Silvercar Now Renting Audi Convertibles; Save 30% Off An Audi Rental!


About Silvercar:
Silvercar is a new-age car rental company. Since I first wrote about Silvercar I’ve received lots of rave reviews from readers thanking me for introducing them to Silvercar. Share your experience in the comments!

They now rent the Audi A4, Q5 SUV, and the A5 Cabriolet convertible. Unfortunately they still don’t offer any options that seat more than 5 passengers.

You can now request Peg Perego booster and convertible car seats at no additional charge!

I rented from them in Miami on a 2 day trip in the summer, and unlike the weather at the time, the car rental was a real treat. I called them upon landing and they picked me up from the terminal so that I was able to avoid taking the train to them. After the rental they dropped me off in my rental car right back to the terminal.

Cars come with built-in GPS, satellite radio, bluetooth, leather seats, and even a free WiFi hotspot. Unlimited miles are included in every rental.

You can rent from Silvercar as long as you are at least 22 years old with no underage fees.

I rented a car from Avis in Miami and got hit with a $17.20 bill for a two 70 cent tolls that I apparently passed on SR112. That’s $1.40 for the tolls and $15.80 for an “eToll Convenience Fee.” Convenient for whom is the question?

Silvercar only passes on the toll itself, no convenience fees!

If you don’t refill the fuel you’ll only be charged a $5 flat rate fee on top of the actual local price of the gas needed to fill up the car. No need to jeopardize missing your flight just to avoid paying $10/gallon for fuel.

Both AMEX and Chase cover the CDW insurance for a Audi A4, Q5, and A5 cabriolet, just select personal coverage when renting and write AMEX, Chase, etc.

You only pay when you pickup the car, nothing is charged beforehand and there are no cancellation fees ever.

Signup offer (You must follow both steps for credit):

Step 1: If you signup for an account via my referral link here you and I will both get $25 after you complete your first rental.

Step 2: After enrolling for an account you will need to click on this link and enter the following referral code in order to get the $25 after you complete a rental: DELEFF
The $25 will sent to you via a Visa eGift card after your rental.

Promo codes (Limit of one promo code per rental):

Existing or new renter code:

With this link you can save 30% off any rental that’s at least 2 days long. This code says that it’s intended for Visa Infinite cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve, but several readers have confirmed that it worked for them with other cards like AMEX without issue. You may need to type in the 30% off promo code: VINFINITE
For example:

  • A 2 day rental at Miami Airport from July 9-11 would cost $136.96 for the A4, $179.76 for the Q5, or $204.37 for the A5 after tax. Use the 30% off code above to drop the price to $99.09 for the A4, $129.05 for the Q5, or $147.24 for the A5. If you are a new renter you’ll also get $25 back after the rental.

You can also save 30% off 5+ day rentals with code: WEEKLY30

First-time renter codes:

With this link you can save $50 off your first rental that’s at least 2 days long. If it doesn’t take $50 off for you just enter code: FACEBOOK50
For example:

  • A 2 day rental at Miami Airport from July 9-11 would cost $136.96 for the A4, $179.76 for the Q5, or $204.37 for the A5 after tax. Use the $50 off code above to drop the price to $83.46 for the A4, $126.26 for the Q5, or $150.87 for the A5. As a new renter you’ll also get $25 back after the rental, dropping the effective cost of an A4 to $58.46.

Silvercar has 23 locations:

    • Austin/AUS
    • Chicago/ORD
    • Dallas/DAL
    • Denver/DEN
    • Fort Lauderdale/FLL
    • Las Vegas/LAS
    • Los Angeles/LAX
    • Miami/MIA
    • Miami South Beach-Mondrian Hotel (1100 West Ave)
    • Newark/EWR
    • NYC-Columbus Circle, Manhattan
    • NYC-600 W. 42nd St, Manhattan
    • NYC-Brooklyn-McCarren Hotel Williamsburg
    • NYC-Brooklyn Downtown (180 Myrtle Ave)
    • Orange County/SNA
    • Orlando/MCO
    • Phoenix/PHX
    • San Francisco/SFO
    • Salt Lake City/SLC
    • San Diego/SAN
    • Seattle/SEA
    • Tampa/TPA
    • Washington/IAD

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Have you rented from Silvercar before?

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Hi Dan
A tremoundes thanks for introducing them to me! I used them in LA last May it was a Phenomenal experience starting with the Lyft ride waiting for me when coming out of the airport and returning them in a minute without any waiting and a Lyft back to the airport and everything in between!!!
Thanks loads


I tried to book it for my trip to Seattle but I leave on a 6am flight and they don’t open till 7am 🙁


Does the CSR cover the A5 (and if not does any cc cover)


where do i put in the $25 referral code?


Just curious, do the example of rates you mentioned include liability (primary) insurance? And also, do they offer their own CDW, or will you need to use your credit cards coverage?


I also made now a res with them and I didnt have the option to put in the referral code I emailed them will see what they r coming back


Bizarre gear shift arrangement in these new Audis, and potentially dangerous—could confuse reverse with park, see:


Thia is was I got now from them Thank you for contacting Silvercar Support.

We are currently updating to a new website but it is still missing the refer a friend page. It should be up soon. In the meantime, I would be glad to send your information to our billing department to add it manually. We just need:

Customer Name:
Customer Email:
Customer Res#:
Referral code:
Referrer Name:
Referrer Email:
Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Thank you for choosing Silvercar. Safe travels!

Richard Poinvil

Do they rent out any other car makes?

Krum Cup

Bummer that A5 not available yet from FLL. Would come out cheaper than a Mustang from Budget. P/U instructions end with “look for silver Audi.” Does that mean that using the app, you can just get in and go or are you driving concierge back to office first?

Also, do you know if it’s possible to switch payment to an alternate card upon return instead of the one saved in account? i.e. CSR in Account, but end up paying with Arrival plus or CapOne card.


What is the best option if I need a 8 seater from LAX?


Can I combine First time user, $50 off (FACEBOOK50) with VINFINITE, 30% off code?


What’s your name and email for the referral code please?
Thank you


used them in PHX was a amazing experience a 10/10 thanks Dan I hope you will get the 25$


Can I get $25 back on my first rental (gc) and use a coupon code?


Both AMEX and Chase cover the CDW insurance for a Audi A4, Q5, and A5 cabriolet, just select personal coverage when renting and write AMEX, Chase, etc.

They offer you silver car or personal and lastly cooperate coverage, if I have a csp will that help me with liability? Or only cdw?


Hi Dan just 1 day after completing my trip and I got by email 25$ thanks for the referral. I hope that you got it to


Do they have Silvercar in europe? Bergamo, italy specifically


sorry, see the locations now…


Any codes for a 1 day rental?


Shalom. Do you guys know if I can pickup a Silvercar from EWR and drop off at another Silvercar location (Brooklyn)?


Hi heres our problem – flight lands in vegas at 11pm, it seems silvercar closes at 10pm! any suggestions how i can get the car? (we thought of taking an uber to hotel and then going in morning to pick up, but we wont be able to get carseats for our 2 kids…)

Shai Rosenthal

In the forums it seems they are accommodating for after hours pickup. Reach out to them


I only have citi and Barclaycard. Can they cover the rental or only chase and amex


Why do you need to first click on your referral link and then enter it again before reserving (must follow both steps for credit)? Isn’t it enough to enter it in the referral section before the first reservation? (I got a credit through my friend’s first rental by having him put in the code before he reserved.


seems you need to enter the refferal here