JetBlue’s 75K Promo Points Are Posting Much Faster Than Promised!


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JetBlue’s 75K promo is the most exciting mileage promotion for flying that we’ve seen in a long time.

It’s too late to register for it, but there are some great sales if you still need to book a round-trip flight.

The terms of the promotion said that it would take 4-6 weeks until the 75K points post to your account.

However DDF member rogerlittle completed a round-trip JetBlue flight on July 8th and the 75K bonus points have already posted to his account along with 801 points for the flight itself!

Not only an amazing promotion, but they’re even posting a month before they were promised.

Kudos to JetBlue!

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dan does it matter if i pay for the promo flight with jet blue credit ty


My points posted 2 days after completing round trip


@rachel: No. It doesn’t matter how you pay or if you book directly with JetBlue or not.


Dan…taking round trip to boston from jfk
Anyway to be a courier and make some $$$


Can i Pay for the trip with true blue points? or does it need to be paid with a CC to count towards the promotion.



You can use TrueBlue funds, you just can’t use points.



@Dan: Do you think i will have enough time if the flight lands at 6:07PM and return flight is 6:55PM?




@Mendel: You would have a better chance at that flying to den 🙂


@Dan: Thanks Dan
Found a great flight JFK to BOS August 24th at 4:40PM lands at 6:07PM and returning same night 7:04PM landing at 8:25PM.

i even Paid $10 more for the way there for even more space seats so i would get the expedited security. way back i wont need to go through security.

Total cost $100 all in.

If the place says A320 both going and coming back. are they likely be the same plane making the round trip?


@sol. Likely same plane. Just did a similar trip on the west coast and it was the same gate/plane. I also had the same seat..


Can I book with Ultimate Rewards points?

Dan fan

So whats the best bang for your buck with the points?


@Moose. Same crew on the way back?


Any more than two data points thus far?


Just booked EWR- BOS and back via priceline. How do I link that to my JetBlue account, or it somehow get done automatically? Thanks


Will booking 2 one ways work ?


Still Didn’t get approval email but was told on phone I could book. Can I trust that?

chana k

Booked a 1 day trip NYC-BOS. I got to/from EWR for $123. Most combinations with more than a few hours in BOS, have at least 1 leg over $70. Not the cheapest possible round trip, but my husband and I can spend the day there.


@Mark I’ve heard it’s been done if you go through their booking site but you have to phone in to book as JetBlue doesn’t show up… The person I heard from booked a Mint ticket.


Unfortunately, with the sale, I was forced to book now before my brand new JetBlue credit card arrived in the mail. So, I wasn’t able to use the card to pay for the flights. Does this mean I won’t have a free checked bag? Of course, by the time I fly, I will have the card and the TrueBlue number attached to the card will be in the reservation.


What is true blue funds?


@Ctownbin: jetblue will change the form of payment prior to travel. just call once you receive your card and explain to the agent that you want to change form of payment.


Hi Dan,
I got a verbal confirmation on July 1st that I was good to go for the promotion and can book a flight. Not feeling comfortable that I didn’t get an email, i Called and a supervisor told me that I was emailed on June 30th (which I didnt receive) that my snapshot was not legible. I asked If I could resend and they said nothing they can do I now missed the promotion.

Any ideas for me?

Sincere Follower


Call again.


For the necessary flight, can I go from NY to LAS to LAX? Or does it have to end in NYC? The only flights back on JetBlue in a normal price range are too early. Otherwise it jumps over $300 more or I have to fly with a stopover.


Wow, great tip, thanks!
So they will refund my original form of payment, which has already been charged, and then they will re-charge the same amount on the new card, keeping the same reservation and sale prices intact? That’s awesome, I’ve never heard of any other airlines doing this! Thanks. This way I will also get 6x for the purchase, in addition to the checked bag.


As long as you get the card before travel you should get the free bag.
You don’t need to pay for the trip with the card.


For the necessary flight, can I go from NY to LAS to LAX? Or does it have to end in NYC? The only flights back on JetBlue in a normal price range are too early. Otherwise it jumps over $300 more Or I have to fly back with a stopover. I was thinking of flying a different airline for the return LAX-NYC.


@dan. I’m flying on Aug 31. Is that good or midnite before is the cutoff


2 one-ways should work.

That’s fine.


If I book using my TY points from my citigold promo (that needs to used on travel), would that count as well, or is that considered booking with points ?


I just received my bonus miles. About 1 week after my flight. This is GREAT!

Manny Kramer

is still valid?


Can anyone confirm receiving the 75k bonus points on tickets booked prior to receiving the email confirmation from Jetblue?