Hey Delta, Which Airport In “Occupied Palestinian Territory” Do You Or A Partner Airline Fly To?

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Update 5, 02/09 at 5:55pm: Delta has once again removed all references to serving any airports in the “Occupied Palestinian Territory” and “Palestinian Territories” from their website.

In other news, it seems like some of you have been having too much fun at their agents expense šŸ˜€
Update 4, 02/07 at 12:55pm: Delta has just added back “Palestinian Territories” to both pages below.
Apparently they think that the Tel Aviv airport is located in “Palestinian Territories” as there are no other airports in Israel or the “Palestinian Territories” that Delta or their partners serve.
Not happy with their shenanigans? Vote with your wallet, there are plenty of better airline options out there and much better mileage currencies than Delta’s “Skypesos.”

They are obviously listening closely to our tweets, you can retweet my latest message to them to get rid of this latest nonsense as well by clicking here.
Update 3, 02/07 at 12:20pm: Delta listens and twitter works! The offending language is now gone from both of the pages below!
Update 2, 02/07 at 12:01pm: A commenter points out that while Delta did remove “Occupied Palestinian Territory” from the award chart page, they still have the offending language on their site in the Middle East terms and conditions page.

You can retweet them to get rid of the language on that page as well here.
Update, 02/07 at 11:50am: Congratulations DansDeals readers, your retweets and emails have been heard!
Delta has just removed “Occupied Palestinian Territory” from their middle east award chart!!!!


Originally posted at 02/07 at 12:30am:

Delta’s middle-east award chart says that it applies for flights in the following countries:
“Bahrain; Egypt; Iran, Islamic Republic of; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Occupied Palestinian Territory; Oman; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Syrian Arab Republic; United Arab Emirates (composed of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras El Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Qaiwain); Yemen, Republic of; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan.”

Here’s my question, which airport in the so-called “Occupied Palestinian Territory” does Delta or a partner airline fly to? Or are they just considering Ben Gurion/TLV to be in Israel as well as “Occupied Palestinian Territory?”

I’m sure Hamas would approve…

Wondering the same thing? Follow @dansdeals on twitter and click on “retweet” on this tweet to Delta to ask them to please explain.

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I’ll never fly Delta again if they don’t correct it!


This is what they are referring to:


It was located in the West Bank. And as long as Israel occupies it, it will be considered Occupied Palestinian Territory!


OK DD followers. Now is the time to unify and organize: what action do we take to rectify this nonsense. Let the dialog and action, begin…


Dan, start blasting them on twitter @Delta That will get their attention.


They also wrote Israel… Even more confusing…


I will not fly Delta again even if they do correct it. Where does Delta come into the picture to draw borders, they remind me of the elite Hollywood that tells us to vote Democratic.


I got emails from my sister about this and she wrote a complaint to them. At the end it came out someone hacked their site because the url is different.


The Paleterroritstian airport is in Gaza, which was ceded during the disengagement of the brain from the body… and yet they still refer to it in their propaganda style. We also know that they also have a partnership with the Saudis that don’t let Jews on board. This airline has crossed all boundaries of acceptable behavior. There needs to be real action against them.


If you click the link and look at the start of the url you will notice dmn is added to it but when clicking any links on the left it takes you back to the delta website.


I am not surprised they do not let jews fly to saudi arabia either if you recall


This is crazy!, we gotta really get on their case! Let’s unleash the power of dans deals!


Your problems I would love to have.


I am a skymiles member and intend to use Delta very often in the future. Please elaborate on why you indicate that Delta flies to Occupied Palestinian Territory if the airport in TLV is not in dispute and there isn’t an airport on the west bank or gaza. For your conveninience I am copying the table from the Delta award chart. I await a response.

Middle East
>Bahrain; Egypt; Iran, Islamic Republic of; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Occupied Palestinian Territory; Oman; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Syrian Arab Republic; United Arab Emirates (composed of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras El Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Qaiwain); Yemen, Republic of; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan


WOW. Neither will I.



We need to get this information out their that everybody knows, How bad Delta is.

This information should be send out to all evangelical christians that love Israel


Chutzpu! Bad delta bad!

Crazy Joe

Try to pander to both sides, and you’ll lose all! I wont be flying delta either.


1. That is a closed airport, so why is that relevant to a mileage chart?
2. Does Delta fly to occupied Texas? After all we won it from the Mexicans in a war?

I did. Now I need you guys to retweet it and get it noticed!

That’s a lie.

Neither Delta nor their partners fly to any airport in Gaza or the West Bank, so the only airport they can be referring to is TLV.

Dude, click on Delta.com>Skymiles>Use Miles>Award Mileage Chart>and then click on the pin in the Middle East to get to this page.
This isn’t a hack, this is what is displayed on Delta.com

Technically Saudi Arabia doesn’t let Jews fly to Saudi Arabia, I think this issue is worse than that as far as Delta is concerned.

Retweet and email them!

@Crazy Joe:
Continental is better anyway…


Apparently there’s an airport called (GZA) Gaza International Airport, but it’s not being used and is severely damaged. Not that they would be able to use it otherwise since there’s a air blockade on Gaza.



@Shreck: Why would Delta advertise that they fly to a closed a airport?


I already don’t fly delta if i can avoid it, just because of bad service.
But now I will never, never fly them. How much more – $50, even more- to fly a more appropriate airline? Principals do have a monetary value (and delta will soon see that).
thanks Dan


thanks. just did it to both


Looks like they fixed it!


Gone from there too, now. Hooray!


Looks to me like they just copied the language from the UN or WHO who refers to the area as “Occupied Palestinian Territory”. http://www.unicef.org/sowc03/tables/regional-summaries.html They used to fly to GZA, probably never removed it.

Of course, if they become a member in the UN, I am sure their official recognition would change from oPt to Palestine… But Israel lobbied pretty hard for them not to be allowed to do that…


i posted the original e-mail and called corporate a few times. Originailly I got the run-around. They tried to tell me that it isn’t them but a partner airline flies there. They claimed KLM flies there. I told them that I would like to book a flight for next week,obviously they couldn’t find a flight. To make a long story short- A managre apologized and will look into it. She claims she will call me back tomorrow. If they e-mail me I will post the response.


It’s already gone, DansDeals tweeters did it!


awesome!! now i just retweeted the last part


It was in GAZA, not the West Bank. (those are 2 different areas in case you didn’t know)


now it just says “Palestinian Territories”


Man, you have got to be kidding me!
Why did they add that back???

Here we go again…


Palestinian Territories is the right term to use, not sure why people are offended.


Because the only airport in Israel and the “Palestinian Territories” that Delta or a Delta partner flies to is TLV.
Or are you saying that Tel Aviv/Lod is actually a Palestinian Territory and not Israel, as Hamas would claim.


the heck wit’ ’em. Lots of better options out there. I just flew more than 20 business trips and only one was on Delta. Next round it’ll be none!!!


I bl”n will not fly delta ever again if they don’t remove those words from their site.


Update: Now it’s just Palestinian Territories instead of Occupied Palestinian Territories.


My bad, I was not sure how many airports are there in Israel and the Ć¢ā‚¬Å“Palestinian TerritoriesĆ¢ā‚¬Ā. However, it is quite interesting how quick you were to point out what Hamas thinks.


Put an post on this on Flyertalk in the Delta forum. Also, let the Atlanta Jewish Times know.


They added that an hour ago.
It’s still inexcusable in my opinion as I explained in comment #34.

I’m not aware of anyone else besides Hamas (and apparently Delta) that would consider TLV airport to be in “Palestinian Territories.”
Not even Fatah would publicly say that!

As is evidenced by the multiple changes on Delta.com today, we have the power to do this ourselves folks, tweet, retweet, email, and call them!


Ummm…. Gaza is not occupied by anyone other than Palestinians.
So unless we live in Occupied New York, this is still inaccurate.


im confused-
i just checked it and this is what it says.
Bahrain; Egypt; Iran, Islamic Republic of; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Palestinian Territories; Oman; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Syrian Arab Republic; United Arab Emirates (composed of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras El Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Qaiwain); Yemen, Republic of; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan.
can someone explain to me how taking away occupied and leaving PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES,is fixing it?


It’s not. They removed it completely for a little bit and then added that back, as per the update timeline.


oops i didnt see all the other post they all just popped up.


if people dont have facebook or twitter dan can you pleas provide where we can BASH THEM.


why dont we try doing the same for facebook like when you post from chevron it says palastine


next step is to make a headline out of this for the 6 clock news and we’ll see how fast they change it after that.


Here’s a corp number:

But maybe it’s time to get Facebook and Twitter? They’re both very useful tools.


Do the following search
skymiles palestinian occupied territories

you will see what it looked like before they changed it

save it, print it, do a print screen and save the image


after update 4

this is out of hand, are they normal??????


This is what I sent to fox news room
To the news anchor


According to delta website the only airport in the State of Israel is “Palestinian Territories” it first said “Palestinian Occupy Territories” they changed it after a friend of mine complained. The only airport in Israel is Tlv. And this is after they dont fly any “RELIGIOUS PEOPLE” to Saudi Arabia.

Please look in to it.

Have any question please feel free to email me back



Time for this to get national media attention like the whole Saudi airline debacle…Delta is just not getting it…let’s vote with our wallets and get this story some coverage…let’s keep tweeting!


Could it be that Delta is saying what the redemption would cost were a skyteam flight to become available to “Palestinian territories?”

To determine this, I would ask two other questions: 1) Does skyteam currently provide service to each of the other countries in the list? and 2) Are there any countries noticeably absent from Delta’s award charts, the absence of which could be due to no current skyteam service to such countries?


Considering that there are no active airports in Ć¢ā‚¬Å“Palestinian territoriesĆ¢ā‚¬Ā how could a partner airline start to fly there exactly?


@JayB: Yeah, Gaza sure has complete sovereignty, right? So I can ship something from Turkey, through international waters, into Gazan Waters, and into Gaza, right? Oh, no I cant. I would call that, at least partially, occupied.


On the same topic: took an Air Canada flight 2 weeks ago to Israel and the interactive in-flight map did not have Israel or any city in Israel marked on it at all. Just an empty, unmarked area…
On a flight to Israel…


Way to politicize, Dan!

Good for Delta. I’ll make sure to use them often. I’ll make sure to let them know that on twitter, too, and email.


Oh, I’m sorry. You must believe that Tel Aviv is occupied Palestinian territory?

Occupied Palestinian Territories - FlyerTalk Forums

[…] some details here: http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/19357 What's going on? My guess is someone in some department at Delta had to define what they mean by […]


Dan, I dont get it. Do you really think that Delta believes that Tel Aviv should belong to the Palestinians? Or that Delta somehow supports Hammas? Its this kind of pissing contest that keeps the wheels turning.

I would like to see more outrage about orthodox jews spitting on little (jewish) girls in public Israeli streets than about Delta listing “Palestinian Territories” in the website. I am sure you tweeted your outrage about that, as well?


I think orthodox jews spitting on little girls is just vile and it was indeed condemned all over the web.

But I run a site about deals and travel, and that didn’t fall within my realm of coverage.

When I came across a mileage chart that seemed to imply TLV is on “occupied palestinian territory” I thought it was worth writing about and within my realm of travel coverage.



Yud, that is horrible but this is horrible on its own merits.



It is still on all the car rental sites with skymiles.


check out this article: http://www.jpost.com/Headlines/Article.aspx?id=256886
JPost Believes they were the one to get Delta to remove this from their website.


@James – one battle at a time…let’s share the link and hope other outlets pick it up…


They can believe what they want. It was posted and asked to Delta here first and a JPost writer probably saw it here and asked them about it…doesn’t really matter though.


Come on. Get a life people. Let’s boycott everyone because of their beliefs or whatever. What about the American Indians? The whole world is so ultra sensitive. Bunch of cry babies…


Dan: Sorry, I know. Its just misplaced energy to me. We all know Delta doesnt support Hamas. To suggest so because of a country list buried in terms and conditions is a little ridiculous, I think we can agree. There are bigger issues that deserve attention.


Well then why did they take down “Occupied Palestinian Territory” for an hour and then put “Palestinian Territories” back up again?
Exactly which airport are they trying to include in the middle east mileage award chart by putting that back up?

Fan of Dan!

The best ways to contact Delta and make sure you are heard!

Main Switchboard
(404) 715-2600

Investor Relations
(404) 715-2170
(866) 715-2170


Fan of Dan!

The best ways to contact Delta and make sure you are heard!

Delta Air Lines Corporate Communications
United States
1-404-715-2554 (phone)
1-404-715-5876 (fax)
1-888-763-5304 (after-hours duty pager)

1-404-715-2554 (US, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean)
Fax: 1-404-715-5876
1-888-763-5304 (after-hours duty pager)
44-208-750 9913 (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
81-3-5400-7230 (Japan, Asia)


Right now they still have “Palestinian Territories” on the chart and “Occupied Palestinian Territories” on the T&C.


Click refresh.


Why won’t people calm down? North Korea is listed on the North Asia award chart, and there are no DL partners that fly there, either. Listing a country on the award chart does not indicate that there’s service there, it’s done in case there is service in the future.


North Korea has an active airport with major carriers (Air China, etc) that fly there.

There is no active airport in Gaza or the West Bank.

But your point is taken.


What about the fact that they fly to a country (Saudi Arabia) that is antisemitic and won’t let jews in, that is enough to get on their case about! It’s the same thing as saying that antisemitism is acceptable. We should make a big deal about that too!


Delta doesn’t fly to Saudi Arabia and frankly even if they did I don’t think that’s an issue. They’re a sovereign country and if they choose to be judenrein then so be it.


@Dan: Perhaps it means that in the event that the runway is repaved and the airport is reopened,and skyteam service reinstated, the mileage redemption will follow the chart.


Check out National Car Rental drop down


this is what they wrote to me:
Thank you for your e-mail to Delta Air Lines.

In regards to your e-mail, After reading your remarks, I certainly
understand why you wanted to bring this matter to our attention. Please
be assured we will make every effort to prevent anything similar from
happening again. Reports from our passengers are the best way we have of
knowing what areas may need additional attention.

Thank you for giving Delta the opportunity to serve your travel needs.


Ayana Walker
Online Customer Support Desk


First of all, the Palestinian Territories are currently occupied. The question here is whether Delta is implying that TLV is in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Dan and others have insisted that’s what Delta is implying, since there are no active airports in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Delta has Lichtenstein and Vatican City listed on http://dmn.delta.com/skymiles/direct/charts/europe/, and those countries have no airports either. Are they implying ZRH is in Lichtenstein or that the Pope is annexing FCO?

Come on guys, get a grip.



Come on, The Vatican and Lichtenstein are both recognized globally as sovereign. “Palestinian Territories” is not. And you are displaying immense amounts of naivete if you think the term was not inserted by someone with clear political leanings.

Mary Hughes-Thompson

I have contacted Delta Airlines and informed them I will cancel my Frequent Flyer account and my Delta credit card, and will boycott Delta in future and encourage others to do the same.

Mary is full of BS

You wiil not do so Mary Thompson. Just a lot of bluster.

Reb Hesh

Can we flood their facebook page as well


Dan-aleh. Here’s another blood-boiler: Go to IKEA store and look at their giant World Map they have for sale ( some Swedish name they call it ). Look at EVERY country, no matter how small, and how the respective capital cities are highlighted and printed in BOLD print letters – Oh, EXCEPT, of course for… wait… wait …
OK NOW: ISRAEL, whose capital city is Tel Aviv according to the furniture giant. OK, let the emails begin.. and I dont care that they have a store there- all the more reason.

pritzus fighter

delta are filled with reshaim gemurim


“Palestinian Territories” is gone from both links!


when there is “achdut” we can accomplish what is right. let’s remember that.


i’m still getting “Occupied Palestinian territories” in the middle east link @7:10pm


@Yud: Please reference dictionary.com for the definition of occupied. Who rules Gaza? If they are subject to an embargo and neighbors who throw up a security net they are occupied? Is Iran “occupied”?


You need to clear your browse’s cache. It’s gone.


that video is hysterical even though she caught on in the end. who made it?


This video was outstanding! Delta should give him 50,000 points just for creativity!


amazing.. funny


Love the video, thanks 4 sharing it



Just wondering

Does this whole shibang have to do with certain people who
Think the world is coming to them and therefore cannot give
A break. Come on people/ sheeple if you really think you’ve
Accomplished anything by embarrassing a world airline into
Listening to your demands than you really are fools. But if not
I’d just tell you that this is not the yiddishe way. It gets about t
The same results as singing and dancing yechi down broadway
Or na nach in midtown. At least we should do things with somewhat
Loftier goals or at least get some some points or miles while weƗĀ³re at it!


The phone prank call was uncalled for ( no pun intended ). In fact actions like that are usually counter-productive. Honest and respectful dialog with businesses is the best way. They know people can vote with their wallet. As Delta has removed the offending political language, we should acknowledge this and let them know we will continue to be loyal customers.
Now.. lets get going with IKEA, as I wrote previously, their world-map poster does not show Israel’s capital as Jeruselem, although EVERY other nation has it’s capital city highlighted. This is wrong. I already emailed their corporate HQ. I hope many others join me and have this injustice corrected. thanks.


How come nobody is making a big deal about National car rental? https://www.nationalcar.com/index.do?action=resRentalInfo.do&type=uszl-withnav-header

marsh eagle

listen,weather you fly delta or not no one cares,and may be for the sake of accuracy you should get your facts straight, Tel Aviv airport is located on occupied Palestinian territory from 1948, and the actual name of the Palestinian town is ledd and not lod. so stop trying to change the historical facts. and further Saudi Arabia has every right to prevent anyone from entering their country who has any connection to the state of Israel,after all Israel wouldnt allow anyone to enter their territories who remotely oppose their policies in the occupied Palestinian territories . delta is doing exactly the right thing.


@marsh eagle: “for the sake of accuracy you should” spell weather as whether when you mean
as sed in indirect questions to introduce one alternative