Marriott Reveals Another Data Breach

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Back in 2018 Marriott announced a massive data breach. They were very careful to lay the blame on Starwood, though they had already fully merged with them at that point. They even revived the SPG website for guests to get more info on the breach.

Today Marriott announced another data breach, but they can no longer point the finger at SPG. They believe it involves the information of up to 5.2 million guests, including their contact and loyalty info, personal details, partner loyalty information, and more. They don’t believe that any passwords, IDs, or payment methods were stolen.

You can submit a request to find out if your information was breached here.

Marriott is offering a free year of IdentityWorks monitoring service to those affected by the breach.

If your information was breached, you will be prompted to change your Bonvoy password and enable multi-factor authentication for your account.

You should also change the passwords on your partner loyalty accounts.

These breaches seem to happen all too often. That isn’t likely to change if there are no major repercussions for the companies that lose their customer’s data.

Was your information Bonvoyed?

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Anyone know if Marriott is extending hotel certificates given Coronavirus?




Why dont they use the marriot domain!?
Its crazy that there is no sense of security!


Because OneTrust is the top privacy and security portal out there?


But why dont they have a direct marriot link?


How can we hold them more responsible

Dans Dealer



Can’t even get the captcha to work on my phone SMH.

They had their own issues, but I miss SPG so much.


Wow, that was some process to check if my account was affected. If Marriott’s security protocols were half as tough to crack as their process to tell me “no, you’re account wasn’t affected”, there’s no way this would happen again! By the way, took me awhile to get past the first page – make sure to choose the box under “Select Request Type”.


Wait, Shouldn’t THEY tell us whether our information was compromised? Why should we have to go through hoops to find out? This company is ridiculous.


Seems that you’re on a little bit of a smear campaign against Marriott over the past couple of years. I understand that you have had many issues with them, but it’s starting to come off as a little biased. There was good news from Marriott today (Elite Night Credits up to 30 from CC if you have a personal & Business) but you don’t post that as quickly as all the negative news from them. Love your work, but this is something I’ve noticed.


The reality is that many companies never disclose their breaches. And most breaches go undisclosed until something happens that forces their hand. It took Yahoo 3 years to disclose their horrible practices. Repercussions are almost non-existent. There should be a private cause of action with mandatory penalties available to all victims. How does one vote with their wallet against an Equifax-type breach that exposes millions’ of peoples’ personal data without their even having directly contracted with the company? It’s disgusting and extremely dangerous.


They say no indication that my info was breached. Any reason to still be nervous?