Even With Delta’s Flash Sale To Hawaii, There’s A Far Better Way To Book; Wide Open Availability To Fly Nonstop From JFK To Honolulu For 12.5K Miles!

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Delta eliminated their award charts last year, though I saved screenshots of all of them.

And yet they frequently have award sales, such as this one for travel to Hawaii if you book today and travel between 1/9-3/13 or 4/12-5/23.

The sale reveals that the regular saver award prices are exactly what they are in the screenshots from last year.

Round-trip saver level 1 award rates to Hawaii:
-Coach awards are still normally 45K and are on sale for 35K.
-Comfort+ awards are normally 65K and are on sale for 50K. (This “class” of service didn’t exist last year.)
-First class awards are still normally 80K and are on sale for 60K.
-Delta One lie-flat first class awards are still normally 100K and are on sale for 75K.

That’s a good deal if you have Delta miles to burn.
But if you’re transferring points you should consider transferring Chase points to Korean at a 1:1 ratio.

They consider Hawaii to be part of domestic US, so you can fly round-trip between the US and Hawaii for just 25K miles in coach or 45K miles in first or Delta One class!

Korean is famous for having the best first class award space in the industry, but they also have an excellent Skyteam award chart.

If you open a Chase Sapphire Reserve card you would have enough miles for 4 round-trip tickets to Hawaii in addition to $300 to spend on hotels, car rentals, etc.

The catch is that Korean can only book Delta level 1 saver award space. Delta has 5 levels of award space. However Delta level 1 saver award space has become far better of late, much better than American for example.

Unlike in the Caribbean, there is no local Zika transmission in Hawaii.

Delta flies nonstop between JFK and Honolulu between 12/17/16-3/25/17, though the flight doesn’t operate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in 2017.

Level 1 saver award space on the route is incredible. Here’s a search made on Delta.com for 8 passengers nonstop from JFK to Honolulu for example. The 17.5K dates are the dates with level 1 saver award space that are on sale today, tomorrow they will go back to 22.5K each way. However Korean can always book those dates for just 12.5K miles each way!




















Delta One first class lie-flat class saver award space is nearly impossible to find. Last week DDF member “high end hobo” posted on DDF’s rare award space thread that there was nonstop Delta One level 1 saver award space from JFK to Honolulu for a perfect 8 night stay in paradise, but DDFers snapped those up for just 45K Korean miles round-trip!

You need to call Korean to book award travel on Delta at 800-438-5000.

The best part about using Korean miles is that you can cancel and redeposit partner awards without paying any penalty! If you book with Delta miles the change or cancellation fee is $150 per person!

Korean miles also allow for 2 free stopovers compared to none if you book with Delta miles.

Korean also has great rates to Hawaii on Alaska or Hawaiian.

It’s also worth noting that Delta level 2 award space is also on sale and these can’t be booked with Korean miles. There’s a good amount of level 2 space from JFK to Honolulu in Delta One lie flat first class for 52.5K Delta miles each way. According to last year’s screenshot the regular level 2 award space for Delta One is 65K miles each way.



















Will you be booking travel to paradise? Hit the comments!

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I used Korean for Hawaii and everything worked our great for January – not with Delta but Hawaiian.

Thanks for the advice.


Can one book on korean for other people or do names have to match korean miles account?


I am constantly amazed at the level and detail of information that Dan provides. Kol haKavod for the amazing service you provide.


+1 Very clear post


looking for availability from LIH to NYC on Jan 28th with a flight after sundown… no luck with award space to book via KA (they only book RT not OW), and no luck with AF since no level 1 availability…


Can I transfer amex points to delta on a 1:1 ratio?


revenue flights on delta are also pretty cheap at that time


@Mark: Korean only allows you to book for immediate family members. You have to send in documents to them to prove your relationship, and then they will add them to your Skypass profile so you can book for them. Took a day or two when i did it for my wife.

dov bennish

@anonymous yes with a transfer tax

Jose A

Dan, how many Skymiles does Delta One first class lie-flat class saver award space price at for JFK-HNL? I see space and assume it’s the one priced at 52.5k.

From Dtw

How do I find the avialable dates from Detroit for 12.5? I have chase and Amex points which is better to use for this? Do I have to Book today for this or is that only on delta deal for today ?

High end hobo

Thanks for the DDMS mention.


Should have kept in touch with DDF… used up over 400k points to fly round trip business/first class on connecting flights from jfk to hawaii! arggh


I do not see the availability on the Korean website – do you have a link for the screen shots you got below

High end hobo

Korean also allows two free stopovers

Flying blue books delta saver for 12.5-
15k ow and a free stopover on a RT.
Trailing stopover doesn’t have to be in the US. I’ve helped someone book NYC-LAX-LIH-LAX-NYC (STOP)-CUN


Turkish seems to be the most lucrative way to get to Hawaii in premium cabin.


Good post but KEs call center can’t handle this much partner traffic


How many Korean miles are required to book a Hawaiian airlines ticket?


You can book for family members.

Thanks guys.


@Jose A:
Normally 50K, currently 37.5K on sale.

@From Dtw:
Search for level 1 saver award space on Delta.com and call Korean.
Only need to book today if you want to book with Delta.


Read the post.

@High end hobo:

How are you getting Turkish miles?


30K coach/60K first round-trip.


What is cancellation policy on KLM/Flying Blue?


A few questions:
1. What’s the best way to get Korean Air miles?
2. Why can’t I find the calendar view on the Korean Air site? I just don’t see what you are seeing. What am I missing.



1. Transfer from Chase.
2. Calendar is on Delta.com. Once you find level 1 dates you need to call Korean as the post says.


@Dan: What if it’s just a one way, or multiple locations. Like Korea-Hawaii, Hawaii-NY


Just FYI for those with Virgin America miles from the Jet Blue Promo, there are flights JFK-OGG(maui) for under 35k RT.


Is the 12.5K Korean miles only good from JFK >> HI, or does it also work from LAX? Tried calling Korean to ask, but cant get through.


Yes, same price for any flight within North America.


How do I narrow down the flight searches on delta.com to only include level 1 saver space so I can book through Korean?


You can’t. You just need to do know what level 1 saver pricing is and when you see that price you know that Korean can book it too.

Joe A


How can I search Delta’s website for Level One Award Space only? I want to browse dates for Level 1 Delta One lie-flat seats. How would I search for Level 1 Only?


@Joe A:
Read comment 29.

Joe A


I posted my question before his came up sorry.

What is Level One Pricing from Delta to look for?


@Joe A:
They don’t publish a current list. This is what it was last year:


Hi Dan

Do you still this sale would come back later on instead of only today?


Is anyone else getting a busy signal when calling Korean Air?


Hey, something’s unclear here. I’m getting very confused in your post between level one, and Delta One. Are you referring to two separate things here? I’m so lost. For level one you see open availability, but for Delta One there’s nothing? What’s going on?! Is there two levels of first class? One lie flat and one not? Please help me understand because you’re usage of upper case letters for the upper class seats us really getting me confused :).


Delta One is the silly name for Delta business or first class that has lie-flat seats.

Delta has 5 levels of award space. A Level one saver award is the cheapest possible award ticket in any class of service. There needs to be Level one saver award space for partner airlines like Korean to be able to book an award on Delta.

loves dan

whats the expiretion policy for Korean ?


@HEH, curious who told you about the rare award space;)


Recently on Air France site I was able to find and book two one-ways flying Delta One HNL-JFK this December. 30k AF miles per person, instant transfer from Chase UR. Not as cheap as Korean but AF allows one-ways, and everything can be booked online.


Unrelated- is Korean the best way to go NYC- LA? (Only 25k)?


from post “Korean miles also allow for 2 free stopovers….”

does this mean i can go from chi-nyc-hawaii, for 25,000 chase points RT????


@ Dan

Are you able to transfer miles from Korea back to Ultimate Rewards if you don’t use them?



Can you transfer miles from Korea back to UR if you don’t use them


The 52,500 fare is gone



I have the same question as Workhardplayhard.

Are you able to transfer miles from Korea back to Ultimate Rewards if you don’t use them?


Has DL level 1 award pricing been increased to 55k? I see no 40k pricing for the whole year.

savvy steve

Been following your posts for years. My kids get off from school for christmas break. That is only time I can get to Hawaii from NYC/Philly. I have signed up for all the credit cards.
How can I do this? I’ve tried but I’m unable to ever find saver award space that time of year. What is my best option if travel must be done during that time period?