JetBlue Is Killing Service To Several Cities In January, Roundup Of New And Ending Routes

Eric Salard [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Effective 1/8, JetBlue will be ending service to:

  • Washington-Dulles (IAD) will lose all service.
  • Daytona Beach (DAB) will lose all service.
  • S. Croix (STX) will lose all service.
  • Portland, ME (PWM) will lose winter service only.

Additionally, JetBlue is ending service for the following routes on 1/8:

  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Detroit (DTW)
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Baltimore (BWI)
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Long Beach, CA (LGB)
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Pittsburgh (PIT)
  • San Juan (SJU) and Santiago (STI)
  • Orlando (MCO) and Baltimore (BWI)


Baltimore and Washington DC/IAD travelers can still find many nonstop JetBlue flights out of Washington DC/DCA. But it’s a big loss for cities like Detroit and Pittsburgh which will only retain JetBlue service to Boston. JetBlue has struggled from Pittsburgh in the past, where it cancelled JFK service previously.

I’m just happy that JetBlue will continue flying from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale after today’s cuts. JetBlue competes with Allegiant, Spirit, and United on that route.


New JetBlue routes that will be launched next year include:

  • Boston (BOS) and Rochester, NY (ROC)
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Phoenix (PHX)
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Guayaquil, Ecuador (GYE)
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and S. Maarten (SXM)
  • Providence, RI (PVD) and West Palm Beach (PBI)

JetBlue will also add additional flights on existing routes:


Did JetBlue end service on a route that you enjoy?

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Points Refund

FLL-LGB is not a shock to be ending. Fares were consistently low on that route. Usually under $100 each way for transcon.

As a mosaic member, it was great to book that and change flight to FLL-LAX for free. As LAX/LGB are co-cities.


It will be sorely missed. Now I’ll need to move to Florida after all.


Couple of things on my mind- 1. Somewhat related (but not really…) not a surprise that JB is completely exiting IAD. IAD is far from DC (I’m talking to you quick business travelers) and in a sort of dead end suburban part of Virginia. We know that ElAL is entering IAD-TLV next year- which I think will fail miserably within the first year. Similar reasons to why JB failed there- far from DC, far from the Balti. Metropolis, not relevant for business travelers; as they will use DCA. Why connect JB passengers through IAD (even if it were a hub) if JFK is a few hundred miles away? Why connect Israel-bound United passengers to IAD, if EWR is a few hundred miles away?
2. I know myself and others in JB’s last post about their raised baggage fees have held the belief that JB is having some serious growing pains (or lack thereof). It’s promising that they are adding some cities and routes, but the real test will be if they will succeed there. With each year JB is becoming more and more like a discount airline, with fewer loyalties, routes, lack of business and 1st class, and code share partners of the Big Three. I still think they will be fully acquired within the next 10 years as they introduce 40lb baggage limits, no more free selected seats, limited free snacks. It’s pretty obvious that they are holding Spirit’s “Playbook”. Just my own modest opinion, could be wrong.


Well one of Evil Spirits top men moved to jB a couple of months ago and that is when they raised the price of luggage for starters,


True, IAD didn’t work bc they run it on the shuttle routes – Boston and NY – and nobody in their right mind would choose IAD over DCA. But IAD-TLV will succeed because of the local market (both leisure and government travelers) and because IAD is a United hub.

As for the JetBlue overall assessment, I just don’t get it. If you look at them as a domestic airline (+Caribbean) they are just like everyone else. They are moving together with everyone else on fees. How are there fewer loyalties? They have not downgraded their point system. Lack of business/first product – they are expanding Mint and there’s hardly any domestic First. Code share – nobody has domestic codeshare. And if they go to no seat selection and fewer snacks then they’ll be more like the Big Three. I see their ambition to become more like the Big Three, not less, as they eye international routes and promote more hub travel. And the Big Three are making easier as they downgrade service and upcharge domestic.


I’ve booked FLL-BWI previously as a Mosaic member to make a free same day change to the more expensive DCA which is a co-city. I’ve not flown it personally, but sad to see PIT go.


Wow, PIT loses again. What’s up with you folks, can’t you keep a darn route???

Ahmad Ali

Ez, IAD is an extremely busy airport for international business travelers and is also on the cost for this using as a connection so it it is obviously a very good idea for the TLV route.

Ez According to domestic and international stats through the years, I just don’t see the strong growth you are referring too. Domestically they have remained almost stagnant for the past 20 years. Take a look at what significant growth looks like with ATL, MIA, JFK, BOS. Chicago as a true domestic and international hub would fit the bill for a TLV route much better.


leaves bwi with JB flights just to BOS , correct?

Richard I. Dunhoff

Really upset that Pittsburgh is cut out again. They had many flights to Fort Lauderdale on jet blue. Why did they not keep one daily flight? The near by Latrobe airport has spirit air flying Daily.. Almost every flight is full up. It’s a small airport with free parking . On the subject of flying from Israel to Dulles Washington, it may work. I have driven from near Pittsburgh to Washington for very reasonable flight to Israel. I think it can work, if it’s chewper than jfk on el al.


When you say that on 1/8 DAB will lose all service, what does that mean? Last day to book tickets or last day to fly into DAB? I have award tickets for 1/20 from JFK to DAB, and for 1/27 from DAB to JFK. Will those tickets get cancelled??


ElAl may not actually get that route, and I heard United Sept in to try grab it. We’ll see.


Swept in


DCA is more convenient for many around DC but IAD is the center of the NOVA/Tysons area- DC’s fastest growing area, home to many companies, and a couple million people. Amazon’s new headquarters is rumored to be going there. We forget IAD and BWI are more convenient to millions of people than DCA. Just like JFK and Newark in NYC.


Why is Jetblue stopping service to DAB? Every time I fly there the flights are full. What about seasonal service to DAB?


Why discontinue PIT and FLL? I’ve never been on a flight that wasn’t full!