For Those On Diverted Delta Flight 468 From JFK To Tel Aviv Last Night…

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Delta flight 468 from JFK to Tel Aviv last night was diverted to Paris, apparently due to some sort of leak on the plane. They kept passengers on the plane for 4 hours before booking them hotel rooms near the airport. They rescheduled the flight as Delta 9868 departing tomorrow from Paris to Tel Aviv.


DDF member flyingace comments that he spent the extra money to send his kid on the nonstop flight…but man plans and G-d laughs.

Several people reached out for advice on where to eat in Paris, so I figured I’d post the information here as well.

Paris is easily one of my favorite cities in the world, there are worse places to have been diverted to. You can read my 2010 trip notes here, 2012 trip notes here, and Instagram pictures from my 2016 trip to Paris by scrolling down here.

The Eiffel Tower closes at 11:45pm, though the last elevator up is at 11pm. Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been there before.

As for restaurants, here are the closing times for some kosher eateries:
L’inte Cafe: 10:15pm
Thai One-10:30pm
Il Conte-11:30pm
L’As du Fallafel-12am

Darjeeling makes the best kosher Indian food in the world and Thai One has some of the best kosher Thai food in the world as well. Both are glatt kosher, a rarity in Paris.
L’inte Cafe is a phenomenal dairy cholov yisoel restaurant. Pitzman makes good cholov yisoel pizza. And L’As du Fallafel makes the best Felafel in Paris and gives even the best places in Israel a run for their money.

If you’re around in the morning, Chez Akol makes the most delectable cholov yisoel French pastries in the world.

I’d also save your Uber/Taxi and food receipts and see what Delta and/or your credit card may reimburse.

I posted this information on the DansDeals Facebook group and several members are now asking why they never seem to get stuck in Paris! Of course next time they should just book an award with a stopover or open jaw in Paris…

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You’re a good person for posting this. God bless


Are these all in safe neighborhoods?


Nice job dan with helping people !


Are they entitled to 3000nis Israeli comp.? If yes, maybe add to post.


I flew AA last week from SYDNEY to LAX and we were diverted to HNL overnight because of a medical emergency.


I second L’As du Fallafel. One of my favorite spots in Paris.


There is this website that got me cash Compensation for a very similar situation….Worth checking them out


Also, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card gives awesome benefits for major delays. Worth checking it out.



Is compensation awarded for unforeseen technical issues? With regards to EU 261/2004 technical issues are not excluded.


@Michelle: It’s Paris — nothing is truly safe

In Paris

Which place is the closest to Eiffel tower? And which place is closest to the millennium hotel

Mir Guys

Thank you dan for all the info! We are here now in Paris 🙂 🙂


Guy if you ask delta for a free flight or 2 I’m sure thy would give it to you


what about korcarz? that is a phenomenal bakery and pastry place

Mike Gold

Would Delta refund for this?


L’as Du Falafel is the best kosher falafel anywhere, including in Israel. And I say that as a proud Israeli.


also, if you have time, picking up some Damyel chocolate to take home is a good idea. Best pareve chocolate I’ve ever had.


Chabad is aware of the situation & are working with the airline & the passengers to make the stay as comfatable as possible.


Agreed! The best kosher chocolate I’ve ever tasted. Good luck trying to bring back a gift box without eating it before you get home!


Dan, You are Amazing!


There is no more “safe neighborhoods ” in Paris…
everywhere can be a target but there is secirtity everywhere also…


Suggestions on where to eat:

Pittman is terrible
And looks more re like a school cafeteria. Always crowded.
Damyel has out of this world chocolates and macarons.
Korcaz and LA délicieuse have very good french pastries.
If going to chez a kol, which is indeed delicious, go early,as they sell out quite early in the morning.
Don’t fear though, there is another pastry shop very close by called maxim, excellent as well!


@In Paris:

Il conte dairy cy

Parisian girl

There is an app called 123kosher that gives you all the restaurant options near you, or wherever you choose. Worth checking it out!


dan [or anybody alse] please help!!! us [at least with advice] we had a flight mon march 20 2017 from tlv to usa via rome alitalia very short stopover & flight was cancelled and we were not notified by the airline and not by travel agent we only found out 21 hrs b4 flight [thats sun 130 pm]that was cancelled thru a friend and when called airline they said 2 options 1)they can only give flight with 9-10 stopover. not a choice with 5 little children and wouldnt even give hotel etc. or 2)a few days later that didnt work b/c we would’ve missed a wedding we had a day and half later of original flight they claim they notified travel agent on thu-fri mar 16-17 travel agent claims nrver got notified and only email on file was mine [customer] i never got a/t

a good yeshiva bachur

i was on a delta flight that got diverted to paris in the summer of 2014…


I was on this flight- I am wondering if you might be able to set up a group for group action against the airline. Both my husband and I missed full days of work due to this. BTW, our “non-stop” with Delta to the states also made an emergency stop in Rome, to let off a sick passenger . If anyone knows the laws regarding compensation (monetarily or tickets) for this, please post. We got a letter from the airline telling us they were “gifting” us with 17,000 bonus miles. I think they meant per family, not per person, but that will get you a subway ride in NY, not another round trip to the US.