Extended For Today: WOW! Fly Southwest By November 15th And Bring Along A Companion For Free For 2 Months!

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Update, 9/25: This offer has been extended until today. You must register for this promo and purchase a flight today to take advantage of this incredible offer!

Originally posted on 9/22:

Southwest is offering an unprecedented promotion for a promotional companion pass.

I’ve been somewhat surprised by the lack of US airline promotions to stimulate travel this year. Southwest is ramping up the games in a big way!

You can earn a promotional Southwest companion pass if you:

  • Register your Southwest Rapid Rewards number via the link above.
  • Purchase a one-way or round-trip paid flight after registration and no later than September 24th.
  • Enter your Southwest Rapid Rewards number at the time of booking.
  • Fly by 11/15.
  • Don’t make any changes after booking your new flight.

If you have an existing booking, you can cancel it and then use the travel funds to make a new booking!

With a companion pass you can bring along a friend for free on both paid and award tickets to anywhere Southwest flies. That includes Hawaii and international destinations! You can transfer points from Chase to Southwest and double their value when you bring a friend for free!

You can search for inexpensive flights using the Southwest Low Fare Calendar. If you need to cancel you can always do so for free and retain a credit for future travel.

  • A Promotional Companion Pass earned through this offer is valid from January 6 to February 28, 2021.
  • A Promotional Companion Pass allows you to designate one person to fly with you, free of airline charges (does not include taxes and fees from $5.60 one-way), on all flights purchased and flown from January 6 to February 28, 2021.
  • Once you are qualified for a Promotional Companion Pass you will receive an email from Southwest that includes information on next steps and how to designate and utilize the Promotional Companion Pass. Southwest intends to send this email to all qualifying Members within 10 days after the Promotional travel period ends on November 15, 2020.
  • You can designate a Companion after the Promotional Companion Pass has been awarded to your account on January 6, 2021.You may change your designated Companion up to three times during the Promotional Companion Pass period. If you achieve Companion Pass in 2021 by earning 125,000 Companion Pass qualifying points or flying 100 qualifying flights, any changes to the designated Companion during the time you have the Promotional Companion Pass will reduce the number of changes you can make to your designated Companion in the 2021 calendar year. For example, if you earned a Promotional Companion Pass through this offer, changed your designated Companion twice during the validity period for Promotional Companion Pass, and then later in 2021 earned a Companion Pass, you would only be able to change your designated Companion one more time in 2021.

You can book travel for the companion pass holder at any time and then add a free companion at any time, as long as a seat is available for sale.

Will you try to get a companion pass with this offer?

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Can you purchase the one way with points?


Can you do this if you already have a companion pass?
Can you get an additional companion


Does the companion pass work all the time or just till November 15th


Can you book the flight and not fly? I would do it just to get the companion pass.

Anti masker

If airlines really want people to fly, they should probably stop forcing kids to wear masks and stop forcing adults to wear masks

How many families are scared that they will be thrown off a flight?

I’m sure there are plenty of people who aren’t interested in flying bc they have to wear a mask from when they walk onto the airport till they leave, that can add up to many hours


are you kidding me? I dont think 95% of ppl would go near an airplane if adults werent wearing masks


Will it work on a flight taken this past week?


Read the post?


Yes. Twice.


•Purchase a one-way or round-trip paid flight after registration and no later than September 24th


I have an existing flight booked for 2 weeks. Confirmed the price was still only $45, cancelled, registered for the promotion, went to rebook the flight and the cost tripled. All within 5 min. COME ON!


Why didn’t you wait to cancel your original booking until *after* the *New* booking was finalized?


She probably wanted to use her flight credit and not pay new cash


I honestly just did not know you could rebook a flight you already have a ticket for before cancelling.

Texas Totty

Oy. Keep checking on price. Also, I’ve had experience where phone agents had different prices than what you see online. Both higher or lower. So calling might help.


can I use this companion pass for a flight to israel with elal airlines? can we get Mr. Rosenberg to match this southwest offer? also will there be a free upgrade to business class?


sounds like if i buy 3 paid one way tickets for succos (chi-nyc), i can get 3 separate companion passes. correct?


But you would need to quarantine coming form Chicago


Yes. Only it would be specific to each of the people flying, they would have to fly themselves for the companion to come.
Works great for large families.


plan on booking 3 of my kids for ord-lga for succos, all registered for promo. then once they fly, we should get 3 companion passes. correct?


Would need to be MDW. And once they get to NY they will make you fill out a quarantine form.


incorrect. have flown into nyc area over a dozen times in recent months and only once was requested to fill out form which declined to do.


And you also flew from ORD on Southwest.


you should have first booked new one then cancelled old one


hindsight :(((((((


do you need to be a rewards member to get this promotion? in the instructions, it says to put in the rewards number….


Open and account, it’s free!


if I have the companion pass already through earning points is there any point in doing this?


3 x $50 OW tickets on Sukkot, to get 3 x CP tickets to Hawaii for Yeshiva week. Yes, please 🙂


where did you find tickets to hawaii? it said by me: not available


need to piece together 2 x ow


Only from west coast can be booked online so either piece together your own (fly into sfo and leave from oak/sjc) or call


can this be done for kids as well to get more then 1 per family?


Probably 1 per itinerary but I could be wrong


If I use a southwest luv voucher for majority of the ticket, is it considered paid ticket?




Yes, if you have credit from a previously canceled flight, it will count as a revenue flight.



Since they left ewr, where should I go?

Are they flying lga to south florida?

Texas Totty



Will try to take advantage of this promo even with limited options now out of NYC area. But if LUV them goes and hikes all prices at the time CP is valid I will be very mad… don’t disappoint us here LUV


Are you kidding me? Who in their right mind is flying these days?


anybody with antibodies!


Can i book a flight now for after January 6th and add companion after January 6th? Or can i only add a companion to a flight booked after January 6th for flight after January 6th?

Joe Flyer

Since they are offering middle seats empty, they should really offer buy one, get two free. So the 3 passengers can get the entire row.


If airlines want to get back to business, they should stop requiring masks. Most young people only wear masks because they’re afraid what other mostly older people will say but hate it. Everyone I know who isn’t flying is more for this reason than fear of covid. Go ask around people under 40 and you’ll see that it’s true. Besides the insanity of requiring children to wear them.


People don’t wear masks because they like to wear masks. People of all ages wear masks because they don’t want to inadvertently kill other people, because they don’t want to contribute to a new outbreak, because they want life to safely get back to normal as soon as possible, and they’re willing to put up with a bit of minor discomfort.

It’s called personal responsibility. Ever heard of it?


So I’m sure those same people don’t drive for fear of accidentally hitting an older person or causing an accident with an older driver with slower reflexes. Oh wait, if the speed limit on highways were lowered to 40mph, alot less people will die too. So here’s common sense: Living a convenient life in a free country definitely costs lives. Whoever wants to be part of it is free to do their own risk assessment. If you’re an older driver, you don’t expect everyone to drive slow to keep you safe. You either don’t drive or take the risk. Covid is the exact same thing.


If you are going to choose to drive, I certainly expect you to abide by communal norms and to obey the law – driving within the speed limit, stopping for red lights and stop signs, yielding to pedestrians, etc. – in order to protect others. Likewise, if you are going to choose to fly, I expect you to abide by communal norms and to comply with the requirements that you agreed to when you purchased your ticket to wear a mask.

Not everybody is as risk-tolerant as you are. Not everybody wants to see another terrible outbreak like the one we had in New York in March and April. Most Americans are concerned about infection; only 12% are not concerned at all. (Source: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/coronavirus-polls/ ) Wearing a mask is super-simple and keeps others safe, and I can’t imagine why you’re arguing against it.

To answer my own question: no, apparently you haven’t heard of personal responsibility. Figures.


I’m not saying anyone should break the rules in place. I’m questioning the rules themselves. For many people masks are extremely uncomfortable and the risks of covid when you factor in age are extremely low for younger folks.


attack the messenger… those who are very old or sick should stay home – let us all get back to our lives. e.g. exercising w/ masks on is crazy (and dangerous)!


Absolutely correct! It’s amazing how the media influenced so many people. Just to cite some data from where I live, Ontario, Canada has 15 million people and there is an average of 1 death a day from covid. There is an average of 5 deaths a day from car accidents. Yet the same people who go crazy on people not wearing masks still take the higher risk of driving!! True, there was April that devastated New York, but it isn’t April and the death count is extremely low. I mean seriously if you won’t take even a one in 15 million chance, then basically you’re going to live out your years on watch breathing your carbon dioxide in your mask. Waiting for a vaccine? Plenty of people won’t take it and if you don’t believe in antibodies, then a vaccine isn’t a solution at all…. So I’m trying to understand things logically but nothing seems to add up.


I’m signing up for southwest rapid rewards now. Any way to get a ‘enrollment promo code’?


I already have flights book for October. (Booked a few months ago) Will this count towards the companion pass?


So I’ll get one case of Covid if I fly. And I can share that with my companion?


Companion can sit at the other end of the plane. Problem solved!


Dan, if I book two one-way flights, because I’m not sure which date I will fly, and let’s say I decide to take the latter flight and cancel (or get credit for, if possible) the earlier flight, will the second flight – which I didn’t modify – qualify as the paid ticket to allow me to get the companion pass?


Dan, wouldn’t it be smart for the airlines to have a mask only section and a no mask required section of the plane? That way anyone covid conscious will feel safe and everyone else can just get a normal flying experience! Is it not practical?


can u earn the pass if you are below 18?


to shavuatov’s question: searched their website. if my 12 yr old flies to see his grandparents, will that earn him a pass ?

bargain hunter

any reccomendation of cheap round trip to book just to get the promotion from lga over chol hamoed


Thanx, booked.


LGA to MDW is $45 on chol hamoed.
If doing a turnaround and not exiting in Chicago then no requirement to quarantine, correct?


Did anyone get an email yet from southwest after qualifying for the promo? I would like to book tickets with the companion pass


nm, got the email a few min ago