United’s Beta Site Is Now Open To The Public; Provide Feedback To Get Vital Award Search Features Restored

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In February I shared screenshots from United’s beta site that is scheduled to replace the current United.com this summer.

The beta site is now open to the public, it can be reached at beta.united.com

As usual, this is United playing catch-up with Delta:







I noted that the beta site made it very hard to view the aircraft type, that has been fixed.

I still have 2 big pet peeves that haven’t been addressed.

1. The current United.com allows you to change the award calendar to show dates with nonstop saver award space.  The new site’s award calendar has no such functionality, you can’t make it show nonstop dates only.

That’s a massive downgrade and hindrance to finding saver award space.  I always break down my award searches to identify nonstop flights with award space.  There may be saver award space from NYC to Los Angeles on May 18 and from Los Angeles to Sydney on May 22nd.  United.com won’t show saver space for that itinerary, but after finding both of those nonstop awards you can use the multi-destination award search to piece together an award with a 4 night stopover in LA before flying down under.  Without the ability to quickly view nonstop award space on the calendar view this technique becomed far more time-intensive.

2. The current United.com’s award search is far clearer in showing when saver award space is available. The new site just shows Economy (lowest) making it hard to understand if the award is saver or standard. Mixed into that “lowest” column is saver and standard awards.




The cynic in me says that is exactly their intention. I won’t be surprised to see United copy Delta’s lead in deleting their award charts so that you never know if you’re really getting a saver award.  I saved Delta’s deleted charts and I’ll do the same for United. Though that won’t help when they decide to change pricing without having to announce it as there is no award chart to change…

I’d strongly recommend that you leave feedback for the new site (located on the right-hand side of the beta site under site feedback) to let them know that you want those features back on the new United.com site.

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Captain Obvious

Keep up the work Dan, we appreciate all you do.

Sam Finkelstein

“As usual, this is United playing catch-up with Delta.”

I left Delta years ago because of their slowly diminishing service and smaller and smaller seats. Lately, I’ve been having that feeling on United. As much as I’d love to switch carriers, I have the United Club card, which is great at the airport.

If jetBlue would become a legacy carrier, chances are that I’d switch to them. Their seats feel like the biggest in the industry, and the service really is top-notch. However, they don’t offer enough perks with their credit card, and I don’t fly nearly enough to be a Mosaic.

Realistically, the only way United really can get back from Worst to First is by directly competing with American Airlines, whose only disadvantage is the uncompetitive pricing on transcontinental flights.


It is ridiculous that the calendar won’t refresh to what you want to see. Exactly like Dan said, it is impossible to see the direct flights alone for award searching! WORST UPDATE EVER !!!!


I have went into the site and can confirm everything dan has posted. As someone who has been loyal to united for the past 7 years I am very saddened by this
Oh well, looks like a race to the bottom in terms of award programs 🙁


@Sam Finkelstein:
JetBlue is never going to become a network carrier.

Be sure to leave feedback on the issues on the beta site feedback form.


Feedback sent. Looks like issue 1 is already noted in their system.
“The award availability calendar sometimes doesn’t reflect the availability shown in the award flight search results”


That has nothing to do with the nonstop option.


Whan an ugly web-site.


since i logged in to new new site they not alowing me to get back to the old site

any advice


I was a beta tester for this site and I found it awful to navigate compared to the old site. I gave my opinions to deaf ears it seems.


I noticed you can now use expert mode when searching for an award ticket as oppose to the old site only when looking for a paid ticket.


@Dan: thanks


I guess it’s back to United.bomb


Looks like they allow reservations even when you have insufficient miles, no need for a workaround.


It just occurred to me: perhaps the reason United has been copying Delta at every step because there may be a secret plan for the two airlines to merge in the near future. It would make combining the two systems less difficult, no? Not a crazy thought, is it?

@Dan, I’ve submitted the feedback on the two issues.