Rent An Audi From Silvercar In April For $49/Day Or Less, Plus Get $25 Cash After Completing Your First Rental


Silvercar is a new-age car rental company.

The only car they rent is the all-wheel drive Audi A4. It comes with built-in GPS, satellite radio, bluetooth, leather seats, and even a free WiFi hotspot. Unlimited miles are included in every rental.

I rented a car from Avis in Miami earlier this year and got hit with a $17.20 bill for a two 70 cent tolls that I apparently passed on SR112.  That’s $1.40 for the tolls and $15.80 for an “eToll Convenience Fee.” Convenient for whom is the question?

Silvercar only passes on the toll itself, no convenience fees.

If you don’t refill the fuel you’ll only be charged a $5 flat rate fee on top of the actual local price of the gas needed to fill up the car. No need to jeopardize missing your flight just to avoid paying $10/gallon for fuel.

At airports where Silvercar is offsite you’ll get picked up and dropped off at the airport in an Audi as well.

Alas Silvercar is only for those 25 or older. Would have been nice if they dropped that to a more reasonable 21 while they are shaking things up anyway.

If you signup via my referral link here you and I will both get $25 after you complete your first rental.  The $25 will sent to you via Paypal after your rental.

-With this link you can rent a car in April for just $49/day. As long as the rental begins in April that rate will extend into May as well. Plus you’ll get $25 back after your first rental.

-With this link you can save $50 off your first rental that’s at least 2 days long.  This is valid for rentals anytime.  For example a 2 day rental in Los Angeles from April 26-28 would cost $75.89 with tax after the $50 off.  Plus you’ll get $25 back after the rental, dropping the effective cost to just $50.89 for 2 days.

Silvercar is currently located in:
Los Angeles/LAX
San Francisco/SFO

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no fair! If only they were in NY :'(


They keep expanding, I’m sure NYC is on the agenda.


do CC companies cover CDW for these luxury cars ?


AMEX and Chase both cover the A4.
Always call before renting a luxury car to confirm coverage though.


Why only from 25 ?
why not from 23 or 21?


Probably has to do with their insurer’s requirement.

Can’t think of any other reason why 25 is the magic age for renting a car.


I fulfilled the requirement of age worthiness, now please open a branch in NYC!


I need to rent a car in may, and was very disappointed that they dont service FLL. Do you know of any other companies that are having such a sweet deal? Can I somehow use Silvercar at FLL?


Would never think of even sitting in a German car even if it were free.


@sara-take a cab to Miami airport





@zomuno: make sure to get rid of all ur Bosch products while ur at it


@zomuno @Meyer

While you’re busy clearing out your German-made products, don’t forget to toss:

Medicine from “Bayer”, such as Aspirin, Rennie, etc.

Clothing from Addidas, Puma, Hugo Boss

Cosmetics from Nivea (Bayersdorf), Wella

Plus: products by Aldi, Miehle (Washing machines, ect.), Siemens, Grundig (electronics), Playmobil (Toys)

Like Pesach cleaning round 2. Good luck!


The credit they deposit for you in your pay pal account is a 1 time credit, not a daily credit. Am I right with that?.
And how much is a audi rental otherwise?

Thank you dan.


Can’t see how we could have German cars. Too emotional .


It’s 70 years later folks.

It’s good to learn from the past, but the people running these corporations have nothing to do with the holocaust.

Do you guys also not fly on Lufthansa?

Liam Knuj

@Barry: @Barry:
Thanks for the list! It doesn’t seem to difficult to avoid those products. There are plenty of comparable quality products from non-German companies out there.


What do i select if i plan on using the coverage on the CC (Ink Bold)
“Please indicate if you will be using corporate or personal coverage during your rental, or if you plan to purchase coverage from Silvercar.”


What is it with Jews and German products? What is wrong with old folks who run from it like from a fire?

We are not talking about individuals and groups of people assisting in many possible ways to Natzi’s and “Final Solution”(it is pashut.) It is not only about the people running these corporations nowadays. It is about symbols and what they represent. It is about a Jew making conscience choose!

Would you drive a car with swastika on it? It is 70 years later why not? Guess what?! The trucks they gassed us had emblems/symbols on it. The Reichstag building had a parking lot with many cars on it. Hitler yemach shemo also had a “nice” car (read Mercedes). Just like people notice what type of cars used by USA government, presidential motorcade etc today. More so people did back than(1940’s) when cars were a hidish. These logos were a statement “we are the best”, “we are chosen”. Nu did Most of corporate runners nowadays bothered to go on and change company symbols/logos? These logos still carries the same massages.

Let me ask you. When a Yid goes and buy food, does he eat it straight up? No. You look at it where did it come from what is in it and so on. So lechatchila it should be with EVERYTHING.

The story goes after Soviet Russia collapse some Russian Jews want to calibrate New Year with tree and whole thing. It was totally secular holiday for them (Sovits make sure to erase any religious attachment to it) and the tree was just a nice decoration. So I am sure some people will agree with logic, at the end it was more than 70 years ago.

So Raboisai, it is about sensitivity! Sensitivity we do not want to lose. Yid has to make choose and when we do let’s make sure it comes from the right beginnings. Let’s make sure it is not tryef. Remember Reboino Shel Olam watching us. Amos olam watching us. It is a responsibility to be a Yid.


I once asked my Grandfather,(a WW2 vet who liberated 2 concentration camps)if he would buy a german car.
He answered “yes, and would love to see the Nazi’s faces if they would see me driving around in their cars now!!”
Interesting perspective


In Miami its 59$ a day. Any way to get it cheaper?

Ron Burgundy

Well that escalated quickly!


I rented in MIA. Was beyond great. Really recommended. However they charged me $59 instead of $49 although I used the link above.


Read about this on Dans Deals, and was able to Book a car 1 hr before flight, as National was sold out . The experience was incredible. Pick up from airport, Seamless chech in, Free car seat, great clean car, GPS,EZ pass, only $5.00 fee to refuel at gas station prices. Base price of $49! Seamless check out. I am a new customer!