Is There Still Time To Buy Starpoints To Join JetBlue’s Epic 75K Promotion?

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Before reading the post below, please read these posts for background information:

Should You Buy Or Transfer Starpoints To Join The Most Lucrative JetBlue Promotion Of All Time?

-It’s Time To Mileage Run! Earn Up To 75K Bonus JetBlue Points After Just 1 Round-Trip If You Have Or If You Transfer Points To Virgin America!

I’ve been flooded with questions from people asking me if there’s still time to participate in the JetBlue promotion if they haven’t started yet.

Now that we have confirmation that the promotion is being fully honored, we’re nearing the end of the road if you still want to get in on the fun. There is still time to buy Starpoints and transfer them to Virgin America by July 4th, but that window of opportunity is closing.

If you have 40,001 Starpoints you would need to transfer them to Virgin America by Sunday to receive them by Monday in order to email JetBlue to enroll in this promotion by the July 4th deadline.

You can transfer Starpoints into anyone’s Virgin America account. If you have enough points you can transfer points to your spouse and children to enroll all of them in this promotion.

If you have at least 10,001 Starpoints you’ll have until Sunday to buy enough Starpoints to transfer 40,0001 points to Virgin America so that it’s in the the account by Monday to be matched by JetBlue.

Once you buy Starpoints you can transfer Starpoints to Virgin America even if they don’t show as available in your SPG balance.

If you don’t have 10,001 Starpoints then you’ll need to buy Starpoints in 2 different Starwood accounts (as there is a 30K annual purchase limit per account) and make transfers from both of those Starwood accounts to Virgin America are at least 24 hours apart from each other. Those Starwood accounts can be in anyone’s name. In this scenario you’ll want to buy those points ASAP to start the first of those 2 transfers from Starwood to Virgin America now, as you’ll need to wait 24 hours before that Virgin America account can receive another Starpoint transfer.

You don’t need a JetBlue Plus card or a Starwood AMEX to participate in this promotion, but having a JetBlue card will make your 75K JetBlue bonus points more valuable as well as provide free checked bags among other benefits, and using a Starwood card to buy Starpoints will net 2 Starpoints per dollar spent.

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how long does it take to transfer? I initiated my transfer yesterday at 9am.


Do I must fly actually in order to get the bonus?


The reports until now have all been within 24 hours.
Did you log out and back into your Virgin account?



Yes Multiple times.


ime they dont need to be 24 hours apart just a new day


is it worth transferring from thank you points to earn this (at a 2:1 transfer)? will i have enough time? and do i need to open a jetblue rewards account?


Mr. Eleff, how many times are you planning on taking advantage?

Is this deal even so amazing given the proliferation of credit card opportunities for the informed, or is it the glory of the chase that makes this so enticing?

Thank you for your tireless research and posting. The blogosphere has increasingly been referring to you as the best source of info on this, especially after Mr. Schlappig made such a laughingstock of himself yesterday.


After I saw the first report that they were not accepting virgin points that were made through a transfer I called starwoods to see if there’s anything to do to get back my starwoods points back and they said the supervisor sent in a request… Now I got the confirmation from jetblue but do you think if my starwoods are credited back I will be disqualified or once they see my virgin point balance and confirm I’m good to go. I’m not expecting my starwoods to be retracted at all but just in case…


Keep us posted.

Anyone else with reports from yesterday?

Good to know, at what times did you make a transfer?

There is still time, but you’d be better off selling the Citi points and buy Starpoints as you need 100K Citi points for 50K Virgin points vs just 40K Starpoints.

You do need to open a free JetBlue mileage account.

I’ve enrolled my family.

Credit card offers are great, but they’re much tougher to do in bulk these days.
This is a great way to stock up on miles!

They’re not going to reverse a completed transfer.



Yes (TYP is usually almost instant, iinm.)

Yes, of course. Where do you expect them to deposit the miles you’re earning? Did you even read the requirements?


I’m know I’m jumping in late here…..on the JetBlue page it says you ALSO have to book a rt flight to receive the promotion….is that true?


Please read the background posts.


@Jay: multiple sources here have said 2 one way flights work as well as roundtrip,but yes you must book/fly


I never got a confirmation email from JetBlue, what should I do?
I emailed them screenshots on Wednesday.


My wife and I have successfully enrolled but our JetBlue accounts are set up on family pooling. I hope this won’t be any issue, we’ve booked a rt flight to Boston together on JetBlue last night while the sale was still happening.


So I have 120,000 Starwoods points, I can apply for the JetBlue Mastercard today to maximize my benefit, open up 3 Virgin America points accounts, 1 for me, 1 for my wife and 1 for my 4 year old kid. Transfer 40,000 into each account. And then book 3 flights, 1 for my wife, 1 for my kid, 1 for me. Then by the time my flight comes around within the next month or so, I’ll have my JetBlue Mastercard and that’s when JetBlue will issue us 75,000 points per flight for a total of 225,000 (75,000 into me, my wife, and my kid, plus the added bonus with the Jetblue card). I then can group all those Jetblue points into my account to simplify things… Did I miss anything? Than you.


Thank you for the great job you do! I’m finding the Jet Blue route schedule a bit difficult to navigate. Do you have a tool for seeing flight options/prices you’d recommend? Looking for short and/or inexpensive trips from Seattle.


I transferred miles and sent screenshot on the 29th, still no word, Is it a problem that I do not have my last name on my virgin account, I mistakenly used my middle initial as my last name when I opened the virgin account a few years back.
and what’s the best number to call jetblue to see if they can expedite my registration.

Lora Swartz

I only have 4784 starpoints. Does it make sense to transfer American Express to Starwood for this promotion? Do I have enough time because I think I have to do it twice,right?


Anyone having trouble purchasing SPG points? can’t get it to accept a credit card number.


@spg_help: never mind…i got it to work.


I sent in a screenshot yesterday. Should I purchase a ticket before I get confirmation? What’s the shortest roundtrip flight at lowest price from Newark?


You got it!

Try Google Flights.

Seattle-Anchorage can be a great deal.

Called Virgin to fix your account and then resubmit.

@Lora Swartz:
Better off buying Starpoints.

You can buy a ticket at any point.
EWR-BOS should be cheap.


Ok so I called jetblue and the missing last name is a problem, I called virgin and got the name changed, I sent a new screenshot, do you think they will accept a second attempt from the same jetblue account.


Should be fine. If you get denied, just call to explain.


What if i have no travel plans? Just fly back and forth?
Also can spg points be in anyone’s name? Such as a family member?


Instead of a roundtrip, i have two flights Sfo-jfk and lga-ord coming this month. Would those two trips be eligible for this promotion? Thanks Dan


I’m flying to Boston for lunch and flying home 🙂

SPG points can be in anyone’s name as the post says.

Reps are saying they will, as long as they were booked on or after 6/24.


do transfers need to be in increments of 20k in order to get the 5k bonus?




thanks for the quick reply. can 2 transfers be initiated in the same day?


I created virigin America acct 9am today, when can I transfer from spg, and how long will it take


No, you need to wait a day or else it will give an error message when trying to transfer to the same Virgin account twice in one day.

About 24 hours.


I did it for me and my wife and I booked a JetBlue flight. Now I want to do it for my son and I am waiting for the points to come thru. Can I book him on our flight in the meantime? Thanks




Dan, Thanks for all your tips! Moe asked a question about transferring SPG to his wife and kid’s Virgin accounts. Can SPGs be transferred to other named frequent flyer accounts? I thought they can only be transferred to accounts with the same name as the SPG holder. Thanks for clarifying.


It’s up to the airline to decide.
Virgin America doesn’t require matching names.


transfers dont need to be in increments to 20k bc i did it on the phone all 40 and i got 50.(unless the rep did it 20 at a time..?)


Um, 40K is an increment of 20K.
Nobody said it needs to be exactly 20K per transfer. In fact I wrote many times to do all 40,001 in one transfer if possible.


For the purpose of taking the round trip, is it too tight to land in BOS 8:06am and book returning flight at 9am back to JFK ?


It’s fine.
If you miss it they’ll just put you on the next flight.


hi do i have to book ticket be4 jul 4?


where do I send screenshot
I logged in under promotions and cant find the promo
on google I find the link for the promo, but does not open the promo


@Dan: @Dan: appreciate it thank you !


No, the ticket can booked at any time.

Please read the background posts linked to in this post.


Can starpoints be any denomination? Like 49399?




Does the transfer from spg need ti be in increments of 20k for the bonus ratio to apply? Or say 30k transfer from one account plus a 10k xfer from anither woyld still net 50k points?


Hey everyone, i have a sorta time sensitive question, both my wife and i are signed up and enrolled in the promotion. Question is, i booked our tickets together from our account. Paid for both in one itinerary under my name. Does my wife flight qualify under the terms? i have a few hours left on my 24hour cancelation.



Needs to be in increments of 20K for the bonus.
The latter scenario would net just 45K points.

That’s fine, it will work.


@Dan: Thanks!!


Anyone know if this promotion will still be active tomorrow or only until midnight 7/3?


I created a new SPG account for my wife, but Starwood cancelled my purchase of points since they said there is a 14-day waiting period on new SPG accounts to buy points. Just want to make sure before I buy – If I use someone else’s SPG account (NOT matching name, NOT matching address) can I still transfer the SPG points to Elevate? Buying Elevate points is more expensive, and the AMEX Rewards Mileage transfer was 2:1, which seems high. Thanks!!!


Should I be worried? I didn’t get a confirmation from JetBlue yet


Any other cheap routes from jfk as can’t find any cheap jfk to boston flights


I submitted screenshot on Friday, is it possible they will still register my account, will they register accounts after July 4th if it was submitted before deadline? Also is it advisable to book my JetBlue flight before they accept or should I wait to see if I get approved?


Is there a way to take advantage of this for my 4 year old daughter as well? Since she’ll be flying with us anyways… Do I do it the same as I did it for myself or does it need to be done different somehow


Is it ok to qualify for the promotion to book 2 one ways but only fly the first one?


Transferred SPG Points yesterday at 10:42 AM Eastern to my wife’s Virgin America Account and still haven’t posted. Could it be that on a weekend points are not getting transferred?


I made the transfer today from spg points to virgin but was told by a rep that it said it takes 4-7 business days to go through….
Dan.. What do you suggest?


I got mine over the weekend in less than 24 hours despite it saying 4-6 business days. If someone can please help me:
How do I take a screenshot and what is the email address to send it to Jet Blue?
Thank you.



Just an update- The points to my wife’s account did post. Took over 24 hours this time but from my SPG account to my wife’s elevate account did post.


Hit + + on Windows PCs to create a screenshot, and email it to
make sure to include your JetBlue TrueBlue number (and it’s a good idea to include the Elevate membership number too).
Good Luck!!


Oops, the website did not like the way I entered that.
It’s Ctrl + Alt + PrintScreen to take a screen shot on Windows (if your on a Mac, just Google it)

Helps to call JetBlue

Sent 2 emails to JetBlue, first with the screenshot pasted into a Word document, and second (just moments ago) with just the PNG image. (Turns out JetBlue does have Microsoft Word.)

It also helps to send the email from the email address associated with your TrueBlue account (each one, because that’s how they search for it initially). While on the phone with the rep, and after some clarifications about a new email address, both my wife and I received confirmation emails.

So, I recommend calling and being patient, if you’re still waiting.


Transferred my points to Virgin America on wednesday, showed up on Thursday in my VA account, emailed jetblue on thursday with all the proof and so far no answer from jetblue this sunday..


I saw someone else asked but I didn’t see an answer yet, would booking2 one-ways but only flying one of them be sufficient?


The terms seem pretty specific. It’s got to be a round trip. Which, as Dan has said, could be made up of 2 one ways. But not flying 1 leg would disqualify you.


Call TrueBlue/Mosaic


Called JetBlue, they said it’s now taking a week from screenshot submission till you get approved, and they are going to approve everyone who submitted before the 4th, so for those who submitted today you are most likely to get approved by the 10th.


would a ewr-fll fll-phl count ? email says just book and take a roundtrip JetBlue flight by August 31


submitted email to JetBlue on the 1st around 6pm. Give them a call today to check the status. Was transfered to department dealing with the promo. They say no need to warry, told me confirmation email will come soon. According to CS they have close to 4000 submissions backlog. Confirmation email came 3 hours ago. Now need to get a RT from NYC cheap


Will submission today be ok? Or it had to be done before the fourth?


you could always use inspect Cnrl+shift+I


I transferred my SPG points yesterday as per the dans deals last call to do it Sunday to post Monday. They just posted. I just read Jet Blue’s rules and it says they need it by the fourth. Not sure if it means it had to be in before the fourth or not? Starting to get anxious!!


Need to send by tonight.

A fan


First off- thanks for posting this amazing promotion!
As always your site is invaluable.

I sent an email with the screen shot Do I need to wait for confirmation from Jet Blue before booking my flight? Or can I just book now and show it was booked after I sent my email?


A fan


Do you need to wait for confirmation email before booking?


Thanks for the post
One problem- your original posting said:
-The name on your SPG account does not need to match the name on the Virgin account and nearly all transfers have been completed in less than 24 hours.
I had no problem with transferring for myself. As to my wife- transfer was not allowed.
I called SPG- they referred me to website terms and conditions- “both the SPG and airline ff program accounts must have identical names in order to complete the request, different names will cause the transfer to reject”
How did anyone see get to transfer their SPG puts into another family member’s VA ff account?



I had no issues with that at all. I was able to transfer from my SPG account to my wife’s Virgin America account. It took a little over 24 hours.