JetBlue Points Match: It’s The Gift That Keeps On Giving!


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Last month we flew from Cleveland to Newark via Boston and wound up with this:




With the JetBlue Plus World Elite Mastercard you get an additional 10% of your points back every time you redeem them, making the promotion even more lucrative.

Last month Virgin America emailed a 25% off flight coupon to people who they believed transferred points to Virgin to participate in the JetBlue promo.

I wrote a “Thanks JetBlue” post last month and today I got an email from JetBlue thanking me for participating in Points Match and offering double points on my next JetBlue flight.

One DDF’er reports that JetBlue wrote to him “We see you registered for the promotion, but missed out on earning points” and he was offered triple points on his next flight!
In fact he did get the Points Match bonus but he had to call to request that the points be manually posted to his account, so that worked out pretty well for him!

Did you get a JetBlue bonus points offer via email today?

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I got one offering double points on my next flight if I book and travel before 11/16


Yes got the 2X points email a short while ago! Thanks Dan!


Question, If i pay for the flight with the Jetblue plus card will this give me 2X miles plus the 6X per $1 spent to purchase that flight?


I got an email for double points



Nathan S

I didn’t however I’m thankful for the 400k points I received


I got the double points email today


Double points but I doubt I’ll use it.


i got the points offer but i thought you dont receive points on a flight that you paid for with points to be gin with? so what is the “bonus”? if you book a flight today youd rather pay cash and get double points or would you rather get the flight for free by paying with points?

Tim tom

Me too!!!

Thanks for taking part in the #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match! We see you registered for the promotion, but missed out on earning points. Luckily, there’s still time to grow your TrueBlue account this fall!

Now when you book a roundtrip JetBlue flight and travel by November 16, 2016, you’ll earn TRIPLE TrueBlue points! That’s three times the bonus points – just for taking a trip like you normally would.

You’re already registered for this offer, so all you need to do is get going!


Is this on paid flights only?


I got Triple points offer as well for being in exact the same situation. My Points Match bonus was delayed up until today due to return flight not being reflected properly on my account 😜 All for good ✌️


@thenewguy:same flight i found on jetblue is half the points if i go with Virgin points, rather use those


Actually, if you read the terms, it sounds like the double points are just on the base fares.


No, you get double points on award flights too. 2*0=0.


Yes I got it too. But with all these points now I don’t see any scenario where I actually use it.


@RM: If you book at (as opposed to expedia, travelocity, etc) you’ll receive additional jetlbue points as well


Yes I got my coupon. Lets see if I can make it work for me.


also got 2x points by 11/16 offer. but obviously for everyone who is asking, this wouldnt apply to points bookings. but if you book online, that would be double
come on people… take a second to read and understand stuff. its not rocket science. instead of just shooting off questions…


I didn’t get the points posted (eventually I’ll call) and didn’t get the email offer! Maybe because I fly B6 a lot?

Sad story

I transferred all the points from spg and sent in a screenshot and they told me that it has to be a screenshot from a computer. I sent in a screenshot from a computer and they said that it was the wrong thing and I ended up with nothing. Just minus some spg points and plus a few virgin points 🙁

Dan's the Man

@Sad story: Why? I also sent them the wrong screenshot. I just replied with the correct screenshot and I got the 75K points. Next time don’t ignore their response. If they say said it was the wrong screenshot why didn’t you send the right one?


i booked (a month ago) 2 one ways on jet blue for next week lax-jfk and jfk-lax do you think i would get the bonus points?



I only see one scenario. It’s the one where you give me your points. 🙂



Got triple points offer. 75k were applied manually…


Does it mean if I registered but missed the flight part I still can fly round trip till November 16, and will get my points matched?

my 2 cents

Like others have said, this is pointless. Even if you would offer me 5X points on paid flights, I wouldn’t bite. I’m sitting on millions of b6 points and its going to take some time to burn ’em all. Even though I have a decent stock of nearly all currencies, I still pay cash for flights when I can get flights for dirt. Recently I’ve got spirit for $17, AA for $39 and $54, frontier for $39… Those are scenarios where I wouldn’t burn 10/12.5k UA or even 7.5k BA.
However, b6 is a revenue based program so IT WILL ALWAYS make sense to burn points before cash.