Is This The Secret To Get A 60K JetBlue Signup Bonus?

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Update: Offer expired.

A friend called me earlier today to let me know that he applied for JetBlue Plus World Elite Mastercard and received 60K bonus points rather than the stated 30K points:











I went on DDF to ask if anyone else had a similar experience and lo and behold, someone else applied for the card online and got 60K as well, despite the application saying 30K!


After some further digging, a common denominator was that both of them added an additional user to the card. Was that enough to trigger a 60K signup bonus? Or is this just a fluke that happened to 2 DansDeals readers?

The DDF user reports adding the additional user over the phone the day after he activated his primary card.

I’d love to hear about more data points and if other readers have or have not received a 60K signup bonus and whether they added an additional user to their cards.



JetBlue points are worth about 1.5 cents each, so a 30K signup bonus is worth about $450 of JetBlue flights while a 60K bonus is worth about $900 of JetBlue flights.

-JetBlue Plus cardholders also receive 10% of their points back every time they redeem points, making those signup bonuses even more valuable. 33.3K points is is worth about $500 and 66.6K points is worth about $1,000 of JetBlue flights.

-If you enrolled in JetBlue’s PointMatch you can get 10% back from all the points earned from that promotion as well every time you use those points.

-You can even pool together all the points earned from all passengers in your household.

-The Plus card has a $99 annual fee, but the signup bonus easily takes care of that the first year.

-The Plus card offers 5,000 points upon every card anniversary. With the 10% rebate that’s like getting 5.55K points good for $83.25 of JetBlue flights, making the subsequent effective annual fee less than $16.

-The Plus card offers a free checked bag for the cardholder and up to 3 passengers on the same reservation. That’s a value of up to $160 in waived checked bag fees per round-trip.

-JetBlue points never expire.

-The Plus card offers an annual $100 statement credit when you book a $100+ JetBlue vacation package.

-If you spend $50K in a calendar year on the Plus card then you’ll get JetBlue Mosaic status for the remainder of the calendar year and for the following calendar year.
Mosaic status includes free changes and cancellations on JetBlue tickets for the Mosaic member and for everyone on their itinerary, 2 free checked bags, 15K bonus points for earning Mosaic status every year, free even more speed checkin and security access, early boarding, 3 additional points per dollar spent, free alcoholic beverages onboard, and a dedicated Mosaic 24/7 customer service line.

-The Plus card offers 6 points per dollar on JetBlue purchases. That’s on top of the 3-11 points per dollar that you earn for the flight itself, which makes for a nice rebate on JetBlue flights.

-The Plus card offers 2 points per dollar on restaurants and grocery stores.

-The card offers a 50% rebate for in-flight purchases of cocktails, food, JetBlue movies and other eligible purchases.

-The cards has no foreign transaction fees.

Have you received a 60K signup bonus for your JetBlue Plus card? Hit the comments!

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Dan's the Man

I’ve had my card for a couple months. If I add an authorized user will I get the bonus or is only if you added the au right away upon getting the card?


already got the bonus. you think au will trigger another 30k?


@Dan’s the Man:
At this point I don’t think anyone could give you an answer to that.


thanks ill tarb


can you book $100+ jet blue vacation and then cancel and still get credit?


To the extent the airlines monitor these blogs (and if they have any sense, they do) this fluke is as good as gone.


This is very interesting. Would be very worthwhile getting this card just for the free baggage when traveling with a party of 4 upon receiving newly earned 300k for the current pointsmatch promotion.


@chinagel: try it out


Was looking for some kind of bonus on this figured it was too new. You recommend signing up now? And try for this? Don’t nt want to ask too many questions or it mite trigger an investigation by her blue.


has anybody had any success in calling and getting annual fee waived first year?


When signing up for this card should I sign up for another card same time? If yes which card


Yes, I called to cancel and they waived the fee for me.
Barclays seems to be excellent at waiving the annual fee.


I just applied today and got approved.The card is coming tomorrow. When should I add the additional user? Also did you get the 30 K and bonus 30k after you spent the 1000$ ?



Yes, they got it after spending the $1K. Let us know how it goes.


Someone should try adding 2x AUs…


do you think its better to get the AU on the application or adding afterwards?


On about 98% of bookings I’ve seen jetblue are worth around 1.0. How did you get to 1.5?


If i enrolled 5 people in my family for doing point match, is there a way to get back 10 percent back on everyone (10 % on 375k) or just on myself .


Integrity anyone?


I am applying now but can’t find the part of the form for the option of an additional card user. Is that on the second page of the application?


I’ve never seen anything like that.

I gave examples of values here:

Did you opt into family pooling?
Try and let us know what happens.


Just got my new card about 10 days ago. Just added an AU today online. I’ve already met the $1000 spending threshold so I’ll see if I get the 60K vs the 30K I initially expected! I’ll report back when the points post.


I am applying now to the card, but there is nowhere to add an additional user. We can only do it after the first card is made?


Correct, they called to add their AU afterward.


You won’t get the additional bonus if you already got it from the spending. I can confirm that.



No i didn’t..
Is it too late to opt in now?
All 5 jetblue accts have 0 points.


So signup , and before you even get the card call and ask for AU? Is there a fee?
Can it be done right after applying online?


Thanks Daniel! Too bad they didn’t instantly approve, have to wait now…


So i already applied for the personal plus card in April, and reached the min spend within the 3 months, and got the 30k points.

Based on popular opinion and other data points, should I apply for a business card or apply for another Jetblue Plus card? You’re able to get the signup bonus more than once for personal cards, correct?

Mike B

How does the amex plus card know when u make a points resy?

Also, was any spend done on the aus?


@Yos: once you complete application it gives you the option. I just went through it.


Do i need to give them the authorized user social?


What are they worth if i plan on selling the points?


Just applied then got approved through recon. They were not aware of the 60K offer.


@GTR: some people really have no clue… u seem to be one of them… @Sam: i called to cancel and they did not waive fee




I called and let them know of the glitch. I dont condone taking advantage of glitches.

The Troll Exposer

@Mike you’re a troll. You’re probably doing this to get reactions and this will be the first and last one. I don’t know if it’s your ugly kids or the mysterious rash you developed after paying for xxx that bugs you, but get off this list and get a life. Nudnik.


@nudnik but i did get a reaction. From you.


@Mike Hey nice try man… why do you want to kill this deal and why do you are in this forum ?


What number do I call to add an additional user?


I also got 60k on the business CC. I did NOT add an AU.

BTW, I believe it’s gone now.


Hey, your exactly the type of guy I’d love to have a bear with. Can you provide me you contact info please


This is not a dating site. (Neither for people nor bears.)




Any updates on this Dan??
Can u provide a link to the ddf thread


Any updates on this?? Anyone????


What kind of updates?
It will take quite a while before anyone posts what happened if they applied now.


Ok just wanted to know I guess if it was dead..
I want to apply today -Guess I have nothing to loose
Unless in a week they actually come out with a legitimate limited time offer ..


The screen shot from above -How long did it take to post from the time he added the AU?


Just got approved after calling
Have an AA red card so they suggested moving credit over
Because I guess I don’t really use it that much asked to add AU they said I should wait till I get the card. So I guess wait and see..

Vilna Gaon

@Anonymous: Is this promotion still ongoing? When is the deadline? Thx.


Not a real promo
It just was reported that it happened
So now we water to here other people’s reports
If they indeed get the same 30k extra for adding an AU


@Vilna Gaon: anyone know??


@Avi: anything doing?


Did …got card-jus asked for AU
So we’ll see…

Glitch or Dead?

All links to this card application seem to not be working? Glitch or is the offer altogether dead? I mean the 30K for JB Plus card.


How long after paying monthly statement do points post?


anyone add the AU a few days after activating?


So I added an AU in the 3rd month after signing up. When the bonus points posted I only received 30,000 bonus points. I did not spend anything on the AU card so not sure if that was a reason or not.


Any updates? I signed up , got card then called for the AU it’s been over a week and still have not received card. My first statement came they charged the $99 for my second cycle and I’m 85% near the threshold for points. So I guess I have to wait until next billing cycle to see what happens?!


Any updates ??


Met threshold
Just waiting for next cycle at end of month

Based on the lack of posts I’m not so optimistic!


I followed the steps above: 1. Applied 2. Added AU calling in to add after initial application 3. Charged and paid $1K 4. Points just posted to Trueblue and only 30K. Anyone have updates to share. Curious if 60K worked for anyone else.


same to me , only 30k posted aug 26
i feel cheated, even though i know i was not.

Eddie A.

@a @hesh Me too as well. Only got 30K posted as well


Only 30k as well


30K as well!


Should we call and ask to get additional 30k points ?