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Lots of airlines and hotels offer status matches.  I wrote an article about status matching back in 2011 (note that some info there is defnitely outdated) when now defunct BMI gave out free Star Alliance Silver elite status.

JetBlue will now match select other elites to their Mosaic elite status which will last until 12/31/14.

You need to enroll by 04/18/14.

But it’s cooler than that.
-People that aren’t elite can get a 90 day challenge.  Spend and fly on $1,250 worth of JetBlue flights (before tax) within 90 days of the challenge start date and you’ll have Mosaic elite status until 12/31/15.
-They will allow Southwest companion pass holders to match to Mosaic. The Southwest companion pass allows you to bring a companion on all of your flights for free and it can be earned from opening and spending on the Southwest credit card. It can even be earned by transferring Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt and then from Hyatt to Southwest.  See here for the other statuses that can be matched.
-Elites that match can also keep their status until 12/31/15 by completing the same $1,250 90 day challenge.

Mosaic gets you:
-Free flight changes and cancellations for you and everyone flying with you.
-2 free checked bags for you and everyone flying with you.
-Expedited security line access.
-Early boarding
-Dedicated Customer Service Line

Some bloggers are saying that non-elites get Mosaic elite benefits during the 90 day challenge.  It doesn’t say that anywhere and JetBlue confirmed to me via Twitter that that is incorrect.

There isn’t really a hard rule about whether programs grant benefits during a challenge period. For example United and Hyatt do while Starwood does not.  Delta gives most benefits during the challenge period but does not offer lounge access during the challenge period.  However most other programs only allow other elites to do a challenge or match.  American is an exception in that they allow you to pay for a challenge, though they generally won’t confer benefits until you complete the flying challenge.

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Do southwest companion pass members have to do the challenge or do they get matched automatically?


They will get matched through 12/31/14.


does JetBlue have a companion flies free like southwest?


language from the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”

“Mosaic status and benefits will not be effective until JetBlue notifies you via email of your Mosaic status; no retroactive Mosaic status or benefits will be granted.”


I have companion pass.
Do I need to spend anything at all during that period?
Are they also offering free companions?


a southwest companion match can bring a free companion on jetblue?


Any status match for Frontier?


Once Mosaic elite, can you status match from jetblue to anyone else? Anyone honor Jetblues elites?


Dan, can you update the 2011 matching programs article. I have a United 1K and would like to leverage on other airlines. Does El Al have a matching program ?


I have a CP with SW, How is this matching offer done?


1-will they match aegean blue or gold?
2-wife has sthwst account with me as a companion pass but not an a-list member. can we both get it even though we are not a-list
3-can you earn a-list on sthwst through cc spending?


Exactly how do we prove if we have the companion pass from southwest? All it says on JetBlue site is to “send them proof”.


I scanned a copy of my Companion Pass



Do Jetblue Amex credit card points count to achieving Mosaic?


@schach325: No, it does not.


It says on the website earn 15,000 bonus points immediately upon qualifying for Mosaic, will this apply to people who match from SW?


Do they match southwest and also give companion?


I just got an offer from delta with the option of matching status from another airline