United Is Now Accepting Mixed TravelBank And Electronic Travel Certificate Redemptions On One Ticket

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I don’t buy very many tickets, nearly everything I book is with miles.

But thanks to dirt cheap fares and the return of United TravelBank funding I have found myself booking some paid tickets. Sort of…thanks to AMEX airline fee credits.

If you cancel a ticket booked with United TravelBank funds you can request that you get a refund in the form of an electronic travel certificate valid for 2 years.

In the past I wasn’t able to combine TravelBank funds with an electronic travel certificate when redeeming for a ticket.

I’m not sure when that changed, but I was surprised when United.com allowed me to first apply $20 of expiring TravelBank funds and then apply $5.10 of an electronic travel certificate for the same ticket.

United.com looked like it was confused after I applied both of them, with all of it appearing to come from my TravelBank balance, but funds also saying applied from my electronic travel certificates:


However it successfully redeemed the correct amount that I entered from both balances!

Of course if I didn’t have status, but had a United credit card, I’d want to put a token amount on the card to take advantage of the credit card benefits. But with United status there’s no need to do that.

If you still have AMEX airline fee credit for 2020, go and buy some TravelBank funds before the promotion ends tonight!

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I was trying to book a flight today but couldn’t figure out how to pay with travel bank Cash. What am I missing?


Not available on the app, only on desktop


They’re still offering ETC?


I might be wrong here but I think if you use travel bank funds or etc your free Cc bag is valid, only when you pay with different Cc that they don’t give you the free bag


What’s the difference between Travel Bank and ETC?


I bought a ticket using travelbank funds and ETC, and today I got an email from United that there is a problem with my upcoming reservation and it has not been ticketed! I called them, and they said that you cannot combine travelbank and ETC, and the gave me a choice which one I wanted to use, and had to pay the rest in order to ticket the ticket


I tried to combine ETC and TravelBankbfinds today and it wouldn’t let me. I read in the terms and conditions of the travelbank funding that United may allow it “from time to time.” Seems ridiculous to me to not allow it, United credit should be United credit.

One idea I had: what if you booked a random flight with TravelBank, cancelled it and asked for an ETC, then combine that ETC with your other ETCs to book the desired flight. Think that might work?


I just tried applying tb and then etc option was blocked


Is there any way to get etc instantly?
Can i book with tb then cancel for future flight credit and combine that with etc?