JetBlue Will Provide Kosher Meals In Mint Class, Even If They Say They Won’t

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Earlier this month I wrote about some of the lowest transcontinental JetBlue Mint class fares that I’ve ever seen.

JetBlue Mint Suite:



Many airlines suspended kosher meals on most routes back in March, but JetBlue told me on Twitter that they were once again taking kosher meal requests for Mint flights, something that United still hasn’t brought back “due to safety reasons” unless you’re flying to/from Tel Aviv.

DDF member lansky posted on DDF that he ordered a kosher meal for his Mint flight from Newark to Los Angeles, but got an email a few days before the flight saying, “We are unable to accommodate special meal requests for this flight. We realize you had requested one, so we wanted to give you a heads-up in case you want to bring something on board.”

Another DansDeals reader told me that he got the same email as well, and he switched to fly on a United Dreamliner Polaris business instead of JetBlue Mint to Los Angeles.

I wrote to JetBlue media relations and they confirmed that they had resumed offering kosher meals in Mint as of July 15th

I asked lansky to send me his email from JetBlue and then forwarded it to JetBlue media relations.

JetBlue responded that they looked into it and they confirmed that kosher meals would be onboard the flight for lansky and his wife, despite the email saying that there would be no kosher meals for them. They also said that they talked to their internal teams to make them aware that kosher meals are available in Mint.

And sure enough, lansky did get the kosher meals and he notes that the crew blew American and United service out of the water, which is what I’ve heard from many people that have flown in Mint class.

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It doesn’t make much sense for me to fly backwards from Cleveland to try out JetBlue Mint class flights to the west coast, but I’m excited to try out JetBlue Mint class to Europe when that launches next year!

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I just flew LAX to JFK on mint and was told you had to make sure to request the meal before the flight. They would not provide (or didn’t have) the kosher meal when I requested during the flight.


JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes confirmed to Bloomberg on Thursday that the airline’s launch of transatlantic flights will be delayed to late-2021

Machal Malot D

What is the best airline meal you’ve ever had
And what airline


so i got the same email do i need to confirm with them again or should i ignore the email


Just make sure you are wearing your mask while you eat their meal. I’d stick with United and avoid JB and JB Mint


lets use the power of the purse to teach these guys a lesson. a little food means nothing . they need to know that we expect normal service and no less. and if their F/A know the ‘halacha beyadua’ then we wont fly with them