Daily Getaway For 5/2: Avis Rental Certificates And Chairman’s Status


With Daily Getaways you can purchase discounted travel packages, but you have to be really quick.  At 1pm EDT every weekday from now through 5/4 there is a new offering. The best deals will sell out in seconds, so you need to be waiting on the page at 12:59pm and refreshing the page.

Avis has 2 packages for sale today:

1. One day premium car rental vouchers for $30.

2. Chairman’s status for $1,115

-The vouchers are a mixed bag. I’ve used them in the past on trips to Vancouver and Banff when paid rates were nearly $100 per day where the value has been excellent. However I’ve also run into blackout dates and Avis doesn’t publish their blackout dates. You need to call to make a reservation with the coupon to find out if your dates are blacked out. The vouchers are valid in the US and Canada for rentals through 5/31/17, however they are not valid in the NYC metro area. You won’t pay percentage based taxes, but you do pay daily rental car surcharges that vary at airport locations. You can reserve up to a premium (group G car). Using a voucher likely means that you forfeit your credit card CDW insurance, therefore I only hand in the voucher at the end of the rental assuming no damage was done. It’s a bit of a pain and requires that you allow extra time when returning a car. You can use up to 7 vouchers on a rental and you can buy up to 7 vouchers per order/credit card from Daily Getaways. In summary, buy these with your eyes wide open, you may get an incredible value or you may get burned.

-Chairman’s status is amazing. You can get cars delivered and picked up from your house for free and you get driven back to the terminal when returning cars to the airport. Oddly though they don’t typically drop off your car to the terminal. Upgrades from intermediate to luxury cars are free, though specialty cars are excluded from the upgrade pool. You pay market rate for gas. Is that worth $1,115 for just 12 months of service? Unless you rent cars extremely frequently you would be much better off just paying for upgrades or using Silvercar where available. The status expires 5/31/17.

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With the rental cert – do they charge underage?

I’m 24 years


I would check with your credit card car rental insurance department before assuming that you would not be covered. If you use the same credit card to purchase these certificates and to take out the rental and pay taxes / fees, it should be more like a prepaid rental which is usually covered than like a free day rental which is not rental. Try to get everything in writing or find it clearly documented in your policy. There are also banks that are making changes now to cover free day rentals as long as part of the charges are made to their card.


Would anyone know if Alaska in the summer would be part of their blackout period ?


It’s the same as any other rental. A fee applies unless you use a AWD corp rate that waives it.

Doesn’t really matter with my method anyway. And if there is an accident I wouldn’t want that be a loophole that makes it my responsibility.

Nope, sorry.


I had bad luck with weird blackout dates on the Avis certs a few years ago. Just not worth the trouble. Just use codes to get you to about the same price.


It does not work in the nyc metro area


Do u have to call to check blackout dates, or can u make a reservation and check online?


whats NYC metro area? NJ and CT included?


Good for one way rentals?


That’s what the post says.




Would this work to return to different location