United Will Deliver Business Class Passenger’s Bags From London Heathrow To Marriott Hotels

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United announced an innovative program today to deliver business class passenger’s bags from London Heathrow to your room in select Marriott hotels, free of charge.

After you claim your luggage and go through customs you’ll be able to drop your carry-on and/or checked bags off at a designated desk (open daily from 6am-12pm) and have them delivered to the following hotels:

The program will be expanded to more cities and hotels.

I’m not sure how I feel about giving an airline another chance to lose my bags, but there’s no doubt that this is a convenient service. Without being burdened by bags you can skip the hotel checkin and get right down to business, or touring the city.

It would be even better if they can find a way to check bags directly to a hotel without needing to wait for them at the baggage carousel, though I’d assume that would be tricky to arrange with customs.

Would you take advantage of this service? Will it influence which hotel you stay in?

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So the headline was awesome, but the fact that you need to interact with the bag is a waste of a program. It will take way longer.

Unless you have 3 cases per person.


Available with award tickets?


Hmmm sounds interesting, however I recently had a couple incidents w/ delayed luggage w/United, so would luv to hear f/those who tk advantage of this first…


Delayed baggage is only a bonus when
1. It’s not the kosher food you were relying to eat.
2. You landed in a destination has has real shopping so you can actually buy stuff.

The rest of the time it’s a big pain

El Capitan

Well it’s London so kosher isn’t such an issue


Without knowing the economics behind it, I can’t imagine this program would drive anything more than a negligible revenue premium to either UA or Marriott to make it worth it.

This probably doesn’t impact more than a few dozen people daily, and of that, only a subset of them would genuinely derive benefit out of this program.

What probably would’ve been far more useful is being able to check in your baggage at a Marriott on departure, kind of a new take on the Kowloon check in kiosks. Or to try this on domestic arrivals at a hub, where customs isn’t an issue, the bag can go straight from plane to hotel, and you have far more economies of scale. Then we’re talking game changers in the travel experience.


Sounds a little silly that the service is only available in the morning. I would appreciate it more if it was in the evening or night and I was heading to bed.
Also, if any of these are airport hotels, chances are the hotel’s shuttle would offer similar service with less risk. (And no separation anxiety)


airportr.com has been doing this for years. and they take your bags to the airport


Probably 95% buissness passengers dont take luggage at all so its just for publicity purposes. I doubt they worked out too many details


Absolutely stupid. Sure it saves you from having to go with bags to hotels. But I’d be more impressed if they took you and bags to hotel.

As others mentioned, if your bags went straight to hotel without you picking up etc would be cool.


Dan can you elaborate on that? Which credit card would be good in that situation, and do you have to have used it to book the flight?


I’m waiting for someone to take me and my luggage from Heathrow to Gatwick.


Airportr has been doing this for years in London. And they even pick up your bags too!


Ye Dan can you make a right up on good cards for baggage insurance? (Go Cleveland!)


I Switzerland you were able to have it delivered to any train station for years. You can check in bags at JFK and pick them up at St Moritz station.