Get A 43% Bonus When You Transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points Into Delta Skymiles!

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Delta Promo Registration Linky (Exp: 12/31/11)

For every 50,000  American Express Membership Rewards Points that you transfer into Delta Skymiles you will get a rebate of 15,000 Membership Rewards Points.

Allow 6-8 weeks to receive the rebate certificate.

In other words for 35,000 Membership Rewards Points (after the 15K rebate) you will get 50,000 Delta miles, or about 1.43 miles for each point transferred.

There is no limit to the amount of bonus certificates you can earn, but you only receive them for increments of 50,000 points transferred, so at 100,000 points transferred you’ll get a 30,000 point rebate, at 150K a 45,000 point rebate, at 200K a 60,000 point rebate, etc.

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Thanks Dan,
I have 35000 points. do you think that I can borrow 15000 from amex and return back to the with the rebate?




Dan, i have about 200k MR (FIRST for what its worth..) points. I know you’re a more of a Star Alliance type. would you recommend this time to go with delta and transfer all my points there?


@Ablack: I am more of a Star Alliance guy, hence why I transferred to Continental when I was able to.

At this point Aeroplan is up in the air with them only charging surcharges for Air Canada and Lufthansa, but it seems to me like they will add surcharges for other carriers, in which case this 43% Delta bonus is probably as good of a deal for MR points as you’re going to get.

Of course for all I know MR adds USAirways or AA tomorrow, but that’s not something that anyone will know at this point. I do MR will have to find more partners to stay competitive with Chase.



Does this bonus also apply to Starwoods points ?


No, but Starwood points always have a 25% bonus when you transfer to airlines in increments of 20K.


Well put Dan, I think i will his on to the end of December and then make my decision.
Thanks a mill!


Not so fast! A few months ago Dan told us about the great deal with switching to BA, I did and have now 165k and no one is will to buy then cause they’re not worth too much( for me that’s a lot…) and now they’re switching their rules and I feel kinda screwed, (not that you intended..obv) so just don’t rush into anything because you see a catchy headline on DS


Sounds logical to me.

Believe it or not, I don’t have insider contacts within BA to let me know that they plan on eliminating BA miles and changing into Avios.

I did warn at the time that they do charge hefty fuel surcharges on most redemptions.

In 3 days we’ll find out the real story with Avios. Hopefully there will be some upside to counteract the expected downsides.

The bottom line is don’t rush into any promotion before doing research and deciding what makes sense for you.


Does the MR certs have to be deposited into correct MR acc or can it be put into any MR acc?

Will the MR certs come to delta acc that you send your MR points to even if the delta doesnt match the name on the MR file?



why are you saying 43%–it says 30%


I have the same question as happyyyr. If I transfer MR from someone else to my DL account, where does the rebate come to and who’s account do the rebate points have to go into?



@twenite4hrs: because, as dan so eloquently pointed out earlier, essentially 35,000 MR points is transferring into 50,000. And 50,000 divided by 35,000 is about 1.43, or 1.4285714 to be more accurate.


@Dan: If person A transfers to person B’s Delta account. Will the rebate for Amex points work for person A’s Amex account or for Person B’s? (or neither b/c of the mismatch)?




the certificate comes as a code in your email address that is on the delta account that it was transfered to, and it can be put on any membership rewards card in anyones name


Hello All,
I’m relatively new to all of this I do however have 350k amex points and would like to fly to Israel in the coming weeks. In the past I booked delta to Israel and ended up on a elal flight. That being said it would make sense to transfer them over and try and book through delta. I still do not understand how to get good rates on flight with my points I tried booking through amex on a continental flight but they wanted 170k points per ticket. Seems high to me….Any advice on how to get the most bang for my points?


i have a quick question. a few years ago i signed up for the amex blue over the years i gained points.i have like 50K.i recently checked what there worth. it seems its worth not much at all.i dont have a delta account.(i do have starwoods and chase perffered account)should this be something i should look into bec were the 50K r now looks worthless.


i tried to register my account but its says (You do not meet the eligibility criteria listed below and may not register for this promotion.)
is this for first time only ?


@ Ed

I just booked tickets to Israel with my amex point – DON’T do it through Delta’s mileage program. The same ticket which would have cost me 160000 points on Delta’s website I got through FlyingBlue for 50,000 (they code share which means I will be flying on the same Delta plane).

If you want you can wait and see if and when a FlyingBlue promotion matches your schedule / airports, and get a ticket for as low as 25,000, like Dan posted recently


i got plenty of amex points. think its worth waiting around till they offer silver and 50% bonus again? or is that a thing of the past?


@ Bornwitharebate
Thanks for the info, I tried looking at the flight availability what I may have forgotten to mention was I have 2 little kids so NO STOPOVERS they’re brutal. I only found flight with stop overs on air France (flyingblue). Now delta is offering 105k points per ticket for my flight plus since I get my bonus miles back it actually ends up being 75k points for the flight direct. Do you think I can do better then that?
Let me know


guys i think we lost dan on this off to the next great deal.


if i register before 12-31-11 can i transfer points even later on
and if yes till what date


post this also in category delta


when i try to register i get this massage

You do not meet the eligibility criteria listed below and may not register for this promotion.

We encourage you to check out our other great offers on our Promotion Highlights page


@yoeli: The link states you need to transfer by 12/31/2011.


I have about 100000 American Express miles and I want ot go to Israel. Does it pay to do this deal and switch them Delta Miles? I also have about 70000 AA miles. What do you suggest?


just quick question i just transferred 50k MR to delta and have registered for the 15k back. i know it says it takes 6-8 weeks to get the refund but a delta rep said it could take a week. does anyone know first hand how long it took to get the MR bonus points back?


can i transfer from 2 seperate amex accounts to 1 delta will i still be eligible for the 50 k bonus?


hey did anyone get back there MR points from delta yet?