Here Is Next Year’s Rollout Schedule For El Al’s Dreamliner Service To JFK, Newark, And Hong Kong


El Al currently has 2 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, which they use for a daily flight between Tel Aviv and London and between Tel Aviv and Newark. They will receive 5 more 787s next year, 7 more in 2019, and 2 more in 2020.

The Dreamliners are equipped with direct aisle access from every business class seat and a premium economy cabin. Coach seats are narrower than they are on other planes, though there are new creature comforts that the plane offers. There is no first class cabin on the 787.

El Al’s published 2018 plans for the 787:

  • 787 service to London will end on 3/18.
  • 787 flights from Tel Aviv to Hong Kong will begin on 3/18.
  • 787 flights between Tel Aviv and Newark will increase from 6 per week to 11 per week on 3/25. It will operate twice daily between Newark and Tel Aviv with a 1:30PM and a 9PM departure from Newark and a 1:15AM and a 1:50PM departure from Tel Aviv. The flight won’t operate on Friday or Saturday afternoon from Newark or on Friday afternoon or Saturday from Tel Aviv.
  • There are 3 peak season daily flights between Tel Aviv and JFK. The first daily 787 flight from Tel Aviv to JFK will begin on 6/29. The second daily 787 flight from Tel Aviv to JFK will begin on 9/16. Both of those flights replace 777 aircraft. For now, El Al flight 1 will remain operated by a 747 with first class service.

El Al will be switching more flights over to 787 service next year. Switching the 747 to a 787 on the JFK route will mean a significant reduction in capacity, so it remains to be seen if El Al will make up for that with an additional flight frequency to JFK.

What’s your guess about the next flight to be switched over to the 787? The 3rd JFK flight? Los Angeles? Miami? Perhaps Chicago will finally get nonstop service to Tel Aviv?


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My brother just flew on their Dreamliner in economy. Nothing to write home about…


Nice. I was told by a few that for now the Newark flight operated by the 787 has been pricier. Any truth to that ?

Andrew L

From what I’ve seen it’s true in business but not in economy.


Hey Dan, according to all this a new flight was already added to and from EWR. I for one enjoy the 747 granted I usually fly C, but I prefer the 777, 747 C class to the new 787 config.

High end hobo

The 788 actually have 9 more seats then the 772s they’re replacing. So with the 2nd Newark flight, the tri-state area will have more seats served by Elal even after the 744 is switched over. It follows that another JFK frequency for LY is unlikely.


Dan, do you know if El AL will actually be the last airline in the world to retire the 747 in 2050?

High end hobo

Korean, air China, and Lufthansa just got fresh deliveries of the 748I so I think they’ll be last


This means people will be a little but more desperate for that business class seat raising the demand…

Ani Tzioni

Totally insane to change 777’s and 747’s to 787’s. There is a great loss of seats with this idiotic move – I strongly doubt LY will be able to increase their daily flights to JFK, due to slot restrictions. Dumb, dumb, dumb!


I would have thought Toronto would switch over to the 787’s as they are currently flying the same 767 planes since the 1980’s


I assume Toronto and Boston will go from 767 to 777 once those planes are swapped out on the 787 routes. So everyone will get some upgrade. The fact that they have been using the 767 until now shows that they are a second (or third) tier priority for Elal.


Anyone that has been on both the F class on the new Business can provide feedback on whether the newer Biz is overall nicer than the First Class (not taking in the cost into the equation )?


My analysis as a TA. I see that coach is pretty much similar availability from JFK and EWR. PE and business is extremely tight on the 787 even though we’re pretty much into the winter, probably because of the high demand for the new product, and the severe lack of supply. It will probably ease up a bit as soon as more flights switch over.
I’ve had quite a few customers who wanted to try the new PE (at the base price published) but couldn’t afford paying well over $2k for it because it was down to the last seats.
I highly doubt that they will be adding another JFK flight very soon, because the added EWR flight fills in for all the seats they’re missing from the 747. It’s all the tri-state area, doesn’t really matter how it’s devided between EWR and JFK. Unless the reviews (which are so far amazing) people are passing on, will bring back lost costumers, and they’ll need to add space.
But I have a strong feeling that DL will switch this route to their a350 by the end of 2018. That will leave UA as the only one without a PE. I think there is a very large crowd (at least by the heimishe) who are ready to pay 1.5 – 2k to fly comfortably (in PE), but cannot afford $4k for business. I think the 28 seats El Al did may be too little.
Regarding the next route, my prediction is the last JFK flight, and after that LAX.


thank you very much for this insightful comment, yandmk.


I just flew the 787 Dreamliner (coach) EWR to TLV last week – was a total disaster. Seats are narrower than any coach bus, and it was quite hot too. For the most of us who don’t use the entertainment this aircraft is a total net downgrade.


chicago will get a 767 like boston lol


If they only have 2 total, one of which is flying TLV LHR, how are they doing daily TLVEWR, which requires 2 planes by itself?


I flew last week from EWR in coach, and the seats are extremely narrow. I had to hold my arm across my chest the whole time to avoid elbowing the guy next to me (although as he hogged both armrests he deserved it). Also disliked the lack of adjustable air flow.
I liked that there were Daf Yomi shiurim available on the entertainment system. However, they didn’t have the current daf, and the English shiurim were actually entirely in Yiddish.


That really good to know BG! Ill know to bring my own Daf Yomi!

Johnny Appleseed

A pity that the majority of flyers have to be downgraded again with the nightmare-liner. Most passengers fly coach and they HATE it.


Waiting for the new planes to Toronto


Don’t fly the dreamliner. I just flew it in business class. It was awful. Tiny squashed seat. Uncomfortable. I changed my return flight to an old plane flight. Was much better. Never again. Anyone I asked on flight felt the same. What a disappointment.


Will a 6pm flight on July 2nd be on a Dreamliner?