new. I wonder how automated that part of the process might be. It could just boil down to a race condition. I’ll update for those interested


Keep us posted!


The Fox News article links to an official letter sent to the state


BKYW you’re right, I missed the Scrib link to the official letter… but again, no official guidance on website. My guess is as others have reported by apparently reaching out to their CBP office not to bother showing up for appointment etc… This will most likely be denied/cancelled like some price mistake that a company chooses not to honor. But again, either way, there’s no harm in trying. I feel like this is just noise that will be dealt with through the course of legal proceedings. My hope though is that it gets resolved before August so that I can benefit from GE. If not, well, it is what it is.

I do find it hilarious though… the next logical step is will be for any REAL ID issued by NYS will also be rendered invalid… that’s essentially the argument they are making.


And as this will probably be taken to courts, it’s also just as likely a district court will file an injunction to have Dhs continue to process these applications. It’s happened enough times.


Correct, this is a tough case for DHS because it’s overly broad. To discriminate against residents of an entire state for that explicit reason that they live in that state (discrimination on its face) while complying with the due process rights of the 14th amendment, the administration bears the burden of proving that they have a compelling state interest and that that restriction is “narrowly tailored” to meet that interest. State interest- prevent illegals from getting global entry and easing their entry to the US. Maybe that works with a few judges, but to obtain GE you need to be a US passport holder or the holder of a passport from another approved country. Certainly renewals for people who are already vetted fails that test. Narrowly tailored? NYS has over 35 million people and maybe 1k are illegals who have obtained driver licenses. But they wouldn’t have the passport to complete the process anyway. Also if the DHS can ascertain citizenship through passports or other background checks (IRS records), they fail. This is not narrowly tailored.
Citizenship is not required for GE (11 countries have access to GE), so it can’t be required of NYS residents.


System just let me make an appointment

Texas Totty

How long does it take to get approved for Global? I applied months ago and haven’t heard from them.


Purely political because DHS does a background check.
Dangerous behavior when a president enacts laws and creates ”Bridgegates” for political revenge.


Giving licenses to illegals, and not sharing info, is bad. NY deserves every ounce of punishment.


As someone who has had vehicles hit by drivers without documented legal status (or with questionable legal immigration status) in the US, I am thankful for states that continue to issue such drivers DLs and don’t want DHS de facto encouraging such drivers to be added to the pool of people who engage in hit and runs of moving or parked vehicles. A legally domestically-licensed driver is a safer and better driver on American roads than a foreign-licensed or fraudulently/illegally-licensed driver on the roads on which I drive, and such legally licensed drivers are more likely to have insurance and less likely to cause Americans to have to dip out of their own personal pockets to cover damage caused by such persons driving anyway.

George Clooney

Ugh. Why would you respond with a logical, well reasoned argument!? That has no place here. You need to allow yourself to be drives purely by emotion and fantasy and only the. Will you be able to see the brilliance of this retributive action. Pretty telling that it was only New York, a state he has “punished” in the past for not supporting his agenda, when New York is far from the only state engaging in essentially the same activities…


Th citizens of ny don’t deserve punishment. Out stupid politicians will fly private on our dimes and avoid the screening


Can illegals get NYS Enhanced Licenses?


Again this is not Bridgegates, with the new state ID they also passed a law to stop sharing ID information with Federal gov, even light IDs, that prevents the DHS from making a complete background check.

Wake Up

Don’t be obtuse. What do you think has been happening in the opposite direction for 3 years running with no sign of letting up? Are you oblivious to the inherent dangers to American citizens allowing unknown quantities of foreign actors, abetted mostly by democrat politicians, subvert our laws?


Just to show you what a crazy world were living in!
As always enjoy the perks and benefits while you can.


I hope they do this with all the sanctuary states that give drivers licenses to illegals .


Just another sign that people should vote out the Trump Admin and try to convince others to do so in states like FL and other potential swing states in the November 2020 election since the current federal government is willing to make American citizens into pawns and cannon fodder in the battles between the federal and state/local governments.

Clowns to the Left

I always thought you were a blowhard clown, thanks for sealing it.

George Clooney

At least we aren’t jokers to the right…


This was probably designed so that residents should feel a burn and put pressure on their politicians to comply with DHS.

George Clooney

That would be true if it was being done equally across the board. This is clearly aimed at New York as a punitive measure because they hurt someone’s ego


For global entry you need to present a passport as well as a drivers license. People who are here illegally cannot get a passport.


There is no requirement to have a DL in order to be approved as a US citizen GE member. Lots of people without a valid driving license are GE members.


Good! Maybe all you NYers will learn to vote using saychel and get some real people in office not.clowns!

NY is soooooo last decade, the new California which BTW, is broke

George Clooney

Where do you get your facts? California has a gdp if 3 trillion dollars and public expenses of about 300 billion. The economy there is growing at a faster rate than the national economy and is one of the largest economies in the world. If only the rest of the United States could keep up with California’s economic growth…

More bang for your buck

If I’m conditionally approved but didn’t go for my interview yet, am I not gonna get approved now?


Literally got mine and DW a week ago !! 🙂

Liam K. Nuj

I fail to understand the last line:
“NY residents, will you try you get a driver’s license from another state to get Global Entry?”
I’m pretty sure that if you’re a resident of one state you CAN’T get a driver’s from another state for any reason.
What you may have meant:
“NY residents, will you move and become a resident of another state in order to get a driver’s license from that state and thereby qualify for Global Entry?”


Mine thankfully expires in Sept. 2024, hopefully this will be sorted out before I need to renew. My brother called me this am – he lives out of state, but is moving back to NY in a few months, and was wondering if they’d even let him change his address.

This is also purely a political chicken fight between Cuomo and Trump to see who blinks first. As several have pointed out Global Entry (and IINM, Pre-Check as well) requires your passport to sign up.


wow . i just got it 3 months ago.


I just submitted my renewal (expires in May 2020) and after submitting there was a message stating that due to heavy volume they are extending my GE membership for a year past expiration as an application has been submitted. Seems like this grace period was 6 months previously. So from the way I see it, I should be good through May 2021. Anyone else get the same?


Thank you President Trump!! Our protection ansd safety is more imporatnt than convenience. If my fellow New Yorkers don’t like it, then vote the Republicans back into the NY State Senate. For those of you below who are complaining, take your complaints to the storefront attack site in Jersey City. The police and ICE and other law enforcement need the tools to do their job.

George Clooney

Good point! Oh wait… the attackers were American born American citizens who purchased the firearms legally. On second thought, how does that support your cockamamie theory?


Now to end foreign interference in our elections by illegal immigrants who are unwilling to play by the rules to become citizens but want all the benefits and privileges of legal immigration and naturalization.BTW my wife and In-laws have paid the price to become naturalized Citizens, I’m pro-immigration – but I also believe in playing by the rules – if we already have an affordable housing and homeless problem – why should we compound the problem with uncontrolled and unvetted illegal immigration?

DHS Chief

Clarification: New applications will not be accepted. If you have already applied and have an appointment you are eligible. If you have an existing Global Entry it will be good until expiration. We need access to NYS driving records to check criminal activity etc.


PreCheck has saved me at most 10 to 15 minutes, and most times not even 5 minutes ( I travel with others who don’t have Precheck)

Global entry on the other hand has never saved me even one minute. All it has done for me is switched my waiting in line at immigration, to waiting at the baggage carousel. My luggage has yet to come out before almost all passengers from that flight are there as well.


Never used it from a Preclearance location?
Or with just carry-on bags?



For me, it has saved me from potentially missed flights. Been a lifesaver several times. (But I don’t know what you expect if you travel with others other than your children who don’t have Precheck)


Used GE at JFK recently. 6 minutes (!) on the clock from when my foot stepped off the plane to when it stepped into the taxi. Full immigration hall and all that, and passed it all! So tell me what saves time…


I was conditionally approved and have an appointment for tomorrow (BOWLING GREEN). my local office told me not to show up and i will get a refund.


Interesting info. Will they automatically issue you a refund or will you have to argue for it? My husband was conditionally approved but did not set up his in-person appointment yet. And my application is still pending review (no conditional approval as of now- and probably never will be given the way things are going). I wonder if we can both get refunds too.


I called the main call center. they told me that refunds will be issued upon request.


Usher- Thank you for this helpful information! Really appreciate it!


They actually asked me if i want to request a refund. I said i wanted to wait another week or two to see if NYS will fold….
oh well, very disappointing


i missed my last appointment last month for renewall was planning on making a new one asap


tyh i did not pay for enrollment obviously haaa


What is centri? When u walk over the border from Tijuana to san Diego its the only thing to aviod the long line


Quite annoying. A paid my fee and application has been pending review for 6 months since I applied in August. Based on everything I was reading I might have been approved in a couple more months. Now I guess I will not get approved and will end up with a refund and just have to apply for TSA-Pre.


Definitely annoying! I applied 4 months ago and have no update on status either. Your situation is way more irritating that mine as you’ve been waiting longer. But the nutty thing is my husband (who submitted his application literally 5 minutes before I submitted mine) got conditionally approved in less than a week! I inquired about this and some robotic sounding guy at the call center repeatedly read me a script with the spiel that each person is vetted individually, blah blah. It didn’t make any sense. Seems like luck of the draw when it comes to whose pile your application lands on. Mine and yours definitely landed on the slowpoke pile.


My significant other is in the same boat as yours Loree. We applied at the same time. Her application was approved and we she had her interview and now has global entry and it is likely I cannot get it. Sounds like we’re in the same boat.


Mike- wow. What a coincidence. We indeed have virtually the same circumstances! Hopefully this big mess can be sorted out within a reasonable time although realistically I’m thinking we probably shouldn’t hold our breath at the rate things are going.


Any comments regarding existing appointments would help!
Use your sources!


Thank you President Donald John Trump!
It may inconvenience some, but protect the rest.

Elizabeth Warren

Every day I wake up in a State not called NY is a great day!


I have applied from London, UK on Dec 10, and still pending conditional approval


Vote wisely, friends


I have an appointment for renewal tomorrow – didn’t even know my interview was cancelled until logging onto my GOES account to check the time and location. Lucky me ….

Dan fan

I smell some fun with global entry fee refunds.
Apply, get credit from the cc and then get a refund
Thanks Trump!


I was awaiting appointment. Can I get my money back?


Can someone confirm about a NEXUS appointment being canceled?
Reason i’m asking cause NEXUS never asks for ID just a u.s. passport.

Jasmine Winter

Let’s all move and show NY who’s BOSS!!!


People… Global Entry/NEXUS/SENTRI these are all Pre-Clearance programs intended to identify low risk travelers and expedite their entry to the United States. The DHS is 100% correct for doing this. Every state DMV has significant data this is relevant to identifying low risk travelers. New York State has the right to NOT share this data with the DHS. The DHS has determined that without the data they can’t quantify the risk. If you have a problem with this… take it up with the Governor or your state reps. I’ll also point out that these programs while wonderful for those approved is a privilege not a right.


My application, which was pending for 6 months is now gone. There is the following message: “Effective immediately, residents of the State of New York will no longer be eligible to apply for or renew membership in U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Programs due to state legislation that restricts CBP’s access to criminal history records and other critical vetting information that compromise the safety and security of the United States and its citizens. For additional information please visit

There is no mention of who to contact or how to get a refund, however. Does anyone know how to go about getting refunded your application fee.

David R

It says right there in the page you linked: “Refunds will be processed automatically.”

If a New York resident whose DMV record contains something that would cause CBP to deny the application had they been able to access it moves to another state thereby becoming eligible to apply for GE, will CBP then be able to access the negative information they were after? If the answer is no, that means they didn’t think this through.


I am Landing in ewr in 18 hours and was planning on enrolling on arrival. does anyone have any idea if by taking the interview and being rejected i would have to reapply once cuomo and trump come to some sort of compromise? Should i just skip it this time and try again later?


I had an interview for this past February 10th at JFK (Global Entry) airport and when I got there the officer told me that the program was canceled for New Yorkers and so far my $ 100.00 dollar payment has not been returned to my bank account. . Did I lose that money? Where do I claim if it is not returned to me? How do I get credit if Global Entry goes back to New York citizens and residents?


@Dan, Can I get the tsa fee credited on the amex platinum card? or is it only for Global Entry?




@Dan I see multiple offerings for Global entry for sale on your discussion forums. I know you can pay online for GE. Do you know if its possible to pay online for precheck as well?

a good yeshiva bachur

I got refunded for a GE credit that was used on an NYS application, does that mean I can use it again or I gotta wait 4 years?


If my application was previously denied based on my NYS status, and my fee was refunded, can I reapply? We used our Platinum card benefit.


Were you rebilled for the $100?
If not, use another card.


Wonderful news! My GE is due to expire in less than a month.


Wow, good timing!


Still not accept NY resident applications for renewal…tried just now


This is the government you’re dealing with, I’m sure it will be fixed within 1-100 days.
Comment when it works 🙂


I was just able to renew!


Same I tried and the system doesn’t let


Great news! Trying to renew my wife’s GE right now, but it’s still saying that NY isn’t a valid state to be part of a trusted traveler program. Maybe they haven’t updated the website yet?


Just tried applying and still blocked. Website hasn’t updated yet.


Still doesn’t let me renew because of NY residents


i wont let me renew. it still says NY state is not eligible to apply


Still valuable to get your application going now to be ahead of the rush. Scheduled your interview for after Sept 8.


Does this only apply to global entry or also to Nexus?


why don’t they just require you to bring a passport which is only issued from the federal government?


was getting exited too complete application but still not letting me to proceed with NY address ;(


Just went online to renew and after the whole process an error came back “ Your state is not eligible to apply for a trusted traveler program”


ACLU sues and it turns out that homeland security lied When. They said Ny was the only state that Banned sharing info. In reality there are other states and places that aren’t sharing. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/23/nyregion/trusted-traveler-homeland-security.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&fbclid=IwAR1b4wy1vZkG4MUiBS0uaXl_GBoLe1yAOf7wrlpnUH70TDyimoLT1lK1iGM.


Dan, your reporting is incorrect. NY didn’t change their law. The government admitted in a court filing that they made up facts.


Both are true. They did make changes.


Then mention both


I reported the breaking news as it relates to travelers. This isn’t a full investigative report.


Sorry for the accusation – you seem more or less correct. Certainly interesting that the announcement came at the same time that the court filing became public, but technically DHS is saying that they are doing it due to the amended law.


I am a 10 year global entry guy. My global entry expired a few months ago. I just gave up waiting and i just signed up for precheck this week … my luck


Never got refunded. Had renewal in “Pending Review” status, which disappeared after the ban. (My GE is still active for another few months)
Now, when the ban is lifted, I still have “Applications in Progress – You have no applications in progress”
Did anyone get a refund? Should I re-do it again?

Texas Totty

I applied in November 2019 (I’m not a NY resident) and my application still shows “waiting for conditional approval”. Any ideas of what to do about that?

Voice of Reason

I applied in June 2019 and got notice of conditional approval in May 2020. Looks there’s a long waiting period.


I tried renewing my NY Global Entry last night & it didn’t work – but this morning it finally worked!


When are the next appts available?


I wonder if my old application, can be resuscitated?

NY Traveler

Why would I reapply now? I can’t travel anywhere internationally, but thank you for my $100 back. It goes to show how unprepared our government was for the pandemic and how focused on political retaliation it was, that one of the key agencies responsible for pandemic response thought preventing NYers from applying for Global Entry would show us who’s boss one month before the country locked down and international travel all but ceased. I haven’t really missed my GE or PreCheck these last 5 months.


Can I apply for myself on one card and for my wife on another if I have two of the cards that reimburse the fees?

More Bang for your Buck

Dan, Any data points if someone who lives in Israel long term should use their American or Israeli address? Also, what info about Israel should they be including?

Thank you as usual for everything


My wife needs to renew her expired G.E. She says ‘no rush, since we’re not flying anytime soon’. Made me laugh, but she’s right. The longer she waits, the longer her G.E. will last once things get back to what passes for normal.