Daily Getaway For 4/25: One Avis Deal Worth Considering And One You Should Definitely Avoid

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With Daily Getaways you can purchase discounted travel packages, but you have to be really quick. At 1pm EDT every weekday from now through 5/10 there is a new offering. The best deals will sell out in seconds, so you need to be waiting on the page at 12:59pm and refreshing the page.

Avis has 2 packages for sale today:

1. One day premium car rental vouchers for $30.

2. President’s Club status for $750

-The vouchers are a mixed bag. I’ve used them in the past on trips to Vancouver and Banff when paid rates were nearly $100 per day where the value has been excellent. However I’ve also run into lots of blackout dates which are made worse because Avis doesn’t publish their blackout dates. You need to call to make a reservation with the coupon to find out if your dates are blacked out for your desired location. Sometimes the blackout periods for a city can last longer than an entire month. The vouchers are valid in the US and Canada for rentals through 5/15/18, however they are not valid in the NYC metro area. One-way rentals are not allowed. You won’t pay percentage based taxes, but you do pay daily rental car surcharges that vary at airport locations. You can reserve up to a premium (group G car). Using a voucher likely means that you forfeit your credit card CDW insurance, therefore I only hand in the voucher at the end of the rental assuming no damage was done. That process can be a pain though and it requires that you allow extra time when returning a car. You can use up to 7 vouchers on a rental and you can buy up to 7 vouchers per order/credit card from Daily Getaways. In summary, buy these with your eyes wide open, you may get an incredible value or you may get burned if you can’t use them before they expire.

-Avis used to sell top-tier Chairman’s status with Daily Getaways. Chairman’s status is truly amazing, it’s one of the best elite statuses that exist anywhere. However this year they are selling 1 year of mid-tier President’s Club status for $750. President’s Club status officially gets you a double upgrade, though often times you won’t get much of an upgrade at all. They typically won’t upgrade President’s Club members to luxury cars, even if they reserve a premium car. This status used to come free with some of United’s premium credit cards. I don’t see how there’s any way this mid-tier status is worth anywhere near $750, it’s ridiculously overpriced for the very minimal (if any) benefits received.

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Do the vouchers work for one way rentals?


$750? where is the deal exactly? I got with my chase united club card a lifetime presidential circle status with hertz. it’s pretty much the same and I’m happy with both the card and the status.


Are minivans included in the voucher?


Here’s to wishful thinking that if Avis is now marketing the Presidents Club status for “just” $750, they intend to reinstate some of the benefits this status used to have.

Primary CDW with Coupon

I spoke with a Benefits Rep from the Chase Sapphire Reserve who deals with CDW card on 4/20/17 who advised me that I would receive the primary CDW protection when using my CSR card and paying for part of the rental with the Alamo $50 coupon (from the other Daily Getaway) used as part of the rental (i.e., not given after the rental as Dan’s suggested work around).

I asked her to confirm this with a supervisor and she came back after a few minutes and confirmed the coverage. She couldn’t send me something in writing specific to this question but she did give me her name noted my account with the advise that she provided and said that I can rely on this for the coverage.

Does anyone have any data points on this with Chase?


Would this work if I pick up the car in Orlando and drop it off in miami the same day?

Too much fine print

So you’re saying that the vouchers aren’t good for NYC rentals, plenty of unlisted blackout dates, potential rental surcharges, unsure if you’re covered for CDW insurance and process is pain to reserve.
I’ll pass on this one (and esp. the President’s Club deal!)


President’s Club status used to come with the Chase United Presidential Plus for free. More times than not I had to argue to get an upgrade over a Premium. There were plenty of times I got nothing. Now I have Avis Preferred Plus from the Barclays Arrival Plus card and I feel I get the same service with it.


MasterCard world elite car rental CDW terms and conditions specifically addresses using free days or coupons when renting.

You need to charge at least one full day on the card to be covered

Ed Travel

Got 5, I need to do some traveling in the summer that is not very well defined this should give me some flexibility. So that means I can book like a 7 day trip, use 5 certificates to pay 5 of those 7 days? or do they need to use one day at a time?


@Chana: No, only for same drop off point as pick up.


Will Avis do a status match with another companies top-tier membership?


Codes as travel for CSR