HOT! HURRY! Delta Sky Club Passes For Just $22 From Groupon!!!

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Update 2: HURRY! Alive again on 08/12 through 11:59pm!

Originally posted on 07/13:

Update: DEAD!

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$22 Delta Sky Club Pass Offer Linky

Delta Sky Club Locator (Click on Delta Sky Club 1 Day Passholder to see valid locations)

Groupon Linky

-You must purchase the passes by 11:59pm EDT tonight!

-These passes normally sell for $50 each!

-You can buy as many passes as you like, you will need one pass per person per visit.

-The passes will expire on 12/31/10.

-One-day passes are valid for an unlimited amount of clubs on a single day of travel. Itineraries that include a date change between origin and destination are treated as the same day of travel and allow for club access.
-One-day pass is valid for use at any Delta Sky Club location.
-50+ worldwide locations
-Eight lounges in ATL
-Use with travel on any airline
-Complimentary alcoholic beverages, snacks, WiFi, etc.

Club access is especially useful when there are irregular operations (weather, etc) because club agents are extremely helpful with placing you on a new flight.

The Groupon Promise: Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers well. If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we’ll return your purchase – simple as that.

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dan, this is for one time visit correct? do they have lounges in Ben Gurion or in JFK and whats story with kids under five do they need passes to? PLease advise asap


Follow in the instructions in the post for location details. JFK has 4 Delta clubs, TLV has none.

I would assume that everyone (except infants under 2) will need their own pass.


while i got u dan, Im flying delta for succos from jfk(grabbed deal on fri 838 including tax) bringing my three babies, how do i go aboutgetting bulk seat? showing up early never works as i realized they give seats mostly to elite members


Call and beg for one?


Hey Dan,

You rock!


Does this work at london heathrow? I went on the skyclub website and it seems to say that 1 day pass holders do not have access to the lounge at Heathrow.


Nope, no Delta lounge in LHR.


Yes, there is an excellent delta lounge at london heathrow, but it seems they don’t let one day pass holders in, according to the website.


It’s a Skyteam Alliance lounge, not a Delta lounge.
The pass is good at any Delta branded lounge.


too bad, i’d buy a few of these before midnight for long layovers at heathrow!



Toby Lerner

i received the Dans Deals email time at 7am on Wednesday mentioning the lounge. The date on the lounge blurb was the 13th and said you had to buy by midnight. why is it we get it the next day. this has happened more than once.


Well yes, it is now past midnight…

@Toby Lerner:
The emails are not meant for deal alerts, they’re just a recap of deals sent out by google the next day.

If you want instant deal notification use


Hey i bought this thinking i could use in in PHL bec i have a long stopover there, but then i checked again, and for the one day pass phl is not listed!!! do you think they will refund? and ideas what to do?
but other wise i was super excited!!!

Thank you dan


There is no Delta club in PHL. You can call Groupon for a refund or save it for another trip in an airport with a Delta club.

Toby Lerner


that means you need a twitter account? is there a charge for that using a compouter?
if i do that, emails will come from twitter?

it you go to every day will you find them before you get the emails?


is this worth it dan?


Sure, a having a comfortable and quiet place to daven, eat, drink, and surf the web in the airport is always a great thing.

question to the man dan

if i am silver medallion on delta do i get into the clubs for free anyways?


@question to the man dan:
No, you won’t get free access with Silver on Delta.


btw these coupons expire by 12/2010


Alive again today (Miami):


Dan, going to be in toronto next week , looking for any suggestions to eat out at night? medium priced.


@Toby Lerner:
Or you can use a site called


Alive again on the NEW YORK groupon page.


do you have to be flying with delta to get into their lounge?? or can i fly a with another ailine and still get in at JFK????


You can fly with any airline and still use the Delta lounge with these passes.



last question i am flying with my wife and child of 1 yrs. Do i need to buy a coupon for both of them?


do i get the pass in the mail?? how long does it take to come???