Complimentary United Premier Executive Status?

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Quite a few people have emailed me a link for a free 90 trial for mid-tier “1P” status on United.

I’m sure it’s targetted and therefore probably won’t work, but hey it only takes a second to register so why not!

Complimentary United Premier Executive Status Registration Linky

The T’s and C’s say that you must register by 06/30 and to allow 2 weeks for your online status to be updated.  You will not receive a 1P card, but you will receive all 1P benefits such as free Economy plus seating, free international lounge access, bonus flight miles, and free checked luggage for you and your companions.

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Dan, Thanks for the post. You wroye “Free 90 day trial”. does that mean we have to cancel befre 90 days are up, if yes how do we cancel??

Keep us updated!!!


I see you receive my emails. lol



Airline elite status is not a credit card with an annual fee. Its also not something that you can (or want to) cancel. You lose it!


what can you match this with


can you use it instantly or does it only start working after 2 weeks?


How do i know i have it do i get a card in the mail or something else like that?


hey dan
whats the sitch with this
is it going to work?


has this worked for anybody. Also, although they dont send you a card, will you see the updated status in your member profile at


This is a targeted promotion and it has expired. There may be a new one for this quarter. The only way it works is if you’ve received the e-mail inviting you to upgrade for free.