United Pares Back Their Tel Aviv Flight Schedule Again

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Last month I reported that United was temporarily suspending flights between Chicago and Washington DC-Tel Aviv.

United has extended the suspension of those routes through at least March 3rd.

In January, United has been operating 10 weekly flights between Newark and Tel Aviv, with the earlier flight 84/85 only operating 3 days a week.

In February, that will be reduced to just 1 daily flight with flight 84/85 suspended through at least March 3rd. If you were booked on those flights you can be moved to flight 90/91 or you can request a full refund.

United will continue operating flight 90 from Newark to Tel Aviv at 8:25pm instead of 10:45pm through at least March 26th.

United will also reduce flights between San Francisco and Tel Aviv from daily to 3 per week through March 3rd.

In short, United will operate 10 weekly flights to Tel Aviv instead of their planned 27 weekly flights. With Israel’s borders remaining closed to foreign nationals through at least February 1st and likely to be extended, and with new ticket purchase restrictions on citizens, that’s not much of a surprise.

Israel isn’t the only place where United is making cuts, they are also continuing flights suspensions between Newark-Honolulu, Washington DC-Honolulu, Newark-Portland/PDX, Boston-San Francisco, Boston-Los Angeles, Cleveland-San Francisco, Cleveland-Los Angeles, LaGuardia-West Palm Beach, LaGuardia-Fort Myers, LaGuardia-Tampa, and more through at least March 3rd.

United is the only airline in the world that has maintained daily service to Tel Aviv during this pandemic. They even changed their post-Yom Kippur flight time when a DansDeals reader requested them to do so.

Were you booked on any of these cancelled flights?

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I have enjoyed all of my United flights and their ease of changing flights twice when I extended my stay in Israel this past summer.


Washington DC-Tel Aviv will likely be a permeant termination. That route was underperforming even before Covid, with little reason to duplicate connecting flights away from EWR. IAD doesn’t have the robust market as others in United’s system.


I am booked on flight 85 in April that I would love to cancel but I would like a Electronic Travel Certificate so unfortunately I need to wait till they cancel my flight 🙁


what will happen if i book flight now with united miles for a flight on 1/13/21 from tlv, and will cancel it? will i be reimbursed the miles if i have to cancel it? what if i would cancel withing 24 hours of booking?


Unrelated to TLV, but consistent with the United theme; I wonder if EWR- OGG (Maui) will find itself in the ‘wrong time, wrong place’. The challenge with Maui is the short length of the runway will prevent larger aircraft from flying the route, will require aircraft to lighten the load with less fuel, which will result in having to battle potential diversions when EWR has notorious arrival weather delays/holds.


United will continue operating flight 90 from Newark to Tel Aviv at 8:25pm instead of 10:45pm through at least March 26th.
1 – Can someone please explain to me what United gains by flying at 8:25pm instead of 10:45pm?
2 – Also, why does the 8:25pm flight show a flight time of 10h 10m, while the 10:45pm flight shows a flight time of 10h 35m?

Jason Penn

1. The new time is closer to the middle of regular times for 84 and 90. A compromise.
2. Later at night, the atmospheric density is thinner and allows for lower fuel burn rates and flights are quicker.


Thank you.


Lots of people don’t like that very late flight

Personally I think a 7/8 departure is the best time