Daily Getaway For 4/23: Discounted Alamo Vouchers

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Update: Sold out!

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Today you can buy up to 3 $50 Alamo vouchers for $25 each.

The vouchers never expire and you can combine vouchers on one rental.

I haven’t bought these in the past, but others report that you can use them with corporate contract IDs like Costco (7014627) or Alamo Insiders. 

You can also hand in the vouchers when you return your car so that the coupons won’t affect any credit card insurance on your car rental.

Using a voucher also lowers the base rental rate, which in turn lowers the percentage taxes owed on a rental, so you’ll wind up saving even more.

These are valid for use in the USA.

Have you bought Alamo vouchers in the past? Share your experience in the comments!

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Does the whole voucher need to be used on one rental or will you retain the balance?


Found the answer:
Any unused portion of the certificate will be forfeited, and no residual credit or refunds will be issued if the certificate is not fully used.


Anyone report being able to just give in vouchers at end of rental when using MULTIPLE vouchers? Terms State that when using more than one you must call to make reservation..


Does it really hurt to call?


do you have to book the rental through Alamo or can it be with another site like priceline?

Mendel Zirkind



@dan is this per rental or per day, example 3 days for 50 base price will be 75 instead of 150, or 125?

Carl M. Sherer

Can non-US residents use these?


When using more than one (1) certificate, reservations must be made by calling 1.866.626.9102.

So you can’t book with a discount site and use more than 1 voucher?


Dan, would these work when renting @ Alamo in Israel?


Not one sold…


Oh they were sold alright


I hope your comment about being able to book with Costco is correct but it states the following, which would make me a little reserved until clarified:

“Certificate not valid with any other discount, offer, or promotional rate, except you may combine up to three (3) separate certificates per single rental”


I’ve booked Costco rates in the past and it’s worked fine


“Using a voucher also lowers the base rental rate, which in turn lowers the percentage taxes owed on a rental, so you’ll wind up saving even more.” dan do you mind explaining this sentence im struggling to understand it. thank you


If you book a car for $60 with tax at 10%, you will pay $6 in tax
If you use a $50 dollar voucher, you only pay tax on $60-$50 = $10 base rate so you only pay $1 in tax.

Moishe Ahron

Does anyone know good ways to cheap monthly rentals even with insurance covered by CC, PC code and AAA its coming out to be way too much w LIS daily
w hertz


Just made the booking. Firstly they would not combine the Costco, they said it’s either the certificates or the Costco. If they add the Costco it would knock off the certificates. Secondly, the certificates came off the FINAL price at the end, after all taxes and fees, not off the base rental, as it stated