JetBlue Will Require Passengers To Wear Masks

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JetBlue announced that starting on May 4th, all passengers will be required to wear a face mask that covers their mouth and nose. That will apply during checkin, boarding, while in-flight, and while deplaning.

Small children unable to keep on their face mask will be exempt.

The move comes after pictures circulated of many passengers on flights ignoring the CDC guidelines to wear a mask when in public.

Flights in Canada all require face masks, but there is no blanket requirement in the US. However I’d expect other airlines to match these requirements over the coming days as the country begins to test the waters and emerge from stay at home orders.

Do you wear a face mask when you go out in public?

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Will they supply them? For free or for a fee? Or is it BYO?


You think this will be a permanent requirement or just until the dust settles?


Wonder what they will charge for a mask at the gate…


Thanks for sharing as always, Dan. I have travel bank credit for JetBlue expiring in May and don’t plan on flying any time soon. Is there a way to extend the expiration? I tried calling but was left on hold for over an hour with no response. Thanks again!


Cannot image flying coast to coast in a mask. Suffocation guaranteed


It’s a good idea, but I’m hoping I don’t fly until this is done.
I sweat enough as is on planes…this will make it unbearable for me.


Canada has required this for a couple weeks already.


Great, now when will they be extending Mosaic??? Mine expires this year


Any US airlines flying domestic to any cities? I thought all airports are shut down


Drink and food service?
Wonder how that works 🙂


Doesn’t. Jetblue isn’t serving snacks for the main cabin. Mint has limited options.


First mask $20
Second mask $100
Going to Caribbean and not a cc holder, $50 surcharge per mask
Get 25% off with card


If you wear a mask and fly enough miles, you’ll get Mosaic status for 2021. But if you had it for 2020 and can’t possibly accumulate enough miles wearing a mask, then JB suggests finding another airline for 2021. Good thing their points don’t expire… yet.


No, I think Dan’s been hacked by the guy in the milk carton mask


Now I know why the planes have oxygen masks…
Sitting with these face stuffing contraptions is bound to lower the oxygen pressure levels throughout the cabin


Why wait till may 4 ?

Elchonon Hellinger

I think it’s a good idea. I have been wearing my n95 mask whenever I go to the store which is very rarely.

By definition, planes are full of germs with recycled air.

I very strongly feel that they need to figure out a way to make the air cleaner on planes. But for now I think that masks are a very good idea


And snacks are closed. I just wonder if they will sneak that in as a new policy following this whole situation? I mean, Spirit has been their role model the past few years


It’s going to be like when they banned fluids going through TSA security. Suddenly every store past security was stocked with $3/bottle water. Now they’ll have $10 masks for sale.


What is Jetblue cancellation policy for awards?


How will security check if your passport matches with your face if you are going to wear a mask?


Will Mike Pence be required to wear a mask if he flies JetBlue?


Nah, he’s so holy viruses are afraid of him. And that whole science thing is a fraud anyway.


I took a flight on spirit last week to Florida and people took off their masks on the flight and they were coughing/sneezing without a mask on. It was awful!!


I knew it was awful after your first five words.


i dont wear the mask outdoors. only wear i must, like supermarkets. i dont believe its airborne and i believe that the open air/sunlight kills off the virus quickly. i also dont believ that your spit can travel 25 feet.