United Teases Several New Routes: Newark To Maui Looks Strong, But What Else Is United Hiding?

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United put out this video, teasing new routes that will be announced tomorrow at 11AM ET. They say there are more than 30 clues hidden in it:


It’s obvious from the video that there will be routes that require a passport, but what else can be gleaned?

At 10 seconds in, we see a jet stream analysis for Southern South America and Africa. I think we’ll see new routes to both!


A llama…for a new flight to Peru?


At 12 seconds is clearly Newark:


Country code 55 may refer to Brazil. Perhaps a new route to Rio?


787-8, 787-9 and 767-300 make cameos:


A phone scrolls down to Bangkok, a city that isn’t served from anywhere in the US:


Chicago may also get some love:


Here is my most confident guess. United will launch nonstop service from Newark to Maui. We’ve got the map, the lei, and the number 4903.

4,903 just happens to be the exact distance between Newark and Maui!

That’s a truly fantastic route addition, and will allow people from NYC to fly right into the beautiful island of Maui without having to connect in Honolulu.


A 767-300ER route from San Francisco?


Here we have Newark with a Pineapple and “234.” Nigeria’s country code is 234 and they are a major exporter of pineapples, perhaps a flight from Newark to Lagos in addition to Newark to pineapple growing Maui?


Vienna, VA is featured in the center of this map of Washington Dulles. Maybe we’ll see United fly from DC to Austria?


And look what we have here in the bottom left, a South African passport stamp! Also on this screen are cherry blossoms, often associated with Washington DC. Perhaps a flight from DC to Johannesburg? It would take advantage of South African Airways’ deep financial woes.


San Francisco to Bangkok? Washington DC to Johannesburg? Newark to Lagos? Newark to Maui? Washington DC or Chicago to Vienna? Chicago to Lima? Chicago or Newark to Rio? San Francisco to Sao Paulo? I can guess about new routes all day long, but let’s hear your guesses below!

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The sheer creativity of this is amazing!




Possibly just the sheer creativity of Dan


Like your Yedios. 🙂


Me too. Your yedios, havanah and lomdos are gevaldig!


Seems like the marketing department at United is much better at their job than operations or customer service.


A guy without pants. Omg, New Route to LGA!

Alex V

Never before has an American airline flown to Vienna, Austria. They make it very hard and direct flights are therefore very expensive.
I wonder. That would be great news.


I think the ogg runway is currently too short for a fully loaded 767-300er


Would like to see non stop ORD-LIH or ORD-KOA/ITO


I don’t think any of these airports supports widebody


I doubt the marketing team came down to the route planning team (working from home without pants) to film this video, but who knows…




It’s about time that ORD got some love!


We’re already 20 minutes past the reveal time… what, Dan, no updates? 🙂