El Al Opens Form To Choose Between A Refund Or 125% Voucher, Which Will You Choose?

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I wrote last week about El Al offering vouchers worth 125% of the price paid for a flight. At the time, you had to email El Al to make a request, but El Al now has a form in English and in Hebrew to make your selection. Currently they are only accepting requests for vouchers on flights cancelled through April 30th, but that will be expanded.

El Al’s offer is surprisingly generous.

You can select between:

  • A full refund and 30 Matmid points. You can even request that the points be given to someone else. If you want to donate your 30 bonus points to Miles For Life, their Matmid number is 11034810 and the last name is Mendlovic.
  • A voucher worth 125% of the price paid. The voucher is valid for bookings through 12/31/21 for travel through 11/30/22. You can request a cash refund of the voucher in January 2022 after it expires, though you’ll only get a refund for the actual amount paid and not the bonus value. You can get a whole refund or a partial refund if you used some of the voucher, though it’s unclear how exactly a partial refund will be calculated. You won’t get the 30 Matmid points if you request a refund after getting the voucher.

I’m surprised to see El Al offering a point incentive for taking a cash refund, but they can certainly use the goodwill after holding onto funds for this long.

I’m also surprised that El Al didn’t lobby to change the law so that if people accepted the 125% voucher, they wouldn’t be able to choose a refund later on. I think it would have been fair if El Al offered a 125% non-expiring voucher that didn’t have a refund option, in addition to offering an upfront cash refund option.

I also would have liked to see an option to convert the ticket into a more flexible ticket that could be used on the same route without paying a fare difference, perhaps with some limited blackout dates. That could have been a win-win for El Al and consumers as consumers would have the peace of mind knowing they won’t have to pay more for a ticket and El Al wouldn’t have to issue as many upfront cash refunds.

At any rate, here is some of the fine print:

  • The 125% voucher offer will be valid for tickets purchased through 9/21/20 for cancelled flights until 10/24/20.
  • Group tickets of 10 or more are not eligible for the voucher offer.
  • Partially used tickets are not eligible for the voucher offer.
  • Matmid tickets are not eligible for the voucher offer or bonus point offer.
  • The voucher can be used for El Al or Sun d’Or flights, upgrades, baggage fees, and seat selection fees.
  • The voucher can be used for “select products” on the El Al site, otherwise you’ll need to call El Al or ask a travel agent for items not supported by the website.
  • The voucher can be used by anyone and is transferrable.
  • If the ticket was issued in US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, South African rand, or British pound sterling, the voucher will be issued in that currency. If the ticket was issued in another currency, a US dollar voucher will be issued.
  • You can only use 2 forms of payment for an El Al ticket, so you can use 2 vouchers, or 1 voucher and a credit card number when you want to buy a new ticket.

The actual voucher will be a 15 digit UATP virtual credit card number that is only valid for use with El Al. This is great news for travel agents, as they will earn a commission when they sell new tickets that are paid for with a voucher. Other airlines have issued bonus vouchers that don’t give travel agents any credit for new bookings.

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I would take the money and run


I thought the HT was mines: https://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=119886.0
and surely that TA comment…
did someone post this before me? am I missing something?


Are the new owners calling the shots already?
Is this their offer,


Quite sure this is nothing they took part in.


How do you know that?


I have a partially used ticket and they offered me to change the flight to any day I choose free. This is the email I contacted all the others didnt respond:salesus@elal.co.il

Waiting for my refund

Elal states that for right now this only applies to flights to have departed prior to April 30 2020


What about if you booked your El Al tickets via Chase points


Same Q. anyone?


You have to remove the last digit to donate,
The correct information is:
Matmid #11034810
Name: Mendlovic Mayer

Points Saver

Is there a Heter Iskah on the 125% option….?


Why would there be? This isn’t a question of receiving interest. Do you ask the same questions regarding Chinese lunch specials and Buy One Get One Free promotions too?

Points Saver

You make a point. However it’s not the same.

Over here you are lending El Al (with significant Jewish ownership) your ticket price for a 25% premium to be paid at a later date. It’s made worse by the fact that you can’t redeem it now because they are currently shut down.


What are they doing for bookings cancelled by the customer due to covid concerns? They are supposed to refund with a penalty


they are offering the voucher for these tickets as well, for the full value of the ticket plus 25%

Shoshana M. Aryeh

So if I don’t do anything, I will automatically get a refund back to my cc?


Taking the 125% is a gamble until EL-Al solidifies what the future will be.


what if you have a ticket purchased with matmid points and money


what about refunds/credits to tickets that had one segment flown ?


what happens if i put in the info and it says “info does not match”or “not eligible” but all the info is correct

el al is sinking

in the same boat


What if we’ve already requested a refund when our flight was cancelled in June? Do we have to submit a second request now?


The form is now working for flights cancelled through 7/20/2020.
Maybe you can update the post.