Is JetBlue Attempting To Retroactively Change Their Promotion Terms?

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Update #3: JetBlue has officially confirmed to me that they will be fully honoring this promotion.

Update #2: I haven’t heard anything back officially from JetBlue, but several DDFers who did receive denial emails and were told in their original phone calls that the promo terms were changing have been able to HUCA and get registered over the phone.

I also called JetBlue several times and the reps all confirmed that the program is still going and that you actually can book 2 one-way tickets and you can book travel before being registered, as seen in writing here. So be sure to take advantage the JetBlue sale ending tonight.

Gary has also reached out to JetBlue for comment but has also not heard back from them. At this point though I’m inclined to chalk up the denial reports to some incorrect rejections on JetBlue’s end and some incorrect submissions from users.

There have also been several reports of registration confirmation after the meeting that JetBlue had earlier this afternoon about the promotion, so it seems like everything should be good to go, aside from some very rogue phone reps.

If you have been denied you should definitely call JetBlue and keep calling back until they are able to get you registered over the phone.

Be sure that you attach a screenshot from a non-mobile device and that it shows your Virgin America point balance twice when you email JetBlue or else your match will be denied.

Note that some people have reported 6 day waits for registration confirmation while others have been confirmed is as little as 30 minutes. Go figure.

There is still time to buy Starpoints and transfer them to Virgin America, see all of the related posts above for more information.

And don’t forget that you have until tonight to match your other airline elite status to JetBlue.

If there was ever a promotion that appears too good to be true, it’s this one. But hopefully it stays alive through Monday as originally promised.

Update #1: There have been several more reports of match approvals and denials, so it’s hard to say what’s going on for sure. JetBlue is reportedly huddling now to determine what exactly to do about this promotion. Clearly they didn’t expect the thousands of applications for hundreds of millions of miles that they have received, though it’s pretty shocking that they didn’t foresee that.

In the meantime, if you have transferred points from Starwood to Virgin America, it would probably be best to call Starwood to have that transfer stopped, as once it completes it can’t be reversed. If you already have Virgin America points and haven’t yet emailed JetBlue for a match you should do that ASAP.

Once again for the umteenth time, this shows that good things come to those who act quickly.

I’ve reached out to JetBlue and will update this post again when more information is available.

It’s also worth pointing out this email received by DDF member bornsub. In it the JetBlue rep tells him that 2 one-ways will qualify (as I surmised on DDF a few days ago) and that any travel booked on or after June 24th will qualify as well. Numerous phone reps have also confirmed that 2 one-ways will work. Of course officially the terms state that a round-trip is required (though JetBlue stated that a multi-city works as well) and that you must book a ticket after receiving registration confirmation for the promotion.


Last Friday JetBlue launched a promotion that is easily their most lucrative ever, offering 75,000 points for taking a single JetBlue flight if you have 50,001 Virgin America points.

I pointed out that it can definitely make sense to buy and/or transfer Starpoints to Virgin America to participate in the promotion.

JetBlue has been inundated with emails from people requesting to participate and thousands have already been approved. I was approved soon after I submitted my request on Friday.

-But DDF member rileywiles23 has just reported that he got an email saying that he didn’t qualify, despite his screenshot showing that he had 50,001+ Virgin America miles.

He called JetBlue and was told that they have added a clause that the points must have been earned via Virgin America flights. That clause is not listed on their website.

DDF member davidmal reports that they made an exception for him and enrolled him over the phone, but the rep stated that going forward applications will be denied if the points didn’t come from Virgin America flights.

DDF member sruly also was denied registration via email as “The points balance proof you provided doesn’t meet the requirements of the promotion.”

DDF member lfas25 reports that he was successfully matched 20 minutes ago, so the denials seem to be brand new. Or perhaps some reps are still working under the old terms?

It would be fair if JetBlue published new terms and stated the requests sent after the new terms were published will be denied. But it’s patently unfair to publish one set of terms and then change them without warning.

If you transferred points to Virgin America and have been denied via email and by phone you should file a complaint immeditately with the US DoT and explain exactly what happened. Be sure to explain that you transferred points to Virgin America based on JetBlue’s published terms of the promotion and that the transfer can’t be reversed. Include screenshots of the promotion terms as well as denials from JetBlue.

If you were already approved then I’d assume you are safe. But JetBlue appears to be playing dirty pool here, so who knows…

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I am still waiting for a response. I submitted my email 2 days ago. Who shall I call?


I have been been seeing that rejection reason for a few days now.


Oye –

I hope that is not the case, I just had the points show in my elevate account and sent the screen shots to JetBooHoo.

Imagine the horror.


You can call JetBlue to see what is going on.

This is the first time I’ve seen any reports of rejections for screenshots that showed the full name and points.
Additionally this is the first time I’ve heard of JetBlue reps saying that the terms are being changed and that points must be earned from flights.


I transferred points from spg to elevate and I received an approval from true blue . Since I have been approved can they reverse it?


Transferred 51,000 to elevate on Friday. Sent email request to JetBlue on Monday night, got email today confirming registration today at 2:25 pm est.


Oh great i just transferred 20k spg points to virgin and they wont post until tomorrow… should i just submit my current 28k points balance to jetblue now before they reword the terms?


I don’t blame them, to be honest. And they don’t play the nasty games all the other airlines do, so I don’t feel like we’re just taking revenge on all the things they did to us. But, yes, they should have updated their terms as soon as it hit the blogs and from that point on,only,reject new applications.


Read the last paragraph of this post.

Looks like you may have gotten in under the wire.

Heh, tough call!

If your transfer isn’t complete, I’d also try calling SPG to see if they can reverse it. Let us know what they say.

No, they should have launched with these terms in the first place.
Once you make rules you can’t just change them. At least not for people that registered under the old terms.


Can’t they get away with this since they explicitly write “offer can be cancelled or modified at any time” ?


How do they know based on the screen shot whether the miles were earned on flights or otherwise?


It’s not that simple. Going forward they can change them, but retroactively, not really.

It says how many flight segments you have.


I sent over an email tuesday morning, just got emailed back right now that I was approved.


Transferred 51000 to elevate on Sunday. Sent email request to JetBlue on Tuesday night, got email today confirming registration today at 2:26 pm EST, titled: It’s a match – you’re registered!


My screenshot showed 0 segments even though I had points earned from flying – from a few years ago.


@Dan, if I’ve got 50K Starwood points at the moment which I would otherwise not use with Virgin, should I take a chance and transfer at this point? WWDD?



Yup, good question…

I’d wait and see what happens in the next 24 hours.


My wife and I sent email Monday morning, no response yet so I called to get an update. Jetblue rep said they are running behind because of the popularity of this promo but they will have them all done by next Monday. Guess we will just wait and see.


My pts just transferred I’m about to register-Can’t I just make sure I don’t get the part of the page which shows my flight segments, into my screenshot of my full name and points ?



No, that needs to be in the screenshot as well.


I was told a screenshot on a mobile device won’t work. Send a screenshot of your desktop (not a picture of your desktop) and paste in your email from desktop. I did this yesterday after waiting since Friday and not getting confirmation. I was approved within 5 minutes.


did a transfer at 4 pm yesterday, got the points this morning. sent email this morning and got confirmation at 3 pm


Since the promotion started the terms have stated “Offer can be cancelled or modified at any time.” so it’s not like they’re in the wrong. If you complain to the DoT make sure you include the terms indeed, they’ll probably laugh at you for not having read them in the first place.



It can be cancelled or modified going forward, not retroactively.


I sent it to them Shabbos night – still waiting for a response. I called them yesterday, and they said that they are processing it in the order received… 🙁


I just called and “mellisa” told me they wont change the terms but they are backed up in replying to people so it might take a little more time.
PS i dont see the jet blue promo on thier website anymore, was it removed completely?


@Albert: try sending screenshot of desktop.


Anyone familiar with DOT complaint procedure? How long do these complaints take? Do you think JB will bend once they are contacted by DOT?


How does the DOT have any jurisdiction regarding this? This isn’t a canceled fare, but rather an airline not honoring a frequent flyer points promotion.


DoT acts relatively quickly.

The DoT has stated that they will take a more active role in FF programs.

Either way, they will make an airline stand by published terms based on my experience.


I have a stupid question. Lets say I have 50K (earned by actually flying) Virgin miles. All I have to do is screenshot my mileage balance to JetBlue, book a $66 (or whatever it is) flight on JetBlue, and I earn 75K JetBlue miles? Do I lose my Virgin America miles, and in their place I get 75K JetBlue miles? Or do I get an additional 75K JetBlue miles?



I was just approved yes i didn’t have some flight segments but i would like to see the screenshots of the people that were blocked what they sent and what the response was its just 2 people that reported that they were blocked.


@j: You don’t lose your Virgin miles. Jetblue has no control over Virgin miles. They are matching with this promo.


@Dan: the “retroactive” in the title is misleading, I doubt JetBlue will change the terms for people who already received confirmation they are registered, and as far as I know this hasn’t happened to anyone.

But for those who have not yet received confirmation, JetBlue can absolutely decide to add requirements or to end the promotion altogether.


I have no problem with them rejecting people going forward, but anyone who made the request before they changed the terms should have their request honored. Really Jet Blue screwed up here by not seeing this happen. For those of you who were slow to app and now have just moved points over well you should have been quicker. Once the blogs started blasting this everywhere it was really only a matter of time before the door was shut. It was completely foreseeable. If its something you want to jump on you need to move as soon as you see it=, otherwise you have only yourself to blame when they close the door.

Dan's the Man

Didn’t they realize that with all the travel blogs nowadays this would potentially go viral? They simply could have googled “how to transfer miles to Virgin America” and they would have realized because could have transferred SPG, Amex, Citi points to Virgin America. I already got my approval so I hope I’m ok but I just submitted my wife’s screenshot today.


Does anyone see the promo or was it removed? i want to take a screenshot but i cant find it?????


And what about people who relied on the terms to transfer or people who emailed them already but haven’t received a response?

@Bill: @moshe:
I’ve been wondering the same.



Has Jet Blue actually changed the Terms yet?


FWIW a datapoint:

———- my email to enroll ———-

Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 7:49 AM
To: pointsmatch
Subject: TrueBlue pointmatch

JetBlue TRUEBLUE member number:
Please enroll me in your promotion.

———- their response ———-

date: Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 12:56 PM
subject: It’s a match – you’re registered!

You are now registered for #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match!

Way to let your independent flag fly! To take advantage of the #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match and earn your bonus TrueBlue points, just book and take a roundtrip JetBlue flight by August 31, 2016.

Once you fly, your points will automatically be added to your TrueBlue account within 4 – 6 weeks.

Thanks again for spreading your wings!

Dan's the Man

My screenshot didn’t have flight segments (or history of points earning) listed. After logging into if you click my account it will show your informaiton (first name, dob, address, etc) but will not show point history. Your full name and point balance will still be on the top right of the screen. This way there is no way for them to know you didn’t earn the points through flights. (Although if you have 50,001 points I assume they can guess!)


I just spoke to them the team handling this is in a meeting now they can’t do anything need to wait and see I wish I hadn’t transferred 120k spg points to 3 different accounts this stinks I sent in the screenshot Monday

Don't make things up

@Nate: You expect us to believe you? You called them and they said the “team” is in a meeting?


Just got confirmation for points match, sent it on Sunday

mia flyer

i have never flown virgin America and still received my jetblue approval this morning


i spoke to customer rep and she said they are honoring everything and i can even go ahead and book my flight.


I spoke with someone at the True Blue department,

The Rep I spoke with spent the entire day fielding expedite requests from people but was not able to honor any of them the only one she was able to approve was someone who was rejected already she transferred him to the points match department and they had him resend and approve on the spot.

She said the entire points match department is in a meeting right now that started about an hour ago and will probably last another hour so no matches are being done right now.


I got denied. Called up and was told they can’t help me, I asked for a manager and the line went busy..,


@sruli: Points Match department? They just started this program last week. You think they hired a whole “team” of employees just for this limited time promo?


@Dan True
That’s what’s said. That if they didn’t realize the effects of giving away $1,200 in flights to anyone, especially with them where it’s like cash and not based on if they have room, they should have published the change right away and only apply them to new registrants.


Hi Dan,

Was planning on transferring the points today to Virgin. Should I still do it or should I consider the deal dead?



Not online.

I’m sure they have a team of people working on this. Doesn’t mean they’re new hires.

I would sit tight for now.
We should know more within the next 24 hours.


@Don’t make things up: I was told the same thing by their customer service


Virgin America is the big winner.
They should send Jetblue a huge thank you card.



High end hobo

Dan do you think it’s likely that B6 will just devalue their points soon?


@High end hobo: A points devaluation would seem to be the least painful way out of this for JetBlue.


Dan, why sit tight if I can file a complaint with the DOT? Terms haven’t been changed yet


@Dan’s the Man: for the reason you mentioned I sent in such a screenshot on Sunday and got a denial today. Rep I spoke with said screenshot needs to show point balance twice.


Rec’d denial today – sent screenshot nearly a week ago and just got email saying “the points balance proof you provided doesn’t meet the requirements of the promotion”. What a load of BS! I transferred in 50K SPG last week to maximize the promo. Will definitely complain to the US DOT

This is exactly the the way to destroy brand loyalty, not earn it. Fools.


in the same time concede to VX… That would not be smart from their end


Just got rejected


@paul5795: Barclays would LOVE that



What did you do? What was their reason?


I sent out earlier today the point match email to jetblue. I haven’t heard back from them yet (understandably).
Is there any point in calling them or should I wait it out till I get a response from them one way or another?


Prime example of the old addage in the frequent flier world – if it seems too good to be true, DON’T WAIT. DO IT RIGHT AWAY!

Mountain Man

I spoke with a TrueBlue CR. She said that my wait of nearly five days was on the long end. She noted up my account and said I should hear back shortly. I asked about two one ways and she said that would be fine as it is the equivalent of a round trip.

What was interesting from the call, and it probably explains the rejections, is that many people were sending in partial screenshots from their phones which didn’t show the full screenshot outlined online. It needs to have the full name and balance but apparently must also be the same as the example that Jetblue has on their site.


but that’s only for the current year? mine showed 0 even tho i flew last year & had points.


Just spoke to a rep who informed me they’re backed and going in order of emails received . Said they’re going trough Monday’s requests, and responses to Tuesdays submissions should be out by noon on Sunday.

Levi Hodakov

I just called JB…first lady tells me…”Didnt I speak with you before….” After I told her she did not she told me.

Trueblue people were in meeting…..It takes about 5 days, because its manually done.

Transfeered me to TrueBlue and Im hold now she said at least 10 minutes…

@dan, maybe you can lead a class action lawsuit if they pull the promotion?

Mountain Man

@Mendy that’s weird because I sent mine Sunday morning and still haven’t received a response.

Levi Hodakov

@Levi Hodakov:

I finally spoke with a lade from TrueBlue it didnt sound like they were changing anything, she just mentioned that lots of people were sending screenshots from mobile devices and that they didnt show ALL the info they need…

I hope she knows what she is talking about…


Really odd. Now quickly approved after resending screenshot. This time I didn’t include the portion of the screen showing where the miles came from.

I called Jetblue a half hour ago and the CSR I spoke to said she was going to send email to the “team” handling this fiasco, er, promotion. Perhaps that got them to approve me.


Just got denied as well. Have a 50,001 point balance. From the sound of it they’re auto-denying anybody with a 50,001 point balance.


I sent my request in this morning at around 11AM and i was approved within 3 hours. they sent me an email with a confirmation just like was posted above.

i was very surprised how quickly it was approved.


SOI: How any points did you have?


@SearchGuy: A Trueblue point is already only worth about 60% of an Elevate point. I can see them devaluing a bit more without a lot of controversy. Particularly if they haven’t had a devaluation in awhile.


I just called,
They said go ahead and book the flight were just behind on emails.
I then asked to make sure they won’t take it away after I book to which they said When did you email, I said Tuesday and she said its not a problem.
Seems ok.


Just got off the phone with a rep who said as long as you sent in the proper screen shot they you are ok and they will respond in 3-5 days from when email was sent

Deal guy

I did a Ty point transfer and I sent JB my VA screen shot, which wasn’t 50,001 but an even number and I got a response 30 min later with an approval.

I do wonder if 50,001 does make it obvious.


@Tony: glad I have 50,0005. Hope they approve mine.


I just talked a CSR and she talked to TrueBlue team (wait 15 min :() about my match request (sent 27 hours ago).

I was informed they are way behind due to so many match requests and my account should receive confirmation by Sunday.

I did ask CSR to place a note in my JB FF account that I called tonight to discuss the JB match status.


Just so I know. On the Virgin dashboard, in addition to miles there are segments and credits. Does anyone know what these are meant to be? Is a round trip 2 segments? What’s a credit?


I applied on the 28th and just got my approval.

The points were originally from Starwood and were transferred to Virgin a day before I applied.


@Anonymous: interesting amount


I screenshot the page dashboard then croped it so it shows exactly as the sample sc in jetblue site, am i good to go or should i send another email with full wab page screensot?


What if I don’t need to go anywhere , where are you guys flying to?


anybody know how to do a screenshot on windows 10?


JetBlue confirmed that as long as the flight is after getting approved it will trigger the match whether or not is was booked before the approval as long as it was booked on or after June 24


@yossi: first of all google it. second of all it really depends what computer you have(asus computer has a button for that purpose)


@Mountain Man: Would two one ways of two different rounts count?


I know I am very late on the party. But Dan can you confirm that I can still take advantage of these promo even if I havent transfered SPG point yet?






Thanks Dan! Additionally, if I trasnfer tomorrow will it work? Do they transfer within 24 hours even on Weekends and Holidays? Or it is only during regular weekdays?

Also, all i do is email once the points post with a screenshot? Do i need to add in any other language?


SPG transfer option to JetBlue has disappeared?


@srulyP: You must also email them your TrueBlue number.


Should work.

There never was one.


Hi Dan,

I just tried creating a Jet Blue for my daughter. A message popped up about creating a child account (below).

Will a child account also get this promotion?

Thank you!

To create a Child TrueBlue account, the following must be true:

1. You are 21 or older
2. You are the parent/ guardian of the child
3. You have a TrueBlue account and are signed in
If you have an existing TrueBlue account, please sign in and click on the “Create Child Account” link on the left sidebar. If you are not currently a TrueBlue member, please create an account for yourself first to enroll your child.




Something interesting:

I signed up for my whole family, everyone besides the baby had flown miles approx, the baby had exactly 50,001 that was transferred in.

Everyone besides the baby got a email requesting the other screenshot of the landing page, the baby still nothing.

It seems they are first honoring ppl with flown miles.

I am waiting to hear back from them, I sent in the proper screenshot.


Thanks Dan!

That’s 300,000 free points! Although now that I’ve used all my SPG I’ll need to figure out where I will stay on my vacations….


I have transferred 50,001 into my virgin, is it a problem if my Last name is missing from my virgin account? For some reason when I registered this account I mistakenly put my middle initial as my last name and now I can’t change that part of my profile on virgin.


i transferred 40k starwood points to virgin america so 50k points. i realized you need 50001 points. what should i do to get that extra point?


Dan can I still initiative spg transfer. Does it take longer over weekend? I don’t wanna miss it! Ty for everything!


Do I need to attach the Virgin America screenshot or is it okay to paste it in the body of the email?


Call Virgin to fix it.

Transfer some more Starpoints.


I attached mine.


Just an FYI – I sent in my request on Monday, still hadn’t heard back.

So I called the Jetblue mosaic line (1-877-538-8783) and the customer service rep actually did an internal chat with the points department and had them review my request. One minute later I received my confirmation email.


Can I transfer the spg point still? how long does it take for them to post in virgin?

Deal guy

@noah32: are you actually a Mosaic Status?


I sent email Tuesday, I just did the same as you, called the number, was put on hold while they called true blue, and recieved confirmation via email 1 min. later. Tnx


@Deal guy:

Yes, but perhaps the regular line will do that as well. Or maybe you can call the number and they’ll help you anyway.


@Deal guy:

Forgot to add: I’m mosaic status thanks to Dan!

Mike B

I’m confused on what you mean by they will fully honor the deal. Is that only for those that transferred in points before they changed the terms or is that for the duration of the promotion you can transfer in points (even today)?



Yosef Chaim

Assuming I don’t get a confirmation from JetBlue sometime today, will there be anyway to contact them Saturday night, Sunday or Monday?


to answer yehuda(above) i called jetblue saturday night(just now) but she said the emails are being processed in the order they were recieved (bla bla bla) so maybe u cud get someone else tonight who cud do it for u. lma’aseh they are answering the phone tonight if that was ur question


I registered wed night and received confirmation sat afternoon.


DO you Actually need to TAKE the flight to get the points ?


Just for all to know, I started the Starwood transfer to Virgin on Wed and got the points by Thursday, then sent Jet Blue the screen shot the same day, and low and behold I got the email from JB that I am registered for the promotion today, so even though I stared late it looks like all went to plan.

Best part is all I had to do was get an SPG Amex and the rest was free.

Thanks Dan

Ed Travel

Yesterday they finally replied (I send my request last Tuesday) and they said I need it another picture. I send the picture and in a few hours I got confirmation.

Mike B

I sent in my request on July 1 with the appropriate desktop screenshot showing 30,001 VA points just like the example they provided and I just got back an email from JB denying me with the same vague language others received in the past. What gives?


I transferred 40,001 Starpoints in my name to a Virgin FF account in my name, and there was no issue.
I followed the same protocol for my wife, utilizing MY SPG points and I have been awaiting her Virgin FF account to reflect the transfer but it has not.
I could have used her SPG ff acct, but I followed the language of the post which stated.
“You can transfer Starpoints into anyone’s Virgin America account. If you have enough points you can transfer points to your spouse and children to enroll all of them in this promotion.”

This is not the case.
Under the terms and conditions of it states
“Both the Starwood Preferred Guest and airline frequent flyer program accounts must have identical member names in order to complete this request; different names will cause the transfer to reject. Airline transfers are one-way, non-reversible, and non-refundable.”

Am I the only one that is going through this problem??
Some prior posts stated that they transferred for three members of the family.??.
How were they able to do so?


There have been hundreds of reports that it works just fine.


Even though it clearly states on SPG website that it will be rejected?


spg transfer to my wife and kids worked just fine.


Is your wife share the same last name? They might check the last name for match.


Yes, same last name.
Would someone be willing to pm me if they were able to transfer Spg puts into Virgin for a spouse or child.