Where Are You Mileage Running On JetBlue?

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Should You Buy Or Transfer Starpoints To Join The Most Lucrative JetBlue Promotion Of All Time?

-It’s Time To Mileage Run! Earn Up To 75K Bonus JetBlue Points After Just 1 Round-Trip If You Have Or If You Transfer Points To Virgin America!

It’s no longer possible to transfer Starpoints to join JetBlue’s epic promotion as the deadline to send in your screenshot is tonight.

The promotion is reminiscent of days of yore when the mileage game was still obscure and highly lucrative. I racked tens of millions of miles from promotions like eBay anything points, Wendy’s cups, Google Checkoutdollar coins, Amazon Payments, REDcard, and more. When $125 could earn you 13.5K United miles, plus 6K Hyatt points, plus a night in any Hyatt in the world, and it could be done an unlimited number of times. When BMI awarded unlimited miles for opening accounts that transferred to BA. Or when I earned 8 round-trip tickets to anywhere American flew in the world during their 2004 attack on JetBlue. When I brought my family to Aruba for free thanks to JetBlue’s coupon bonanza. Or when we flew to Vegas for free with a free suite in the Bellagio and free Cirque tickets. Or the free Wynn and Encore suites. Never mind the hundreds and hundreds of credit cards…I could write a book about this stuff, but no doubt it’s gotten leaner in recent years.

Mileage running used to be a sport to earn lots of miles from flying. I earned over 100K AA miles for flying intra-Texas in 2006. It’s a dying sport since the airlines have stopped awarding miles based on flight distance and it’s mostly used to chase elite status.

But mileage running is alive and well for this promotion, it’s simply too good of a deal to pass up. I enrolled myself, my wife, and our 2 kids and booked us a day trip in and out of Boston for $125 each. That will net us more than 300,000 JetBlue points, a pretty sweet deal! I also matched my status to Mosaic and will apply for a JetBlue Plus card so that I’ll get back 10% of the miles used when I redeem points from the promotion.

There’s no ticketing deadline for this promotion and more sales will pop up, you just need to complete travel by 8/31.

But if you already booked tickets, post a comment about where you’re going and what you plan on doing with the bonus points!

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Boston for Red Sox-Tigers, then back to NYC


FLL for the day
You gonna add a poll?


Boston. $114. Will be in and out same day. I should’ve waited until I got the confirmation to book the ticket. I’d feel much safer if I had as it doesn’t say explicitly on anything I can hold them to that they have to count it.


Hilton Head!

High end hobo

There’s a JetBlue DO thread already on DDF.
Dan what do you plan on doing with 300k B6 points? You can’t burn them on partner premium cabin redemptions.
From CLE they only fly direct to BOS and FLL.
I’m looking to a mint class trip report;)


are there any other ways to get to mosiac?i have like 60k in aa miles how are you getting 300000 points?


Still didn’t hear back from JB. Should I worry

Ed Travel

Need to return from Australia, I was going to arrive to Sacramento via LAX…but now I will buy my ticket Australia to LAX then take public transport go to LGB then Jetblue to Sacramento and I need to fly back to Australia so it will be Jetblue Sacramento to LGB take public transport then LAX to Australia…


Three of us — DW, DS, and myself — will fly BOS-EWR-JFK-BOS, with an overnight near JFK (suggestions for where? Looks like CP not available for points…maybe Sheraton?). JerBlue airfare is about $118RT. Bought with DW’s mosaic status, so we still might change plans if better deal pops up!


I’m spending $2200 for 1.05M B6. More expensive than I spend on credit cards, and certainly more annoying, but it’s nostalgic.

I’m going to have to get it all family pooled.

I also matched to mosaic, to make my trips more flexible if I decide to change flights or dates, or have to cancel. The dirt cheap even more space upgrades were a nice touch, too.

That’s a good idea about the JetBlue card for the 10% back. What are the yearly limits?


Booked for wife and 2 kids as well. Booking for $200+- for CLE-MIA.
Did not even need to transfer any SPG points 🙂


With the credit card Do you get 10% back of your points only or also all of the family pooling


Boston for the whole family


Wow. A lot of people flying into Boston. We should have some sign so we recognize each other as being fellow DDFers.


In general, you know them when you see them! But why not schedule a DO via DDF?!


Will it count for my wife if I book the roundtrip for her on my account?

Greg Z

LGB to Vegas for a weekend away from the kiddo with the wife.


Cape Cod, staying over night. Midsummer break!



The kippah is the sign.


LGB>SFO $79 each ticket, 45 minute stopover 🙂


From Ny going to red Sox tigers 7/25. My wife and I and another couple. Should be fun. Food doesn’t look great though, any suggestions???
Tysm Dan for everything, as I said, you saved and made me so much money. You da best, God should bless you!


I put miles in for my 3 year old daughter to elevate but then when I tried opening a jet blue account to get her a number it said she was too young! Can anybody help me let me know how to open her account?

If I can still get her a jtblue number it would salvage those points! All pointers are appreciated



Open your JB account and on the left side of the landing page there’s an option to create a child account. The child account will need its own unique email.


Yoni, open an account for anyone. At the end of the day you book yourself travel with that account


You need to make a Child account through your regular account.


Flying pdx-anc as its a red-eye that gets me back home before the kid wakes up. But 25 minute turn in Anc is worrying me.


SEA->LGB->SEA for $135. Prices were fluctuating all weekend but yesterday they went down and I booked 2 tickets. Mid-week but hopefully it will be slightly less busy at Six Flags Magic Mountain! ))

mia flyer

Im really trying to use jet blue to rack up the miles and money for mosaic , but they are making it very difficult with no flights to texas or midwest from FLL !! its either Ny/Boston or west like Lax .


SFO->LGB->SFO for $84. Day trip to SoCal!


SEA-LGB for $135 as well.

Dan's the Man

Dan, my wife booked a trip last week on JetBlue but didn’t get approval email from JetBlue for points match until today. Can you confirm she’s ok?

Joe S

Boston July 27 Red Sox-Tigers game plus a few extra hours since I havent been there in 20+ years.


Fll to Memphis $80 round trip. Same day.


@mia flyer:
They fly to practically everywhere from FLL.

@Dan’s the Man:
From what I’ve been told, it’s fine.
See the screenshot in the previous post.

Too Late

Is it too late to transfer points into a Virgin American account?


@Too Late:
Too late, you sloozed!


There’s no limit on the 10% point rebates for having the JetBlue Plus card.


@Dan: BDL to DCA for $66 round trip on JetBlue. By the way Love how JetBlue has come in and bust up the market now United (flying to IAD) and American (flying to DCA) have significantly lowered their prices since JetBlue started flights on this route.


I was able to book Ewr-Bos for a business trip. But for my wife, I don’t know. If her Sunday flight arrives in Bos at 9:00, does that give her enough to time to take a 10:00 return flight?




Ewr to Bos in August for $102 Round-Trip.


JFK-HYA-JFK 39 min stopover.
Returning with same plane.
$128.00 rtp.
Thanks Dan.


In the matrix website, what can I put in the advanced routing line to make it only give me Jetblue flights?


But it’s easier to use Google flights though. Just search one-way and limit it to JetBlue. Can even search the whole country via the fare map.


My daughter and I will be taking a quick weekend trip up to NY from Jacksonville to see the family. $198.00 for the ticket. I don’t remember the last time I paid cash for a plane ticket but the Jet Blue points will be worth it.

Mitch Cumstein

DCA-BDL-DCA. $66.10 round trip. Going with my wife, we have about 20 hours on the ground in CT to explore.


Hi Dan,

If my baby doesn’t have a paid ticket, can the baby still get the points? I’m guessing the answer is no, but am hoping that I’m wrong.

Thank you,



Hi Dan,

Figured out the answer. “Offer does not apply to non-revenue travel” 🙁


@Mitch Cumstein:
Can’t beat the price!

Why not book a ticket for the baby?



Because we are flying to FL so it cost a little more $$$. And yes, we will book a ticket for the baby, because it’s still worth it 🙂

Another Q. Do you know if it will make a difference if I leave from Newark and arrive back at LGA? Is that still considered a round trip?


That’s fine.


Thanks Dan!

john doe

this is so cool, thanks dan!!

mia flyer

@dan , no they don’t
not orlando,dallas,houston etc…they are all connections via boston


is $126 a good price from bwi-fll-bwi or i should wait until theres a sale


@mia flyer:
Where in the Midwest can’t you get to?

That’s good for a round-trip.


when you book under one jetblue account for two family members is that ok or you need to book under each ones account?


Booked JFK-HYA-JFK for $94. Gonna spend 24 hrs in Cape Cod area.


As long as you add each of the passengers TrueBlue numbers it’s fine.


@Dan:am i able to use a friends mosaic status if i book under his account or does mosaic only help if the person thats flying actually has it?


JFK-BOS July 29 (64$ each way)on the dansdeals shuttle😁😁


when you purchase a RT ticket (via e.g. expedia), does jetBlue automatically know you’ve purchased? Or do you have to “log” your flight at jetblue.com?


@ahchiu: Put your frequent flyer number into your reservation. Then JetBlue will know that it’s you. But you only get the bonus once you’ve flown.


Any idea how long it takes for points to post in my True Blue account?


Does the Barclays Jetblue card report to personal?

take it easy

how are you going to memphis??!!
i looked over and over, seemed jb dont go to memphis


Do citi thank you points transfer to virgin America?

Joe P.

Boston to Nantucket, $139 RT. Less than three hours total from wheels up to destination and return. I got in a bit late and missed the brief sale, but I still think this is pretty good. Thoughts???


Either BOS or FLL for the mileage run.
As for JetBlue bonus points, I plan on using them for 2 one way mint class tickets to the west coast (from what I saw they go as low as 41,200 per person one way)


FLL to BNA midweek $70.60 round trip.


Fll to Bna $70.60 round trip if you fly Tuesday or Wedensday

Joe A


I’m looking to do a mileage run from JFK-ACK (Nantuket). I’m looking at a 36 minute layover in Nantuket. I would assume it’s the same exact plane but do you think I should be okay? It’s for July 27th… 7:29AM out of Jfk and 9:14AM out of Nantuket.

dan the man

dan does it have to be booked as round trip or 2 separate one ways and can it be booked on priceline tyvm

take it easy

@ dan the man
from what i read, it seems 2 one ways qualify for this promotion and it can be booked anywhere – using your trueblue #


@Phil: I sent the registration email to JetBlue on Sunday July 3 at 11:01 AM. I got the PointsMatch confirmation today July 5 at 3:15 PM.


I got a confirmation email. Can I just book the cheapest rt flight I find and not take it or do I actually have to get on the plane?


sent mine last night…
they say they cant find it, she spoke to 2 supervisors and both couldn’t find it…
Anyone know what could do?

take it easy

@abe: you have to actually fly


@abc: As them if you could forward the original email to them so they can see it. Then they should be able to look it up since they’ll have the exact time it was sent to them. Hope that helps.


Matched AAdvantage Platinum to Mosaic. Going JFK-BOS-JFK for $120, in and out with an hour in between!


@Joe A – dunno for sure, but I’d guess it’s the same plane.

I am doing something similar between NY and Boston, and it showed up as a trip from JFK to New York with a layover in Boston. I called to make sure the system saw it as a round trip! The woman on the phone thought it was pretty funny, but confirmed that it would count towards the promotion.


1040pm flight, arrive 12 midnight
leave 6am next morning..
Can i sleep at airport, risk hotel and miss flight??
what to do?


Fll-BNA-FLL $71. Can’t wait!!


Anyone know how long after the flight the jetblue match points will post and is there anyway to speed it up? Thanks


Was on a Jfk-bos-Jfk point match run this morning and there was another 10-15 people that I saw on both of my flights, good to know I’m not the only nutcase spending my Sunday morning on a 34 minute turnaround in Boston….😏