[Now Open!] United Will Open Its Largest United Club Next Week In Newark

United C123 Club Newark. Photo courtesy of VTrain, via FT
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Update: The C123 Club has opened today and will be open daily from 5am-10pm. Talk about going from worst to first, it looks like this is easily the best United Club worldwide, with everything from a foosball table to barista made espresso drinks to shower suites! Post a comment if you visit the new Club with your thoughts.

United C123 Club Newark. Photo courtesy of Matthew Klint/Live And Let’s Fly
United C123 Club Newark. Photo courtesy of Matthew Klint/Live And Let’s Fly
United C123 Club Newark. Photo courtesy of Matthew Klint/Live And Let’s Fly
United C123 Club Newark. Photo courtesy of Matthew Klint/Live And Let’s Fly
Photo courtesy of Matthew Klint/Live And Let’s Fly

Originally posted on 5/13:

The United Club situation in Newark’s Terminal C has been subpar since the main club was closed to create a Polaris business class lounge.

The United Club near gate C74 is far too small for a hub airport like Newark and it’s a good hike to the C120-138 gates.

But on May 19th, United will open a new lounge near gate C123 and it promises to usher in a new era for United Clubs. It will be nearly 30,000 square-feet, its largest Club worldwide.

United C123 Club Newark. Photo courtesy of VTrain, via FT

The club will have a new modern design, enhanced amenities and culinary offerings, and locally-sourced art and furniture pieces.

Going forward, United will be making all draft beer free at all clubs, including micro/local beer.

It will seat a whopping 500 people and feature 6 spa-like shower suites. Continental used to have showers in their lounges, but United removed those from their clubs worldwide. This about-face is a huge change in strategy for United as it positions itself to be a premium carrier. United will also be building showers in other new and renovated lounges.

United C123 Club Newark. Photo courtesy of EWR764, via FT
United C123 Club Newark. Photo courtesy of EWR764, via FT

The lounge will also feature a barista-staffed coffee shop and offer views of the Manhattan skyline and even a foosball table.

The Club’s hours will be 5am-10pm daily.

United will also close its lounge near gate C74 on 5/19 for some much needed renovations. It will reopen next year with a similar design to the C123 club, but with 17,000 square feet of space.

The new Terminal A club will open in late 2022/early 2023 but with 12,500 square feet of space and an outdoor terrace. United will try to focus Terminal A flights to those with mostly origin and destination traffic without many connecting passengers.

You can have lounge access for you and your entire family or 2 guests on Star Alliance flights if you have a Chase United Club Infinite Card. New cardholders get 100,000 miles after spending $5,000 in 3 months and earn 4 miles per dollar on United flights, 25% off premium drinks in Clubs and flights, 25% off in-flight WiFi, 2 free checked bags per person, Premier access checkin, security, boarding, and baggage handling even in basic economy, 10% off domestic saver awards, upgrades for elites and a companion on award tickets, expanded award space, IHG Platinum status, $75 IHG credit, 3 years free Shipt membership, and more.

Chase United Explorer cardholders also get 2 annual Club passes.

Are you excited for the new United Club in Newark?

HT: EWR764 and VTrain, via FT

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Dan can you elaborate on this :
upgrades for elites and a companion on award tickets

The card helps elite more? Aren’t they otherwise entitled to upgrades also?



will there be kosher food??

David Rosenberg

I was at the opening ceremony last week and spoke to a few people within United leadership about Kosher food. They are currently working on it and hope to have t soon.


was at the Polaris club last week and told no plans for kosher food


Was at the Club this morning but unfortunately no kosher food here, at least at this point.


was at the Polaris club last week and was told no plans for kosher food


Reading well? United as it positions itself to be a premium carrier. Long way to go united… keep on dreaming Dan – you always pump United…


Yes!!!! Just in time for my TATL flight at the end of May

Love hacks

Is that card the only way to get access to the lounge? What other ways can one access the lounge?

Let’s go

Any news if kosher food will be available?


I was at Polaris club last week and told no plans for kosher food, all they had was potato chips, not even pretzels as they had in regular club


If there isn’t good kosher food , it’s a Bracha livatala

gotta get some good kosh



Bad decision to close c74. Even in its current state I’d rather go there for a stop then trek to 123 when my flights usually leave from c74-99. Obviously above isn’t a long term solution but aren’t they moving to terminal 1 in 24 months anyway?


Does the Polaris club have showers or will this have a unique amentity? Also, hopefully with the huge Fresko presence at EWR, they’ll be able to supply food!


Spoke with Fresko, nothing has been ordered for any of the clubs.

Busy Traveler

If I travel international business class I know I am able to join the Polaris Lounge,
can I also join the United Club?


You can visit Polaris Lounge only if you are traveling to a specific international destination in business class. I believe Europe, Asia and some destinations in South America – we were traveling to Mexico and were not allowed to get in.


Dan, how does the United Club Infinite Card compare to the old United Club Card? I currently have a Club card, is it worthwhile while switching? Thanks


Real question is until what time they will be open. The current club is only open until 9:45pm and I was once denied entry at 9:35pm. Frustrating for those on the 11+pm flight to TLV. I have been pretty consistent leaving feedback with United on this. Really hope this one will have later hours.




Will I be able to use my One Time Use lounge pass?

One time pass

Could they enter?
United gold members can enter? Or only *alliance


can i access the lounge when i arrive on a polaris business class flight from international?


@Dan – I’ve got a feeling that this lounge will become part of priority pass.
Currently Priority Pass has not a single lounge in the entire EWR which is insane.
They pulled out of the old United lounge last month…. I think that the logical conclusion is that they did that anticipating using this new lounge instead.
What do you think?


United Club Mileage plus card doesn’t get access?


Dan, if I have this card but I’m flying on a different airline, can I still utilize the lounge?(using up old voucher).


If someone is flying business can they access united club instead of Polaris or only if they have membership?


Speaking of *A gold, I’m *A Gold with SQ – is there a way to have that appear on my boarding pass if I’m using my MP number as well?


Would like to know this as well?


Me too. It doesn’t need to appear on your boarding pass. You go to the United Lounge, show them your Singapore *Gold membership card on your phone, and tell them you want to continue to credit to United and just use Singapore for access. It may take them a few minutes to figure it out, but they always do. Done this several times at Newark and LAX, as well as at San Antonio. Also worked to get my wife and I into the *Alliance Lounge at LAX (quite a trek coming from United gates, but I wanted to see it). So far, I’m batting 100%.


Do they offer lounge to Biz for premium transcon flights to LAX/SFO?


I don’t understand the obsession with the lounges. I travel a fair amount. I generally don’t want to be that early that I have to sit around in a lounge. It is great when landing to have an option of freshening up.

United in Newark has never had any kosher food so why do we think they’re going to change. You can get a soda or a beer.

The only time I need a lounge is when flights are canceled and that’s when the lounges are closed.


United has kosher snacks in Newark. For example their brownies and chocolate chip cookies are kosher. But you should ask to see the hashgacha


Are they packaged or loose? If loose, many times heated up for freshness in an oven that had non kosher!


This will a lounge available to everyone who has access and not a polaris lounge?


do i need to show them my club infinite to enter lounge? chase shut me down but united still has my card link giving me benefits etc


Me too, chase shut me down but for years still getting my club pass.


I booked a United flight with spouse’s United account and just now got the infinite card for myself. Will I be able to access the lounge and get the two free checked bags on that United flight or does it need to be booked with the infinite card?


It needs to be booked with your Infinite card


“It needs to be booked with your Infinite card” For the 2 free bags. Your card should give you Club membership though


would the united one time passes work?


If I cancelled my United Explorer card, but still have two one-time club passes which are still within the valid dates, will I have access?


If the passes are still showing up in your Mileage Plus account they should still work


No. They get cancelled when you close the card.


Do United Quest credit card holders get access?


Having a priority pass card, will get you access to this lounge?


My husband and I were in the lounge today. It’s very beautiful. Lots of seating and a great coffee machine bar. Some fresh fruit and some kosher cereals. Would be nice to have more kosher choices but a nice experience none the less…..


I flew out of Newark today. Flight was delayed over an hour, so I had some “quality” time in the new lounge. It is absolutely beautiful.


I am flying United business class to London next week. Do any lounges have Kosher food in Newark?


Would I be able to book a domestic award business ticket with United, have access to the lounge and then cancel the ticket for a full redeposit without any fees?