SIZZLING! Delta Cardholders Can Book First Class Award Tickets From Canada To The US For 250 Miles+$0 Tax!

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Update 2: DEAD!

Update: Commenters are reporting that you need 25K miles in your account for this deal to work. You can transfer miles from AMEX to Delta instantly.


American Express is a advertiser.

If you have a Delta credit card like the Delta Gold, Delta Platinum, Delta Reserve, or Delta Business AMEX then you can use pay with miles. You just search for a revenue flight on, select a fare, and then a drop-down menu lets you know how many miles you can use. A $200 ticket would normally cost you about 25K miles.

However right now tickets that originate in Canada that cost less than C$284 can be had for just 250 miles with no taxes owed! Now that’s maximizing your Skypesos like never before!

You can use Google Flights Canada to find Delta flights originating in Canada for C$284 or less.

Then login to your mileage account on and search for a flight. You must have a primary Delta credit card attached to the mileage account for this to work.

Again, this will only work for tickets originating in Canada and it will only work for tickets that cost C$284 or less.

Don’t forget that you can book a one-way flight from NYC or Chicago to Toronto for 4.5K Avios, from Los Angeles to Vancouver for 7.5K Avios, or from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto for 10K Avios, and then you can book the return for just 250 miles with this deal!

For example this round-trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles is C$282 after sorting the flights by price and selecting the flights. After selecting the flight just use the drop-down menu to save C$282 by using just 250 miles!

















The next page will confirm the 250 miles+$0 price:











The email confirmation shows C$282, but that the total charge is $0. No pending charge came on my credit card when I booked this ticket:




















Only 250 miles were deducted from my Delta account:















You’ll even earn Medallion qualifying miles and segments with these fares!

I didn’t need the ticket so I cancelled it and got my miles back as it was within the 24 hour cancellation period.


While I couldn’t find any round-trips from Montreal or Toronto to NYC for C$284 or less, I did find one-way first class tickets that worked:


























Will Delta honor this?

They have a pretty good record.

They honored $150 tickets to Europe.

They honored $370 tickets to Israel via Europe and even allowed people to upgrade to a nonstop flight for free.

They honored thousands of $50 round-trip first class fares from places like NYC to Alaska, California, and Hawaii. They even honored the tickets of thousands more people who didn’t receive ticketing confirmations.

They also honored $10 fares from Vancouver to Los Angeles just 2 weeks ago.

But they may follow United’s lead and decide not to honor mileage ticket mistakes. Time will tell, stay tuned!

Everything in this post was discovered by trial and error and I’m sure there are lots of other great deals, so keep searching and post them in the comments!

HT: Sol B.
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can i book for someone else




The pay with miles option is exclusive to card holders?




One of those rare moments where I wished I had a Delta card.


You can’t book this if you want to leave from the US?


It’s called a bittersweet deal! Bottom line…


Good deal. Hope they honor!


@Deal: read the post, that’s why oscar said it’s bittersweet for US



You also need 25K in the account.


But who really has a Delta card??? 😀


if i get 2 roundtrips from yul to usa
can i use the return ticket of the first ticket to get there? pr they wont let me return if i dont leave yul? and can i maybe ccancel the outgoing flight?


Too bad it only works form Canada.


You can fly to a place like Montreal or Toronto via Avios and fly back with this


What about if its 285.60 do you think it will still work cuz theres a lot of tickets from mtl to chicago for that price?


Want to use my delta card? Email me


Booked YYZ-FLL for 250 miles, score!


Apparently Dan?

dans fan

seems to be dead


I can’t get the Drop down to show up… any advice?


Interesting, not a problem I have 😉

Use miles to fly to Canada.

Why not try and see?


@dans fan:
Still alive, just booked my brother a one-way from Toronto to Akron for Pesach.

Do you have a Delta credit card and are you logged in?

Tyler C

Looks like the account has to be registered in the US for this to work as well. I checked one that wasn’t and nothing would come up.


worked! put 2 passengers on one booking- added young child that wouldnt be able to be added online on their own- and it took off 500 miles and gave me a flight for free!
Thanks Dan, you da MAN!



Yah, have Delta Gold card… logged in, flight originating in CA.. no drop down


@Tyler C: i booked and my account is registered in canada (though i have the us and canadian delta card not sure which is primary)


@dan are you sure you get milleage? i got this message on top of my itinerary when cheching online “Pay with Miles
This itinerary is not eligible for mileage accrual and may not be eligible for upgrades.”


Whas the drop down menu to pay with miles?


You don’t get redeemable miles, you get medallion qualifying miles and segments.


I think you need a minimum of 10,000 miles in your account to see the drop down

Tyler C

@netzih Interesting, i have a platinum US Card but the account is registered in China.


I also can’t don’t have the dropdown menu. Using an account with very few miles on it, so the 25K rule mentioned is probably be the issue. So in my case, the cost would be transferring 25K to delta, not the 250 per seat.


Vancover to Miami $281




i dont have the dropdown to change from paying with money to pay with miles, why dont i have that dropdown?


Why do I keep getting the 30 day advance purchase notice? Is it only for flights 30 days out?


@Dan: i trust you 🙂 Thanks so much. been pushing off booking from nyc to LA for ages now i’ll go visit family in toronto before going to LA.

Tyler C


I figured out the issue I have right under 25k (23797) so I cant book


Don’t see the drop-down menu – any thoughts?


Do any credit cards transfer instantly to delta?


doesit have to be round trip?


i think deal is now dead.. booked one.. and second one isn’t going through..

dans fan

btw just got back from vancouver with the 40$ ticket it eas amazing thank you again and btw i did not got any miles for this ticket.


Still alive for me.


dead for me, booked three flights, fourth didn’t show up.
had to do one passenger at a time to be under the price


Is this only if you book 1 ticket? When I increase quantity it stops working.


Just booked a return YVR-LAX for my $10 LAX-YVR from the last deal 😀 Thanks Dan!!!

Also, you indicated this in the post but it may not be 100% clear to people, this must be a Delta flight, not a partner flight. I tried it on a WestJet flight but partner flights don’t have the pay with miles option.

dans fan

here we go as of now i only have 12k points and thats y its not worked for me


Just booked 5 one ways. $0. Awesome find Dan. Thanks!


Only for 2 or less tickets in a single booking?


figured the issue with me.. you need at least 25,000 miles in the account… now iv’e only got 24, 957 so i have to transfer


update: just realized that for the fourth flight i fell below 25,000, ill be transferring now, is it instant?


Booked, Dropdown only appeared when i used an account that had over 25k miles.

250 miles option only showed when booking one ticket at a time.



Now it’s taking me all the way through and then giving a booking error 🙁



Yup, so it seems.

From AMEX MR? Yes.


Just booked a whole yeshiva for a chasunah in montreal. thanks Dan! Now the way there…


what dates did you got? anybody?


Where does it say it’s first class?



Every date C$284 and under works.

If you select from the first class column and it’s under C$284 then it’s first class…


Miles transferred instantly, and I got all my upcoming flights booked bh. Thank you Dan, and thank you Levi G for all your tech help!


just got 11 tickets total thanks dan


All works for me but the drop down only gives me option of 10k not 250 miles- any ideas?


11 tickets total so far
thanks dan!!


Can I book a flight with a stop-over in a US city and get on in the stopover city and drop the first leg from Canada or will they not let me board (looking at a flight with a 3.5 layover)?

Ed Travel

It worked for me…I had gotten a deal to Estonia and was wondering how I was going to get back home…Problem solved 🙂


Nevermind, it was a browser issue, didn’t work in chrome but works in IE 🙂


@Joe they will definitely not let you board


Well booked from Toronto to Chicago, 3 tickets, 750 miles in FIRST in June 2016.

Might go back and book economy sometime later in the month and then choose which one to use, this will not be FIRST though.


@Oren: Is that for sure? Happy to take the chance on the 250 miles, but not the other arrangements for the trip…


I have an account registered in France with Amex delta platinum and it worked.

@Ed Travel what do you mean? you founf a flight to estonia for less than 284?


Why does Delta send a separate confirmation for every passenger? Spamming my inbox.

Ed Travel

I had a ticket to Estonia leaving from YYZ (good deal for about ~350 dollars) but I live in California, so now I can come back from Estonia and go back to California for 250 sky pesos…


UGH Cancelled Delta Amex a month ago. Anyone want to book a ticket for me? lol


@Anonymous (probably @Joe): If you book an itinerary with two segments and do not board the first segment, they will cancel your second segment.


Booked 1 more just in case if we change our plans from Toronto to Chicago for labor day weekend, but in economy not FIRST.


@Yosef: Do not email. I think I just got scammed. He asked for photo of my driver’s license and haven’t heard back 🙁


When do they usually announce if they are going to honor these type of deals after it came out?


@dan what would happen if I applied for a delta Amex now and was approved – could that work?





Thanks dan.
booked 7 one ways for family (3 first class, 4 economy) pity I don’t need myself any Canada tickets now.

I fell below 25,000 in middle and I didn’t read that amex is instant, so instead I wasted $40 transferring 1,000 miles from another delta account.

Thanks again.


@Jen: only if the deal is around in month or two, after u get the card in the mail, spend the money for signup, wait for statement to close.


Dan, I will be catching a flight to OH to personally thank you for this deal!!!!!!! 🙂

Does anyone know if Delta allows free flight changes i.e. to an earlier or later flight???


@eli I have the miles, but not the credit card…


I don’t know how long it takes for that link to be made, sorry.
If you try, let us know!


I got YYZ to SJU for my wife and I.


LAS working for anyone?


Booked a total of 16 tickets. Thanks Dan!


Dan, I’m not getting the points option. Can it because my delta card is not the Gold? It’s the free Delta Amex Card.
Thank You



Should work one-way.

That would be exactly why.





I have the card and the miles, am NYC based
would like to go to JAC etc, any way to do it?
yyz -jac? lax?
all seem to cost much more


Any way to book children on this deal?


Anyone find any roundtrips that qualify out of YWG or YYZ?


I Guess the Delta Classic for $55 is not eligible either?


Make up the age, nobody cares and it’s not on the ticket.



Do you think I should book a ticket for my 4 month old? Like, would the airline charge us? Flying yul- San


No round trips from NYC to YUL??


Can someone update the post with direct flight only. Besides NYC what other options are there direct???


Of course you should, my kids fly on Avios tickets as 102 and 104 year olds.

Use 4.5K Avios NYC-YUL and fly back for 250 miles.

Direct from where? It’s good from every city in Canada!


Dan, does Delta allows free flight changes i.e. to an earlier or later flight or the preceding or next day?


seems dead


Alive and well.


So we booked tickets, for some reason my spouse never received an email confirmation. If we book a second ticket, do you think we could change the name to my child’s?




My wife has the card but i have the miles will this work for us and the kids??


Soooo alive and well. Did 3 from YUL-PHX during december.


No, just book another for your child.

Man, if I had a dollar for every time someone called a deal dead when it was alive and kicking…

Transfer miles from AMEX MR to her?




Wouldn’t Delta be aware of this already?

Do you think since if it’s still working there is a chance they will honor it?

I booked a ticket for Friday and wondering when they will announce if they will honor. Booked a avios flight and don’t want to lose my miles if I don’t cancel within 24 hours.


Where can I go from YYZ? Would do vegas, jac, san, any other vacation destination it would work for?


@Deal: If you’re already within 24 hours of the avios departure, it’s too late to cancel it…


First thanks Dan.
Next, keep in min SDC (same day change) in 1st class is any open seat vs coach that is for fare class. I have booked a few in 1st one-ways.
PWM should pay out full MQMs and may also per my test in past pay SkyMiles include fare class bonus for 1st and even crossover rewards and SkyBonus but we will see.
Lastly, wide open ORD to YYZ for 9k AVIOS in biz plus $5.60 for those who want to do a full day in biz 🙂


My bad. seems some flights aren’t eligible for PWM option at all.


@Dan: can we change the birth year of the child later? For some reason it won’t let me use 2014/2015



Looking for direct destinations from Canada to any state besides NYC????

chana k

@Anonymous: Just make the kid older. No one checks or cares.

Dan, I got 6 tickets. 4 for after Pesach. Loving this. Thanks.


@Dan: Thanks!


If it’s over C$284 will it still take off the C$284, i.e if ticket is C$290 can you book for 250 miles and C$6?


I think it just died


Dan thanks for posting this. My buddy, Sol B. Told me he let you in on this after he found it by trial and error. Keep posting this its a great deal. I just booked my family back in march for a wedding 3 tickets (yyz) with avios and 3 with delta to jfk .
So still live and well


Does anyone know if it still alive ?

High end hobo

Thanks dan, I booked to Calgary, gonna hit up Banff Iyh


Just booked to Anchorage!
Sick deal!


Is there this flight from Yyz-lax??
Thanks Dan in advance


@leaf to answer my own question – no it won’t work.


Check your date from thx to lax, if the flights is $284 or less then yes, it’s billable for 250 miles


Looks like the pay with miles option is gone from the website.


I just tried booking, and it keeps on saying error. Worked for me ten minutes ago, and than it juststopped…


what dates did you find to Anchorage?


Anyone willing to help a brother out? I need YVR to jfk but no delta card.


IF there aren’t enough seats in First at the right price, can we buy the infant a coach seat and take them lap-baby into the parents 1st class seat?


still alive- just booked!


guys, where are you booking to from east, namely yyz?


Still alive, just booked to Alaska as well!


Seems like the deal is dead… working for anyone?


I’m trying but keep getting an error message. Any way around this?


No luck. Flying out of YYZ > NYC, Chicago, or DC. Can’t get it to work for some reason! Any help?


No, as soon as you do a no show all additional segments on the same PNR will be automatically cancelled


Any way to get around the constant error messages? Using several different browsers to try and book but keep getting an error message unable to book.


seems to be dead


Pretty sure the deal is dead — site is super slow for me and I receive an error message when I look under “my trips”. Fingers crossed this is honored


Argh … they removed the option to pay with miles.


I am getting errors at the point after selecting the flight now as well.


We’re sorry, there was a problem processing your request. Please go back and try the entry again. If you continue to experience problems, please contact one of our representatives at 800-221-1212 or the number on the back of your membership card for assistance. #100810R


Trips seems to have disappeared from My Trips, so this is not looking good …

Ed Travel

Delta website is not displaying my flights it says “We’re sorry. We can’t show your upcoming trips right now. Please try again later.”


Ok now it’s really dead!


No Delta card for me anymore….but good luck to everyone!!!!!!!


From Delta’s site:

We will be performing maintenance on our merchandising systems on Thursday, January 28, from approximately 8am ET through 12pm ET . The car rental product may be unavailable for purchase during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Wonder what caused that. 😉


You guys broke the delta website — can’t even get on to!!


I have 12 Reservations booked… Let’s see what happens


Ok now when it’s dead can all the selfish guys
Reveal where they booked to from Yyz?


@Marty: @Ed Travel: I noticed the same when on pc. But when using the mobile app it shows my flights and allows seat changes/upgrades etc.


if we have a flight originating in toronto with a stopover in ny, on the way to la, for the family, can some of the kids join in ny?


I’m amazed at some the stupid questions on here. Have none of you flown before?


Of course! Just not on this ticket! You need to book them on a NYC LAX flight


i think its dead




So when is the announcement going to come if these are being honored or not?


Yep. Delta guys fixed the site. Now I can login and view my trips… the trips I booked last night on this deal but wasn’t able to view this morning. they are still alive. but when I tried to book same one again, there is no more pay with miles option at all. Looks like they are honoring the booking so far.

I got on it early last night… booked 4 x 1 way first class from Calgary to Seattle for my family and 1 round trip YVR to LAX in economy same day just in case I need a short mileage run. I will use 4.5K avios deal (before it goes up) to get to calgary from seattle… if my wife approves. She doesn’t know that I booked these yet… she doesn’t like flying that much… 🙁


I’m new what’s the appropriate venue to offer up tickets to Vancouver in Feb? I scored the 10$ ones but can’t go.



you can’t transfer airline tickets

only someone with the same name can use it



I don’t know if they will just make an announcement.

Surprisingly, compared to other deals like this, it was very limited. Hopefully they will just let it go.


Is it worth keeping to see perhaps I can make it or should I cancel? for 250 miles i think it is worth it. I jsut want to confirm that I am not going to be penalized for a no show.


How could you be penalized more than what you paid??



I know that when you have a no show at a hotel booking with points they can charge you the cost of one night…


The hotel industry works on a postpaid system, airfare is prepaid.



Thank you for the info and for the great deal, was able to snag two tickets now just gotta see if I make them!


Update: I can confirm they are all legitimate tickets and won’t be cancelled …


when do we know if these are good? We want to book the other way to canada. After Shabbos?


@Marty: what’s your source?


@Marty: how can you confirm? What’s your source?


Marty, can you explain how you confirm that? Not saying on the authority of some dude named Marty isn’t a complete guarantee but would be nice to know how you know that.


What’s deltas return policy when you book on miles?how long do I have to cancel and re deposit points? Can you fly one leg of the trip you book on miles and cancel return flight and get back the miles??


Delta let me change the birthday on my tickets!


Thanks, Dan, again!!

Dan's the Man

@Chevie: Redeposit points? You’re worried about 250 Delta points? You serious? Just go collect some cans to recycle and you’ll get the $1 or $2 that 250 Delta points are worth.


@Chevie – since you’re paying with miles it’s the same as if you’d bought it with a credit card. You have until midnight the following night to cancel (not sure about the time zone that is used for that). The rude commenter above is probably not that far off (although clearly because of the PWM option the points should be worth at least $2.50. For me, I booked 8 of these, which is at least $20 but more than worth it, especially if I take even one of these flights.


Is it safe yet to assume that delta is honoring the tickets?


I just called delta and they told me that they know about the glitch and they will be honoring it,


If I am flying NYC – YYZ – SLC, do I need to clear customs in YYZ if not checking bags? I have only 45 minute connection within terminal 3


Anyone got to fly yet? Check in window opened for me and this is what I get:

We’re sorry. We can’t validate your ticket.
Please contact your local reservation office for help.


Any update on this? I fly out in 1 week

Fly yet

Has anyone successfully used these delta desl tickets yet?

@anon were you able to resolve your issue and fly?

Dan, please post if you have any further details on successful or unsuccesful attempts to fly on these deal tickets. Thanks so much.


any updates on this?


Any update? Did anyone fly??

It worked!

FYI, I flew today yyz to JFK without any problems.


Delta gave me a 1 dollar per point valuation on this deal in the form of credit to be used anytime to from anywhere in the next year #freemoney


@Avi, how did you get this?did they approach you and offer you the credit in exchange to cancel your tickets ?


No , others posted too that if you need to change your ticket .. and they waive the change fee .. they will credit you the money value of the ticket not miles


@Avi,coud you explain why delta would waive the change fee?also r u saying that I could cancel the ticket I booked and receive a credit which can be used in a year? where did u see the data points ?thanks.