Canada Will Drop Pre-Arrival COVID Test Requirement, Will The US Or Israel Follow?

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CBC News reports that Canada plans to drop their requirements to provide a negative COVID test before flying to Canada, by the end of the month.

That comes after many countries are removing their COVID entry requirements. However it still appears that Canada will require foreign adults to be vaccinated in order to enter the country.

The US requires that everyone provide a negative COVID antigen or PCR test from within 1 day of a flight to the US. Foreigner adults must also be vaccinated.

When Israel reopened, they actually got stricter and now require a PCR test for entry, with an antigen test no longer a valid option.

Do you think the US or Israel will drop their COVID test requirements?

When will the US drop COVID test requirements?

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When will Israel drop COVID test requirements?

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41 Comments On "Canada Will Drop Pre-Arrival COVID Test Requirement, Will The US Or Israel Follow?"

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Does that include driving?

Dan\'s the man

Just flying in. How about crossing via land borders?


I hope they drop it asap!!! And masks mandates


I would’ve thought vaccine mandates would end first, after all you can get and spread omicron with or without the vaccine – but I guess the vaccine religion continues on


Yes, but if you get covid and are unvaccinated you are more likely to need medical care (albeit not terribly likely). The primary reason for Canada’s harsh measures was a severe lack of ICU beds and staff relative to other countries.

We allegedly have universal healthcare and Covid did a good job exposing the many holes in the system.


The primary reason for Canada’s vaccination requirement is stupidity and a desire to stick it to those who don’t do what the govt says you should do.






That is the lie of “universal” healthcare People conflate universal coverage with universal care. When you cover everyone care must be severely rationed. Scarcity is a basic economic concept. You cannot create more of something that doesn’t exist just by declaring it “a right” or saying everyone has universal coverage.

If a government declared tomorrow that everyone has a right to beach front property that wouldn’t magically create more beach front property. It would still be a finite resource and therefore despite it being “a right” would not be universally available to everyone.


Good example!


Not anytime soon with the AB1 Omicron variant infections rising. Remember kids, the pandemic isn’t over just because you’re tired of it.


Canada allows vaccinations from a year ago! They don’t recognize antibodies or the very least, recent positive PCR test! – this is not about protecting – Unfortunately, like many politicians they got so caught up in the vaccine fight – they lost any basic common sense. The truckers only made their fight worse – they have completely lost their minds. For them to end the vaccine requirements it’s going to take lots of convincing – the problem is there is no powerful people in Canada that are pushing to put an end to this vaccine madness. Canadians in general are mostly sheep and got vacinated. The few rich people that refused to vaccinate just bought themselves a card – which leaves us foreign spouses locked out

LSD :-)

I would be ecstatic if Israel drops it B4 pesach.


What about unvaccinated children accompanied by vaccinated adults entering Canada? Will they need to test?


Would love to know as well. A/o can chime in?


So strange for Canada to take the lead over the US on actually reducing requirements.

For us Canadians the US testing rules are more of a hassle as there are no free testing options in Canada but plenty in the US. Meaning getting tested to get back into Canada is cheaper than getting tested in Canada to go to the US.

Israel is a real pain for Canadians as PCR is minimum $100.

Dan\'s the Man

If you live near the US go there and get a free PCR test?


I am much more concerned about the test when we land in israel and the required quarantine. According the the Misrad habriut, you can’t go to your hotel; you need to stay in an airbnb/vrbo type place which are not cost effective for one night.

We are going in July and want to book a hotel before they fill up but are not sure what the requirements will be then.

Anyone have an idea about how Makpid they are?

Dan\'s the Man

They aren’t enforcing that. Also July is so far away. Rules can be totally gone well before July.


or put back in place , much stricter.


not sure thats really the case, known plenty of people who went who did not have to do this.

Dan\'s the man

Nah. We will follow the science and the (political) science has changed!

Phil ddf

I just went to Israel. Airport pcr Covid test result comes back very quickly. Everyone goes to their hotel and nobody quarantines. No enforcement by hotel or any government authorities. .


I have tickets in June for a long-delayed trip from the USA to Israel. Under the current rules, do I have to get a Covid test before departure? And then I’d get tested when I land in Israel? And then nothing else except a US-mandated test to return to the US? Is that return test easy/cheap to get in Israel, or should I plan on bringing an online proctored testing kit with me?


June is so far away. Things will change 1000x between now and then. Look at the rules a week before your flight and figure it out then. Don’t even bother to think about it now, no point.


Hopefully they’ll only change the rules once or twice by June. I figure the testing rules won’t get worse in the meantime. I’m trying to consider the “worst case scenario” to make sure I’m willing to go through the rigmarole to take this trip.


but wait not so fast, the WHO is not ready to drop the covid fear just yet!


Israel though allows unvaccinated, Canada still not. No?

Falling asleep

No. Unfortunately, we in the US are stuck with the unelected dictator Fauci and Biden. As long as those 2 are in power, masks and Covid tests will forever be the law.

Kivrei Avos

Does Germany require a vaccine to enter?


There’s this thing – was invented about a decade or 2 ago…..called google


Israel stopped it for Israelis going to tlv


that’s not correct. and they probably won’t since they are making lots of money off this requirement of theirs.