Open A Citibank Free Checking Account And 4.75% E-Savings Account With No Balance Requirements And Get $50!

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While Citibank sometimes has offers to earn 10,000 miles when opening an account, those offers often require 12 months worth of direct deposits or other jumping through hoops to get the reward.
With this offer none of that is required, and the checking account doesnt require any actions or minimum balance to stay free.

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My favorite part? Apply with an address from a county without a citibank and when you take out money from another bank’s ATM they’ll not only waive their own ATM access fee, but they’ll reimburse you for the other bank’s ATM charge!
Citibank also now has free next-day transfers to other banks…

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8 Comments On "Open A Citibank Free Checking Account And 4.75% E-Savings Account With No Balance Requirements And Get $50!"

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they once offered me like 10 or 15,000 miles for opening…

that’s much better!!


Hey Ctown,
I was thinking of getting a Credit Card for building my credit and for being able to purchase things on my own
What do you think about the American Express “blue card” (for students)
and whats up with “bank of America”


There’s no better card to start with and use than the american express starwood.
All they want to see on the app is that you have enough income…


I dont need a special cars for a student cause this is the first card I will have


sorry what i meant to say was that this is the first card that I will have so do I need a card “davka” for a student (to build my credit) or the starwood is good for everything?
how can I research it?
thank you,
Anonymous BenPloni

I visit your site everyday, but I can’t enjoy the deals that you post because I dont have the freedom of a credit card.


There’s no need or point to start with a student card.


How long does it take for the $50 bonus to be credited to a newly opened account?


Dan, can I finagle a card by transfering a largish sum of money to the account (say 5k) to get a larger
credit limit, or is this impossible?
I pay all my bills but actual credit history is only a few months old.