No, United Isn’t Cancelling All Of Their Flights To And From Israel Through March 20th, Despite News To The Contrary

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Update, 3/9: United is reinstating and planning to operate afternoon flight UA84 from Newark to Tel Aviv on March 16 and 17. They are also reinstating and planning to operate morning flight UA85 from Tel Aviv to Newark on March 16, 17, and 18. 

Yesterday, United cancelled a number of flights to/from Tel Aviv, including UA90 from Newark to Tel Aviv yesterday and today, UA91 from Tel Aviv to Newark today and tomorrow, and UA84/85 (United’s morning/afternoon service between Newark and Tel Aviv) through March 20th.

Many readers and travel agents reached out to me saying that United is cancelling all of their flights to/from Tel Aviv until March 20th.

A Reuters reporter posted the same news on the DansDeals Facebook page based on what they were told by a United Israel spokeperson.

Others linked to this Israeli media story which bizarrely just says that “United Airlines announced Monday that it was cancelling all flights to Israel,” without specifying what in the world that means.

Another cited Israel national radio as saying all United flights to and from Tel Aviv are cancelled through March 20th.

I reached out to United Media Relations and they responded with the following,

We continue to comply with Israel’s requirements restricting passenger service to Tel Aviv through March 20, 2021. In accordance with the most recent advisory issued by Israel, United will operate passenger and cargo services between Newark and Tel Aviv with our flights UA#90 and UA#91 effective March 9 (eastbound) and March 10 (westbound). United stands ready to operate all of its intended schedule once the Government of Israel allows us to do so.”

They did not comment on why several UA90/UA91 flights were cancelled for yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but it’s worth noting that Delta also cancelled their flight from JFK to Tel Aviv yesterday and from Tel Aviv to JFK today. That likely has to do with Israel’s throttling of flights to limit the number of daily arriving passengers to just 1,000.

The confusion may have come from UA91 from Tel Aviv to Newark being sold out through March 20th or from the cancellation of UA84/85 through March 20th.

But there you have it, if you’re booked on UA90 starting on March 9 or UA91 starting on March 10 you should be good to go. Assuming that Israel doesn’t change the rules again.

Delta tells me that besides for today’s cancellation, they still plan to operate 1 daily flight between JFK and Tel Aviv through the end of April. They hope to increase to 2 daily flights in May.

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Dan, Thank you you the clarification!!!
And for always having our back 🙂

Ben Cohen

which flight did delta cancel?

Jack Leberger

Kind of odd I guess…
I spoke to a United agent on the phone and they told me that there are “no flights” until the 20th. They were also not able to find any flights until the 20th on Lufthansa either.

Moshe Deutsch

Ok but the ua 85 is canceled thru the 20th???


People on flights throughout next week have been getting notifications form United saying their flights have been cancelled.

S Lam

I spoke to united about changing dates for my tickets from tlv-ewr and they told me the next open seat they have is April 1st


UA85 mar 18 not canx and has economy seats avail.


Scrambling, everyone here is just scrambeling


Dan ,
My daughter is on a flight next Monday on Luftansa / UA 9121Via Frankfurt UA 961
Would you leave this flights versus trying to get a UA non stop TLV EWR
they canceled her flight today . I don’t know how the Israeli government gets away with letting EL AL add fights this week but forcing UA and Delta to cancel theirs causing tremendous monetary losses and grief to many passengers trying to get home for pessach


The United flight on Tuesday night from TLV-EWR is cancelled as per an email we received from United.
Another option if United is cancelled is to ask United to put you on Ethiopian to Newark. The flight time is considerably longer but eventually you’ll get there. Ethiopian I believe allows
2 suitcases and is a member of Star Alliance of which United Airlines is a member. They fly american made plans ( Boing 787) and it seems to be a great backup option.


No flights to the 1st leg destination

Worried mother

I was just told that elal has not flown the tlv-ewr route in awhile and will most likely cancel all those flights despite being sold yesterday…any thoughts?


A relative was scheduled on the Sunday morning flight from TLV-EWR which they cancelled about a week before departure. The TLV-JFK flight at around the same time showed only business class seats available if you were to try to book it via When we finally reached El Al via WhatsApp, they moved her to the JFK flight. Once that was done, we could see that there were quite a few empty seats (that later filled) on the flight. It seams they hold the seats on the JFK flight for the people booked on the cancelled EWR flight. Reaching ElAl via WhatsApp is challenging because you never know when they’ll actually answer you. Our first attempt was answered at 1:30AM NY time and they only wait 30 mins or so for you to respond.


My daughter’s UA85 flight Tlv-Ewr on 3/16 was canceled via email, but when messaging united thru fb, i was told flight is NOT canceled.

Should I cancel the ticket (daughter is not coming home) or rely on their cancelation email?


I had the exact same conversation for my son’s UA 85 flight on 3/18 (after I received an email that it was cancelled). The agent said the flight was still going and even let me pick out seat assignments for my son. For now I’m keeping the ticket since there are no other flights available anyway!

Ahava and Yehudah

Thank you so much for writing this article. It is very helpful!! 😀


My daughter is scheduled to fly tlv->ny on 3/16 ua91. She is an Israeli citizen and has to be back in Israel on 3/31. I didn’t book her return ticket yet. What do you think are the chances (1) that her outbound flight will actually take off (2) that I’ll be able to book a ticket for her to return to Israel on time.


Joining same question regarding the 31th


quoting @dan

Sylvia D

Just got an email that United is cancelling all flights to and from Israel, due to a dispute with the Israeli Government. It was also posted on Arutz Sheva.


Hi, looking for some advice. We have 3 tickets to fly to the US on United tomorrow night from Israel. We want to cancel because things are just too unpredictable right now. What’s the best way to cancel (possibly get extra reimbursement since flights are so booked up)? Thanks


Dan this post was so helpful for us bucherem learning in The Mir getting mixed messages all around,

I my self spoke with several agents from united yesterday, [trying to get a hold on a seat in flight 91 tomorrow night [to replace my cancelled flight 85 today] which ended up successful B”H],

Every single agent i spoke with had different information, One of them told me all flights till the 20’th are full, another one told me they are all canceled, An other one told me they are all about to be cancelled, Another one told me such flights don’t exist, Another agent told me these flights fly only cargo, And so on…

Really appreciate the clarification!!!
And if possible if there is any change please update the post!

Thank you!!!!!

Voice of Reason

Turkish also cancelled flight tlv-Istanbul TK785 on 3/10


My flight, UA 85, to Newark on March 10th was cancelled!!


the night flight 91 is still on schedule but shows as full as everybody wants to leave Israel before the government jails people for applying for an exit visa.

Ari G

Thanks so much Dan ! you really cleared this up, as i am on flight 91 tomorrow night that is still on, hope it will go, iyh.

Worried mother

I just heard that United going to be reinstating some of the flights that were canceled. Can you confirm this?


Any info if flights NY to Tel Aviv after pesach will go on as scheduled?



my sons Monday flight was cxld back to usa .

purchased through chase . flew with Austrian to Vienna and then on to Tel aviv

united said I need to talk to austrian air

i asked for travel voucher – they only offered refund for 100 something dollars for return leg.

does this make sense


What are the Chances that LY TLV-MIA 21 MAR flight will operate?

O davis

We attempted to fly 3/9 EWR to TLV. We arrived early in day from ATL. The ‘exception’ committee letter did not arrive. We had all the other requirements satisfied. The United personnel at EWR were professional and sympathetic, but denied our entry onto the airplane. They have provide great assistance for the return trip to ATL. The UA people said that if we were permitted on board, we would be surely rejected upon arrival at TLV, and that UA would be fined substantial $ by Israeli government ….. as well as being required to send us back at no charge on a ‘futile trip.’

See jpost online article by Zev Stub.


Thanks for the jpost article. Shed light on the inconsistent flight situation. Israel should continue to be called out for such dysfunction.

proud american

whats with united website
i cant get info for my flight on the 17th through the site

Test T Cal

wondering about TLV SFO flying again…what kind of demand or lack thereof justify United flying the route? It is being sold currently and looking at a post Passover flight TLV SFO onwards ..thoughts welcome thanks