[Update: New Hawaii Flights Now Bookable!] New United Routes: Hawaii, South Africa, India, Nigeria, And More!

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Update: United is now selling seats on their new Hawaiian routes for travel starting on 6/3/21. The new Hawaii flights operate on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

  • Award availability is coach is wide open for 22.5K United miles each way. You can transfer Chase or Marriott points to United.
  • You can theoretically book these routes for just 7.5K Turkish miles each way, but it’s very difficult to get an agent that can book United’s long-haul Hawaii flights with Turkish miles and you can’t redeem for them online. You can transfer Citi or Marriott points to Turkish.
  • You can also use 17.5K Singapore miles each way, and those are bookable online. You can transfer AMEX, Capital One, Chase, Citi, or Marriott points to Singapore.

Originally posted on 9/9:

As speculated yesterday, United has announced the following new routes:

  • Newark to Maui was my most confident guess and sure enough, United will launch the route with 4 weekly 767-300ER flights starting in summer 2021. It will be the longest route that any airline has to Maui. This comes in addition to daily Newark-Honolulu service. That also means that the United 767 fleet won’t be retired.
  • Another awesome Hawaii route launch is Chicago-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island with 4 weekly flights starting in summer 2021. Best of all, that route will be served by a 787-8, which should feature all Polaris seating! United already serves Chicago to Honolulu and Maui.
  • South Africa seemed like a sure bet, and it will be Newark-Johannesburg that gets the new service with daily 787-9 flights starting in spring 2021.
  • Nigeria was also a giveaway, and indeed, Washington DC-Lagos, Nigeria will see 3 weekly 787-8 flights starting in spring 2021.
  • Washington DC-Accra, Ghana will also see 3 weekly 787-8 flights starting in spring 2021.
  • United will launch daily 787-9 service between Chicago-Delhi starting this winter!
  • United will launch daily 787-9 service between San Francisco-Bangalore starting spring 2021, this may set a record for the longest United flight time.

Sadly, there’s no new Bangkok, Vienna, or South America service, but these are still some great new routes and I loved how United teased them out!

Several months ago I asked if United would pull off nonstops to both Cape Town and Johannesburg, which would be a huge win over Delta. Delta can no longer fly from Johannesburg to Atlanta nonstop due to their imminent 777 fleet retirement and their lack of 787s, so they are switching to an inconvenient triangle route from Atlanta to Johannesburg to Cape Town to Atlanta.

Sure enough, United will do just that with nonstop service from Newark to South Africa’s largest 2 cities. They will leapfrog from having no South Africa presence just 1 year ago, to having the biggest US carrier South Africa presence in 2021, which is pretty incredible!

Which of these new routes will you fly?

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Newark to Maui


+1 hope they put the polaris 767 on the route. referencing my comment yesterday i see on Wikipedia that runway extension is supposed to be completed by 2021 so that is allowing UA to launch these 2 routes.



Let’s go!

For EWR OGG do you think will be same times as EWR HNL? what days would they fly or skip?


Do we know the flight times for the Hawaii flights yet?


Whats the kosher food situation in Jberg? Perhaps a nice yeshiva break trip.


South Africa!!!


how does the 737 compare against 757 (and 777) in economy ? these are the planes united currently flies from ORD-KOA.


Aren’t they also launching the ORD-TLV this week?


“Best of all, that route will be served by a 787-8, which should feature all Polaris seating!”

Do you mean the 1-2-1 config as opposed to 2-2-2 ?
Will the 787-9 have all Polaris seating?


Hmm, I may have to reconsider UA cards.



Best to get a Citi Card and hope for award space to use Turkish miles for.


Hats off to you Dan & JJ. without you visiting any of these places with wife and kids would be just a dream. MANY MANY MANY THANKS!!! Eternally grateful!


+1000000. Been taking multiple trips per year with my whole family which would never happen without Dan.


How long will the flight between Newark and Maui ?


Which other airline miles can I use to fly to JNB or CPT with United from EWR without fuel surcharges?


My wife’s from Capetown. Beautiful place….


SFO-BLR surely will be wight restricted. Any idea what % of seats they’ll always need to fly empty?


They might as well be announcing Cleveland to Bali, since none of these routes will actually be flown until Covid is under control and that’s not going to happen for another year or two.


This inspired me to find out why Maui’s airport code is OGG. Turns out it was inspired by an early Maui commercial pilot whose last name was Hogg. If your friends already know how ORD was named, you can try OGG on them.