Fly Nonstop From JFK To Honolulu For Just 25K Chase/Korean Points! Plus: Links To Everything You Need To Know About Hawaii

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Delta operates a seasonal nonstop flight between JFK and Honolulu during December/January and there’s a surprising amount of saver award space given Delta’s stinginess with saver awards.

It would cost 45K Delta miles for a round-trip flight, however Skyteam partner Korean only charges 25K Korean Skypass miles for the same round-trip flight, a veritable bargain for an $800 flight.  Korean also charges just 45K miles in first class, but there isn’t any availability in first.

Of course partner airlines can only book saver award (level 1) availability and Delta pulled all of the award charts from their site. However you can find saved copies of Delta’s award charts in this post and they confirm that level 1 award space between the US and Hawaii is 22.5K miles each way, so any date that shows 22.5K will be bookable by partner airlines as well.

I’ll do the homework for you:
From JFK to Honolulu every date from January 4-January 16 has at least 9 saver award seats besides for January 11.
From Honolulu to JFK there are at least 9 saver awards seats on December 21 as well as every date from January 12-16.

I called Korean at 800-438-5000 to confirm that they saw the same award availability. The first agent insisted on having the Skypass team call me back within 24 hours and that there was no way to talk to a Skypass agent today. So I HUCAd and the 2nd agent wanted to do the same but I insisted on waiting for a Skypass agent (“it will be a long hold time sir”) and within 30 seconds an agent confirmed that they did see the award space and that it was just 25,000 miles round-trip.

Korean doesn’t just have bargain awards to Hawaii on Delta, they also have great deals on Hawaiian and Alaska as well from 30K miles round-trip.  Hawaiian also operates a year-round nonstop from JFK to Honolulu. You can search both Alaska and Hawaiian award space on where there is a button to toggle after searching for an award to show nonstop flights only.

Points from Chase cards like the Sapphire Preferred and Ink Plus (which currently has a 60K signup bonus offer) transfer instantly to Korean.

Want to read more about Hawaii?  My love affair with Hawaii started exactly 9 years ago when I posted and grabbed a deal paying just $87 for airfare and hotel.  Since then I’ve been lucky enough to spend several months between the stunning islands, which each offer a unique and wonderful experience.  You can’t go wrong with any of them, there are just 2 things is to be careful of.

1. Don’t get stuck in Honolulu. I’ve heard from too many people who spent an entire week and never left the city limits.  That’s just a shame, they may as well have gone to Miami Beach.  While I prefer The Big Island, Kauai, and Maui to Oahu, there is still plenty to see and experience on Oahu as long as you leave Honolulu behind.
2. Don’t try to “do” several islands in a week. If you just have 4-7 days of vacation then you should stick to one island. There will be plenty to do to keep you busy and it will allow for some time to relax. There’s no need to add the stress of interisland travel just for the sake of “doing” another island. With 9 days or more to play with, it does make sense to experience more than 1 island.

As for which island is best, read on and decide for yourself!  If you ask 5 people you’ll probably get 6 different answers 😀

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Besides chase ultimate rewards what other points can i transfer to Korean?


That’s the only option.


So this is only for Dec 2015/Jan 2016 then right?


For the nonstop flights on Delta, yes.

But the same 25K rate applies-year round. If you see awards to Hawaii on for 22.5K each way, then Korean can book them for 25K round-trip.

There’s also year-round nonstops on Hawaiian that Korean can book for 30K round-trip.


cant use Hawaiian or Delta miles ??


Is their 25K also to other places in Hawaai?
What about booking on AlaskaAir, is it also 22.5K in Y or 45K in J?


Showing 50k.. what dates are 25k?


what are cancelation policies?


Is it cancellable?


What’s KE’s cancelation policy?


Paging Yehuda
this ones for you
maybe inspired by AJK’s trip ?


You people posting comments like “can I use Alaska miles” and “I see 50k” are so FREAKEN STUPID AND BLIND! read the dam post!


Hi Dan,

I have more than an adequate amount of Chase points available and I would like to redeem for use in flying from JFK to Honolulu in June of 2015. Do I have to call Korean Air to book? I am very new to this and would like to book immediately.


Can Korean book business/first on alaska or hawaiian from JFK? If so how much?


So how does one book? Online or over the phone?


Do you know how much the fees are (fuel surcharge etc.) for these flights?


@Zvi: 11.20 each way


Not for 25K round-trip.

25K is to anywhere in Hawaii.

Considering that you need to call, I’m not sure what you’re looking at.

Korean miles can be redeposited for free.



Phone, as I wrote in the post.

Should be $11.20 round-trip.


Are there any international Delta destinations that are also a great deal when booked using Korean, or is it specific to Hawaii because that is part of the US?


Do I need to set up a Korean air account? and do I go about doing that ?


Looks like you can also start from Washington, DC airports (Dulles and Reagan, not sure about BWI), connecting thru JFK with same availability for January 4-16. But, all I see are flights leaving DC at 6 AM. May be a good option for someone already in that area that could do 6 AM. I am out on both counts.


Thanks. I saw it earlier. I’m not committing to Y 10 months out. I’d take my chances and hope for J before then. 🙂
It’s 25K anywhere within US, which is unique since Hawaii is usually its own category.


Is one-way trip using Korean bookable?


I heard it’s very complex to use sky team miles. You need to call to hold the ticket, they fill the application and call back to reserve the ticket, is that correct?


Any other nonstop locations that work with these deals in the US? I have looked withtout success so far. I am in the 216 and would prefer something nonstop from a location west of here, not east.

I am only seeing DTW has an air canada nonstop.

How can i best find out nonstop routes to hawaii for hawaiin, korean and alaska?


Dan, I’ll be staying in Hawaii for a week in Late April. Any tips on where to stay that is not expensive? I came here hoping I’d see tips on lodging. Ideally I’d like to pay less than 50usd/night is that doable? Thanks!


” You can search both Alaska and Hawaiian award space on where there is a button to toggle after searching for an award to show nonstop flights only.”

The award space on works for Alaska and Hawaiian awards also? I don’t see toggle button?



Depends on who your booking for.

DTW most definitely does not have an Air Canada flight.

Just search on Orbitz for flights to Hawaii and look where they connect.

Under $50??
A hostel?


See example I gave in this post:


Thank you Dan. Sorry to reiterate but you R saying that once booked with Korean air miles I can cancel and the full amount of miles will return to my account? Are there any penalties? Thank you



Do you have any insight into good points deals to destinations FROM Hawaii? I’m thinking Asia-Pac, other Polynesian island, etc.



Maybe I’m missing something in the bigger picture, but United appears to have flights in the same time period for 22.5K each way. It is easier for someone with an Explorer card from Chase. Let me know if I’m missing the incentive to jump through hoops to get on Delta.


25K ROUND TRIP vs 22.5k one way


Anything in J? Even for Jan or Feb?


do they have deals from LA? I know with British it’s 25k rt is that the best?