Daily Getaway For 5/9: Discounted Alamo Vouchers

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Update: DEAD!

You can currently buy up to 3 $50 Alamo vouchers for $25 each.

Don’t forget to use a card like Chase Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, or Citi Premier to earn double or triple points as these deals post as a travel related charge! These deals will also qualify for the $300 annual Sapphire Reserve travel credit!

The vouchers never expire and you can combine up to 3 vouchers on one rental.

I haven’t bought these in the past, but others report that you can use them with corporate contract IDs like Costco (7014627) or Alamo Insiders. 

You can also hand in the vouchers when you return your car so that the coupons won’t affect any credit card insurance on your car rental.

Using a voucher also lowers the base rental rate, which in turn lowers the percentage taxes owed on a rental, so you’ll wind up saving even more.

These are valid for use in the USA.

Have you bought Alamo vouchers in the past? Share your experience in the comments!

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Dan, do you have any experience with their upcoming deal for Avis? Is it worth it? Procs vs cons? https://dailygetaways.ustravel.org/Home/Offer/B0529

Dan\'s the Man

When do they expire?


Can I use one voucher for 2 days. Let’s say I have a $25 daily rate, so can I use 1 voucher for the 2 day rate of $50


Can you use each voucher more than once? For example, pay for a $25 rental this week and use the voucher again for $25 rental the next week?


How many of these can be redeemed at once?

Mieyin in the Sugya

How is one supposed to know if they should use one rental company over the other
especially while including the variables of price difference due to rental location, time and date


Definitely go with the most expensive rental. You get what you pay for. So if you spend 33% more on a rental, well then, they must be giving you the same car only 33% bigger.


Can I use that Vouchers to rent a car in Israel ?

Allen Mayer

i was just informed by Alamo these coupons expired 5/14, they were in effect for one week. i received the coupons via email on Saturday May 11, looks like I was taken for a ride. I will try to contact DailyGetaways. Anyone else experience issues?


Dan. Can you suggest something for resolution to the Alamo coupons expiring three days after I received them? Mentioned above is the statement…………”The vouchers never expire and you can combine up to 3 vouchers on one rental”. Thanks. Allen


Just filed a chargeback with my credit card as I discovered mine also expired at the end of May