Daily Getaway For 5/9: Discounted Hertz Points


Update: Sold out!

With Daily Getaways you can purchase discounted travel packages, but you have to be really quick. At 1pm EDT every weekday from now through 5/10 there is a new offering. The best deals will sell out in seconds, so you need to be waiting on the page at 12:59pm and refreshing the page.

There are 3 Hertz packages that will be available to purchase at 1pm:

1. 5,500 points for $280 (5.09 cents per point)

2. 13,200 points for $560 (4.24 cents per point)

3. 16,500 points for $698 (4.23 cents per point)

Here is the Hertz award chart.

Be sure to have your Hertz Rewards number ready in order to purchase a package.

-A free week rental is 2,750 points, so package 1 would be enough for 2 weeks of rentals at a cost of $20 per day.

-Package 2 would be enough points for 4 free weeks (11K) and a 4 day rental over a weekend (2.2K).  That’s 32 rental days at a cost of $17.50 per day.

Package 2 is also enough for two 4 day weekend rentals of a prestige collection car. That’s 8 days of rentals at a cost of $70 per day.

-A free rental week of a prestige collection car is 8,250 points, so package 3 would be enough for 2 weeks of rentals at a cost of $49.85 per day.

Package 3 is also enough for 6 weeks of free rentals. That’s 42 rental days at a cost of $16.62 per day.

There are blackout dates for these awards, though you can use double points to rent during a blackout as well.

Hertz points don’t expire as long as you have earned or redeemed points on a rental every 24 months.

Will you try to buy?  Or are these packages too much effort for too little reward? For many locations you may be better off spending the time figuring out the lowest Priceline bid that they would accept for your rental…

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Great deal.

I managed to snag one of each of these last year.


Is it in US only?


Do you need past bookings to be eligible with a rewards account, or just sign up now?


is there an option to use more points for a minivan?


Work in NYC?


can it be used for a van


Do you mean that Priceline bidding may get you lower prices over these deals?


no luck

Got one

Thanks JJ!
16,500 should last a while


Got one 13,200


Does this extend my points expiration date?


any tricks here? I clicked on it 1:00:02 and no more left


“DAILEY GETAWAY” what number must one dial? you did not mention.

Hertz Gold knows nothing of this promotion


Can I use this in israel?

Got one

Can I use my cc to still get insurance with these rentals?


@Anonymous: good question


Heh. Hertz wanted in on the Dans Deals price wars action…


Works in Israel?


Dan, if I were to redeem Hertz points for rental, how can I protect myself in terms of insurance? Do you recommend using certain credit card or buying insurance from Hertz? Please note I don’t personally have a car.


Is this deal available?