Daily Getaway For 04/15 At 1pm: Discounted Hertz Points For Sale

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With Daily Getaways you can purchase discounted travel packages, but you have to be really quick.  At 1pm EDT every weekday from now through April 22nd there is a new offering.

The best deals will sell out in seconds, so you need to be waiting on the page at 12:59pm and refreshing the page.  Be sure to have a Hertz number handy.

There are 3 Hertz packages that will be available to purchase at 1pm:

1. 5,500 points for $252 (4.58 cents per point)

2. 13,200 points for $428 (3.24 cents per point)

3. 16,500 points for $698 (4.23 cents per point)

Here is the Hertz award chart.

-A free week rental is 2,750 points, so package 1 would be enough for 2 weeks of rentals at a cost of $18 per day.

-Package 2 would be enough points for 4 free weeks (11K) and a 4 day rental over a weekend (2.2K).  That’s 32 rental days at a cost of $13.38 per day.

Package 2 is also enough for two 4 day weekend rentals of a prestige collection car. That’s 8 days of rentals at a cost of $53.50 per day.

-A free rental week of a prestige collection car is 8,250 points, so package 3 would be enough for 2 weeks of rentals at a cost of $49.85 per day.

Package 3 is also enough for 6 weeks of free rentals. That’s 42 rental days at a cost of $16.62 per day.

There are a few blackout dates for these awards, though you can use double points to rent during a blackout as well.

You’ll need to be waiting on the page wearing out your F5 key to be able to grab one of these as soon as the buy now button appears at 1pm.
And don’t forget to have your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number handy.

Package #2 will be the hardest to get as it has the lowest cost per point and it has the fewest available packages for sale.

Hertz points don’t expire as long as you have activity every 24 months.

Will you try to buy?  Or are these packages too much effort for too little reward?  For many locations you may be better off spending the time figuring out the lowest Priceline bid that they would accept for your rental…

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Do these points expire?


How does credit card rental insurance work out if you rent with points? (Can you put a card on file first and use the points at the end of the rental?)

hertz renter

dan its a good deal but NOT great bec even when you book with points you still pay taxes, fees, and security charges. many times at many locations (not always and not everywhere) you can get a week @ well under 200 which is what it would cost you with the points. so even though you are correct that with points you can get a premium you need to pay up front for a non guaranteed save of money.

the best way to utilize points is on 1 way rentals where without points (at least with usaa cdp#77694) you have to pay per mile. with points you get a free 1 way with unlimited miles


if u r using the points, is there any portion of the rental that you can put on a credit card to get insurance? bc if you want a fully covered car, this $13/day rental can really run up to $30.


Does anyone know if you have to pay taxes on top of points for rental?

montri al

will this work for a minivan rental in Israel?



Yes, you have to pay some taxes and fees. Can pay for the taxes with your credit card. I am advised from Amex at least, that you will be covered if you pay all of the rental company charges to your Amex card even when using points. they specifically gave me Hertz points as an example but you should double check.

@hertz renter

You have to pay the taxes and fees with a paid rental anyway. Also depends on what your renting. Also, it is potentially a good deal. Try pricing a convertible in a desirable location and it could be $250 a day but its the same point value whether the car is $250 or $100…goes by the class of car.


lloking to rent a week at las, seems all other comanies would be cheaper. why running after avis? (and pay more, and grab few packages, and deal w tax, insurance when not charged on cc etc etc)
I see more issues than potential benefits

National Renter

@hertz renter:
The best option for one way rentals is using “free days” with National. The “free days” are accumulated with the 1,2,free promotion. Or they can also be purchased on DDF for around $50

Hertz renter too

@hertz renter:

That’s not true. You do NOT pay tax on point rentals. It will show tax when you reserve but you won’t be charged tax. I’ve done it many times. You will pay fees though, like airport location fees etc. but tax not.


Not sure if these points can be used in Israel. @Dan do you know? I viewed the link to blackout dates and Israel is not on the list:

2014 AnyDay Reward Periods
Hertz Gold Plus Rewards redemptions can be used on the most busiest travel periods.
Click on the country you’d like to view:
United Kingdom
Belgium and Netherlands


Thanks. i got the 3’d offer!!


Got It!


Got all 3 packages!


all gone couldnt get one


Lol was on at 12 exactly. All sold instantly


yay i got it thanx dan




Got the 1st package. Now lets hope it was worth it 🙂


got the $428 packaage. Are there really only 35 available? Or was that a marketing ploy?





i was 10 seconds late on 1pm and it was sold out:( i guess theirs always a next time:)



Honestly, unless you have specific one-way rentals in mind, it probably WAS NOT worth it.

That’s what’s kind of a shame about this. This is really only a deal for those who need certain one-way rentals. But the folks who actually wind up with the deals will probably lose money on the transaction.

a European

Ready to buy any package please e mail me @


If you don’t want your package…


@iaphx why do you think nits not worth it. I bought the $428 package. That gives me 13200 points which can get me almost five 1 week premium rentals anywhere in the US. that comes out to $89 a week. They add on about $20 in fees. That’s to totals $110 a week for a premium rental. Isn’t that a very good deal?

Hertz Renter Plus

@David: Most Credit cards will write that they cover these “free rental” as long as the rest of the taxes etc. Are paid with the card, There are cards that require you to have earned the points with rentals done on there card. Btw rentals in canada done with points are only about 15$ Per week of taxes!

a European


here is the correct email



The $428 package was the best deal. It’s not a killer deal, though, for your purpose. First, a “premium” car is really just a regular full-size car. You’d likely get a better car from National’s Emerald Aisle (like an SUV or minivan if you need one). Second, you’ll need to find 5-rentals where you’ll actually NEED a week — and hope those days aren’t blacked out.

Honestly, unless you’re 100% sure you’re going to use those points, you would have done better keeping the cash in your pocket. To make this “prepayment” deal worthwhile, you’d want to save at least half. You probably won’t be able to do that.


@a European: what are you willing to pay for them?


@iahphx: I hearya. I guess time will tell at this point ;). Are these points transferable to another hertz account? Also am i able to book for another person from my account.



I do not believe that you can transfer them, and I don’t think (at least officially) that others can use your points.





did anyone get a confirmation email yet or anything of that sort to make sure all the information was processed correctly


@hertz renter: @National Renter: hey do u have the link to buy a one day rental w national?


got the 2nd package thanks!


Since one way rentals were mentioned I thought I would throw in my 2 cents from my recent experience.

Since I went to Florida for Pesach as a last moment decision, flying back was not an (affordable) option for a large family. I checked one way rentals picking up 1st day of Chol Hamoed and returning @JFK Tuesday after Pesach. Managed to get a 12 passenger van (Ford Transit 350 xlt) for under $130 including taxes, fees, and additional driver through CostcoTravel.com


thats a great rate!! btw still waiting for a response on my earlier question


Yeah whats the story i got the package it said congratulations and havent heard anything since and nothing was added to my account yet whats the official timeframe that it takes them to process the deal


One way rentals from miami to nyc now are $9 a day. I was tempted to take a $39 frontier flight to miami to shavuos, and drive back (and keep the car for an extra week at $9/day), but the dates didnt work out.


got it


I got #2 but never got the email yet how long does it take