Delta Launches Bogus “Triple” Elite-Qualifying Miles Promotion…

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Oh boy does the Delta marketing team know how to work PR spin.

AA started off the fun offering double elite miles on newly purchased tickets, which United soon matched.  Continental then offered double elite miles even if the tickets had already been purchased. None of these airlines made restrictions regarding what kind of fare you booked with.

Now Delta is touting up to “triple elite miles.”

The reason it is bogus is simple, the only fares that will earn “triple” elite miles are business/first and full-fare coach tickets that anyway earn 150% elite miles. (Specifically fares booked in codes: J, C, D, S, I, F, A, Y, B, M) Those fares will now earn 300%, or double the normal rate.

Tickets booked in non-discount coach (fare codes: H, Q, K) will earn 200% elite miles.

All other regular discount coach fares that the vast majority of people buy (fare codes: L, U, T) will not earn any bonus elite miles.

The “promotion” is valid for flights booked abd flown on between March 23 and June 15, 2009.

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