[Updated With Valid Dates] Chase Will Extend Timeline To Earn 2nd Tier Signup Bonuses!

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Update: Chase has informed me that the timeframe for the 2nd tier bonus extension will be for cards approved between 10/1/19-3/31/20. 

AMEXBank of America, Capital One, Citi, and Chase have all given additional time to meet spend thresholds to earn the bonus for opening a new card.

However Chase only extended the deadline for a “tier 1” signup bonus. Chase has had several cards with a 2nd tier signup bonus, like from Southwest and United, that offered more bonus points for completing a 2nd tier of spending.

For example, in February the Southwest cards offered 40K bonus points for spending $1,000 in 3 months plus 35K bonus points for spending another $4,000 in 6 months.

Chase cards that were opened between 1/31-3/31 had the first tier extended by 3 months previously.

Chase tells me that over the next couple weeks they will let cardmembers that opened or will open cards between 10/1/19-3/31/20 know that the 2nd tier will be extended by 3 months as well.

Both the 1st tier and 2nd tier extensions will be automatic.

This will apply to consumer and business cards.

Chase is still looking into whether they will extend the card opening timeframe to include cards approved after 3/31.

Chase is also offering bonus points on groceries, restaurant delivery, and Sapphire Reserve statement credits.

Will you benefit from the tier 2 extension?

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Which is the best airline to transfer chase points into for TLV travel as united is becoming so though to deal with these days.


Until you have a particular flight in mind, there’s no point in transferring points. AFAIK, all Chase transfers are instantaneous.


So if I sign up for Chase Ink, I’ll have 6 mo. to do all the spend?


No. For now tier 1 spending extension is only is you applied by 3/31. Though this may be extended in the future


Does this mean we have past 6/30 to spend the $85,000 necessary to reach Globalist with Hyatt card?


Any idea for cards that were opened in November? will they match if calling them?


Awesome thank you!


I opened the United card, hit tier1. But not tier2, SM’d chase, they replied only extended for tier1. Does that mean i can spend more already and it’ll count or have to wait for official announcement ?


same here


Chase shut down all my cards after I apply it for a new card in April. Had total of six cards with them


This is just in case you want to take advantage of increased time frame for the sign up bonus


Over what period of time did you open the previous cards?


First 3 – 2 years ago. And since September got 2 new cards and just applied for a new one.


Thanks for the info, Maxi.


Hope you tried calling.. worked for me!
After a week or so they decided to reopen my accounts.
Good luck.


Thank you Mend! Glad it worked out for you. Tried calling, they put it on the review and didn’t reopen them. So, seems like I’m good for another year or two before I can apply again 🙂 whatever, Amex has good options as well.


To everyone in the community – be extremely careful with Chase applications and collecting sign up bonuses. Behatslacha!


I signed up for a card today and I was told by chase via secure message that i have 6 months to fulfill the sign up bonus


Where can I track my spend progress toward the tier 2 bonus, and also see my new deadline for it?


@Dan If I dispute a charge on a chase business card, will they ask questions in regards to if it was a business charge? (Because technically it was personal)


Does this mean that if I already got saffire reserve 50k bonus ill get anothere 50k for $4000 spend?


theres a second tier bonus for reserve??


I’m contemplating opening up a Chase Ink Preferred card but the $15,000 spend is a little intimidating. Did Chase ever announce if it was extending the time limit to meet the spending requirement for cards opened after 3/31?